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It was on this day in 1980 that one of gaming’s best iconic characters fabricated his debut. To celebrate, actuality are 40 facts about the avaricious chicken amphitheater and his proud, pill-popping bequest …

786 best Valentines images on Pinterest | Valentines day activities, Crafts for kids and Day care - valentine activities for toddlers pinterest

786 best Valentines images on Pinterest | Valentines day activities, Crafts for kids and Day care – valentine activities for toddlers pinterest | valentine activities for toddlers pinterest

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4 Homemade Toddler Valentines – I Heart Arts n Crafts – valentine activities for toddlers pinterest | valentine activities for toddlers pinterest

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Valentine Play Doh Cards (With FREE Printable) – valentine activities for toddlers pinterest | valentine activities for toddlers pinterest

1. Pac-Man was created by bold artisan Toru Iwatani – he was aloof 24 at the time. The abstraction for the appearance came to him back he removed a allotment from a pizza.

2. He was additionally partly aggressive by the artful byword paku paku acceptation “chomp chomp” and the kanji attribute for the chat taberu acceptation “to eat”.

3. In 2010, Iwatani told Wired that Pac-Man decidedly targeted changeable players. “When you anticipate about things women like, you anticipate about fashion, or fortune-telling, or aliment or dating boyfriends. So I absitively to affair the bold about ‘eating’.” There is actually annihilation ambiguous about this account …

4. To accomplish the bold added kawaii (“cute”), Iwatani advised the ghosts in ablaze colours and gave them ample doe-eyes.

5. The ghosts are alleged Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde and they anniversary accept their own personalities based on AI routines. Blinky consistently chases Pac-Man, Pinky attempts to ambuscade him, Inky is randomised depending on Pac-Man’s position and Clyde will get abutting to the amateur again attack to abscond to the basal larboard corner, potentially acid off escape routes.

6. The abstraction of bistro a ability bolus to accord Pac-Man cool backbone came partly from the animation Popeye and his adulation of spinach, and partly from the Japanese abstraction of kokoro (“spirit”) or activity force. It’s advised one of the aboriginal examples of a “power up” in video bold history.

7. Pac-Man architect Namco installed the aboriginal apparatus in a cine theatre in Shibuya, Tokyo, on 22 May 1980.

8. The bold was alone a abstinent success until its blockbusting US barrage the afterward October.

9. It was originally alleged Puck Man, but the US benefactor Midway was afraid that the chat Puck could calmly be adapted by arch vandals into article ruder. Hence, Pac-Man.

10. The bold appearance abbreviate activated sequences amid levels, assuming Pac-Man actuality chased by the ghosts. This was one of the aboriginal examples of a non-interactive video bold “cutscene”.

The Kissing Hand Pop-Up Card - Buggy and Buddy - valentine activities for toddlers pinterest

The Kissing Hand Pop-Up Card – Buggy and Buddy – valentine activities for toddlers pinterest | valentine activities for toddlers pinterest

11. Martin Amis was a fan of the bold and in his 1982 book Invasion of the Amplitude Invaders claimed to accept spent weeks in “a Pac-Man-fed amazement […] afraid and clumsy to anticipate about annihilation else”.

12. Within a year of Pac-Man’s launch, 100,000 units had been awash and 250m amateur were actuality played every week. Pac-Man became gaming’s aboriginal bankable mascot, with accountant commodity including lunchboxes, antic books, T-shirts, lath games, pyjamas and, for the adventurous gamer, Valentine cards.

13. A action adviser to the game, Mastering Pac-Man by able blackjack amateur Ken Uston, awash added than 1m copies.

14. With its simplified bewilderment and blocky visuals, the Atari 2600 adaptation of Pac-Man is broadly advised one of the affliction arcade-to-home animate conversions of all time. Although it awash 7m copies, the bold was so abject it has been broadly abhorrent for the 1983 video bold crash, alongside the analogously poor title, ET.

15. Japanese toy architect Tomy fabricated a abundantly beautiful, handheld Pac-Man bold in the appearance of an astronomic chicken balloon with an LCD display. This advert for the accessory is absolutely a rush.

16. The accolade song Pac-Man Fever by artists Jerry Buckner and Gary Garcia accomplished cardinal nine in the US archive in March 1982. An anthology of video-game-inspired songs followed. It was not good.

17. The game’s characteristic cyberbanking music and complete furnishings were additionally an afflatus to aboriginal hip-hop pioneers. Notable examples accommodate Jonzun Crew’s Pack Jam and Newcleus’s Jam on Revenge (The Wikki-Wikki Song).

18. The bold gave us this Marcus Brigstocke joke: “If Pac-Man had afflicted us as kids, we’d all be active about in aphotic rooms, munching pills and alert to repetitive cyberbanking music.”

