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The awful advancing 2020 NFL abstract advertisement opened with a accustomed voice. “This may attending like separation,” Peyton Manning anecdotal while images of abandoned burghal streets and abandoned stadiums flashed, “but it’s absolutely solidarity. It’s a assurance that, through isolation, we are angry as one. And there’s no bigger acumen than that, for hope.”

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He doesn’t acquire an official job with a aggregation or a network, but Manning is still the articulation of football, and one of the bigger ambassadors for the game. He’s been offered a TV job about every year aback he retired in 2016, and he’s had austere conversations to run NFL teams. Four years into retirement, he is annoyed of audition the question, What is Peyton activity to do?

Tony Romo retired and arise his CBS role the aforementioned day. Drew Brees has already active with NBC, and he’s still arena at atomic one added season. Tom Brady has had his TB12 business for years, and is alone now starting the aftermost affiliate of his arena career with Tampa Bay. It feels aberrant that Manning should still be so unattached, aback his articulation and opinions are so coveted. What is he cat-and-mouse for?

“I arrangement of don’t like the actuality that there is this what is he activity to do watch out there,” Manning tells Bleacher Report, “because I feel like I am accomplishing a lot appropriate now, and blockage busy. … I like my kids seeing me working. I don’t acquire a one-word job description that they would be able to say at parents day at school, but they apperceive I am busy.”

In the weeks arch up to the draft, teams go to extremes to accumulate admonition on what added clubs intend to do with their picks. In 2017, the Bears assumption was absorbed in award out what Manning was doing, alike admitting he had been out of the bold for a year.

Manning had formed a accord with North Carolina quarterback Mitchell Trubisky, who had approved Manning’s admonition on whether he should acknowledge for the abstract or acknowledgment to school. Chicago, slated to aces third, was in charge of a quarterback, and had its aim set on Trubisky. The Browns, though, additionally were accounted to like him and had the No. 1 pick. They too had a affiliation to Manning through buyer Jimmy Haslam, a above Tennessee booster and addition who has accepted Manning aback his academy canicule arena for the Volunteers.

A antecedent accustomed with the bearings says the Bears cadre agents capital to apperceive if Manning was adage acceptable things about Trubisky to Haslam. Abundant to argue the Browns to go quarterback with the aboriginal pick? The Bears didn’t necessarily charge Manning’s assessment on Trubisky (though then-head drillmaster John Fox had already alleged to ask him that beforehand in the process), but they feared the ability that a advocacy from Manning ability acquire in the easily of a abstract rival.

The Bears, who eventually traded up and alleged Trubisky No. 2 all-embracing afterwards the Browns drafted arresting end Myles Garrett, never did acquisition out what was activity on in Haslam and Manning’s conversations, but they were actual that the two were talking. Haslam says they did altercate Trubisky that year, but added about his personality than his football traits. Manning, for his part, was absent to the artful chicane activity on abaft the scenes. “It wouldn’t abruptness me,” he says, bedlam at the anticipation of it. “These guys leave no bean unturned.”

Even in unconventional, through-the-grapevine ways, Peyton’s access permeates the league. He’s a all-over presence, about John Madden-like, admitting not accepting that one-word job description in football. So, why does anybody appetite a allotment of him? “I sometimes ask myself the aforementioned thing,” he says.

“He transcends the game,” Colts arch drillmaster Frank Reich says. “If I am an NFL buyer or a GM and I am attractive for an opinion, an cold football opinion, I am calling Peyton Manning. Peyton is absolutely in that aristocratic category.”

The networks absolutely arise to agree. This winter, both CBS and ESPN fabricated cogent offers to Manning to accompany their advertisement teams. The New York Post appear that CBS offered Manning $10 actor to $12 actor per year for bristles or six seasons to booty Romo’s job, because the arrangement feared Romo’s bacon would be too high. ESPN capital Manning for the Monday Night Football booth, for a multiyear deal. A antecedent abutting to Manning says he actively advised both offers and was the abutting he’s anytime been to demography one (for either a advertisement or NFL front-office position) aback he retired. Both networks gave him about 10 canicule to consider, a window that accepted too baby to accomplish that leap.

“If he had addition ages to anticipate about it, he actual able-bodied ability acquire done it,” the actuality says. “Many bodies in his ancestors said, ‘You apperceive what, you should do this.’ … That’s adamantine to do because you’re not saying, ‘I’m activity to try it this year.’ You’re basically saying, ‘This is what I am activity to do for the abutting decade.'”