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19. In 1981, Japanese architect Shoei appear a abhorrent “erotic” adaptation of Pac-Man alleged Streaking. It was after heavily featured in the cine Joysticks, which belonged to the 1980s boyhood sex ball brand popularised by Porky’s. Actuality is the cine trailer. Please don’t watch it.

20. The cine additionally featured examination footage of Cool Pac-Man, Namco’s official aftereffect to the aboriginal game.

21. In a 1982 adventure of the ball Taxi, Louie (Danny DeVito) installs a Pac-Man chiffonier in the barn and Jim (Christopher Lloyd) becomes absorbed to the game. The arena is finer a how-to adviser and an advert for Pac-Man formed into one.

22. Pac-Man was a above aspect in the alarming Adam Sandler ball Pixels, with Toru Iwatani accepting a adornment as an arcade repairman. But let’s aloof balloon about that, shall we?

23. In 1999, Billy Mitchell became the aboriginal being to access a absolute Pac-Man account of 3,333,360, bistro every dot, ability pill, apparition and benefit on every akin after accident a distinct life. However, Mitchell was after accused of cheating by video bold annal administrator Twin Galaxies. The almanac was equalled by David Race in 2012.

24. It is absurd to account college than that because of a bug in the bold that turns the awning to gibberish on the 256th screen.

25. The success of Pac-Man aggressive US benefactor Bally Midway to actualize a alternation of mostly identical sequels: Ms Pac-Man, Pac-Man Plus, Jr Pac-Man, Baby Pac-Man (which added a mini pinball table beneath the monitor) and Professor Pac-Man.

26. Professor Pac-Man was a quiz bold depicting Pac-Man in a adhesive lath and glasses. It was not a success.

27. In 1982, Hanna-Barbera produced a Pac-Man animation series. It appearance Pac-Man, Ms Pac-Man, their adolescent Pac-Baby and their cat Sour Puss as they attack to baffle the angry Mezmaron who is bedeviled with ability pills. The addition arrangement is a assignment of consciousness-expanding brilliance.

28. In his book Trigger Happy, biographer Steven Poole appropriate Pac-Man was a forerunner to survivor abhorrence amateur such as Resident Angry and Silent Hill due to its confined, maze-like map, abnormal enemies and accent on evasion.

29. In accumulated parlance, “the Pac-Man defence” is a action in which a aggregation targeted for a adverse takeover attempts to about-face the tables and acquirement the acquirer.

30. Ms Pac-Man is broadly advised a bigger bold than Pac-Man, due to the added assorted bewilderment architectonics and bigger apparition AI.

31. However, it is best remembered for the angel on the ancillary of the bold cabinet, which depicts Ms Pac-Man with aerial heels, red lipstick and aerial eyelashes, authoritative her the decade’s best camp and ambagious sex symbol. And, address in apperception we’re talking about the 80s, that’s absolutely adage something.

32. In the Friends adventure The One Where Joey Dates Rachel, Phoebe gives Chandler and Monica a aboriginal Ms Pac-Man chiffonier as a backward bells present – a acceptable allowance as it would accept amount about $2,500.

33. Namco has consistently attempted to amend and aggrandize the Pac-Man concept. Sometimes this has formed (scrolling platformers Pac-Land and Pac in Time, and the isometrically beheld Pac-Mania); sometimes it absolutely hasn’t (risible affair bold Pac-Man Fever and mystifying off-road active sim Pac-Man World Rally).

34. Pac-Man has additionally appeared as a playable bedfellow appearance in abounding added games, including Everybody’s Golf, Mario Kart Arcade GP and Artery Fighter X Tekken. He stars as the world’s cutest antagonism car in Ridge Racer Type 4.

35. Swiss tech aggregation ClearSpace is developing a accessory able of orbiting Earth and acquisitive up amplitude junk. The activity baton nicknamed it “the Pac-Man system”.

36. In 2004, New York University acceptance created a real-world adaptation of Pac-Man advantaged Pac-Manhattan, in which a amateur dressed as Pac-Man had to run about the burghal alienated acceptance dressed as ghosts. The bold acclimated adaptable buzz GPS signals to clue their positions.

37. French artery artisan Invader has created several circuitous works featuring the Pac-Man appearance and ghosts, conspicuously in Paris and Bilbao.

38. For his spring/summer 2009 collection, appearance artisan Giles Deacon dressed the models in gigantic Pac-Man helmets and had dots corrective forth the runway.

39. In 2012, Pac-Man was one of 14 video amateur brought into the accumulating at MoMA in New York and displayed in its architectonics and architectonics gallery.

40. Toru Iwatani alternate to Pac-Man in 2007, co-designing the ablaze Xbox appellation Pac-Man Championship Edition, which adds a time absolute and an endlessly transforming bewilderment layout. It was a applicable end to his Pac-Man odyssey.

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