He transcends the game. If I am an NFL buyer or a GM and I am attractive for an opinion, an cold football opinion, I am calling Peyton Manning.—Colts arch drillmaster Frank Reich

And aback you’re Peyton Manning, why achieve on one job aback you already acquire added than bisected a dozen: agent for Nationwide, ablaze of his family’s anniversary football camp, accumulated speaker, philanthropist, host of two scripted shows for ESPN , drillmaster to adolescent quarterbacks in the alliance and academy quarterbacks because declaring aboriginal for the draft, antecedent for NFL teams analytical about those affairs and, best importantly, dad and husband.

“It’s not like the guy is sitting at home, twiddling his thumbs,” above Colts centermost Jeff Saturday says.

Three sources who acquire spent time with Manning say that what he absolutely wants to do is run a aggregation with an buying stake. Alarm it the Michael Jordan model.

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“I could see him active an organization,” above NFL arch drillmaster and three-time Super Bowl best Mike Shanahan says. “He is so on top of every breadth because he has been alive at it his accomplished life.”

Manning didn’t delay for retirement to alpha architecture his NFL rolodex. During his Colts career, he would allure opposing coaches to his home in Indianapolis to allocution boutique during the aloof combine. Some of the game’s best avant-garde minds generally would accept.

“Jon Gruden and I [were] cartoon plays up on napkins,” Manning says of one affair the two had. “He’s a Coors Light drinker, I’m a Bud Light drinker, so I had to get the Coors Light for him. [Bill] Belichick and I talked some brawl one night. He was in a Rutgers hoodie if I recall.”

During the 2004 combine, Gruden took Manning to the bounded Hooters afterwards their meeting. To Manning’s surprise, the Buccaneers arresting agents was already there, and to their surprise, Gruden asked them to explain to Manning how the Tampa Bay aegis had accustomed the Colts quarterback to arise one of the greatest comebacks in NFL history the antecedent season. (The Colts won 38-35 afterwards abaft by 21 with aloof four account larboard in regulation).

Manning and addition guest, Shanahan, already got pulled over by the badge in advanced of Lucas Oil Stadium in 2010 afterwards a one-on-one meeting. Manning was aggravating to bead Shanahan off for a affair with quarterback anticipation Sam Bradford and was active late, so he fabricated an actionable about-face on red. They were both adequate to abstain media attention, in allotment for the breach itself, but conceivably added importantly, to abstain questions about what the Colts quarterback and the Washington arch drillmaster were discussing in private. A trade? Free-agency plans?

“He had a bold plan,” Shanahan says. “If you were accomplishing something, he would appetite to apperceive why.”

When Manning retired in March 2016, he set off on the additional appearance of that bold plan, a mini bout of the alliance to abstraction how accepted managers and coaches do their jobs. “You retire and you arrangement of try to bulk out, OK, what’s Affiliate 2 activity to be?” Manning says.

He catholic to aggregation accessories and spent time in war apartment celebratory accepted managers and arch coaches advancing for the draft. He comatose academic amalgamate interviews in Indianapolis with the Dolphins, Rams and Niners, and he abounding preseason quarterback affairs with the Bears. He met with Seahawks accepted administrator John Schneider, Chiefs arch drillmaster Andy Reid and then-Packers arch drillmaster Mike McCarthy during their adored blow at the aloof combine. Manning took the best affairs that aboriginal year of retirement, but he visits training camps about the alliance anniversary year to allege to teams and afresh sit in on meetings. Aftermost summer, he spent time with the Colts and Jaguars. Manning carries a anthology with him everywhere he goes, bushing it with copious descriptions of the process, a addiction he started in his arena career. Aback then, he would appetite teammates to booty addendum as well, sometimes alike acrimonious up their pens to admonish them to address things bottomward in meetings.

“There ability not acquire been a appearance of the action from A to Z that he didn’t ask questions about, amphitheater aback to and not get apathetic at any of them,” Rams accepted administrator Les Snead says. “You realize, OK, this animal actuality has a actual curious, focused apperception and wants to apprentice so much.”

The affairs were a accord and take. Manning asked about every allotment of active a team, such as the best important allotment of the aloof process. The accepted managers and coaches asked him questions of their own. Snead capital to apperceive which arresting apprenticeship copse presented the best problems. Schneider asked what Manning acquainted was the best important affection in a receiver. Quickness off the ball? Ability to abstracted bottomward the field?

As he fabricated his way from aggregation to team, the alliance took note. Manning says he has had affairs and austere conversations about opportunities with NFL teams, but he beneath to accommodate added details. About the alone affair he has disqualified out is coaching, because he doesn’t anticipate he’d be acceptable at it.

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But, indeed, “There acquire been offers to run teams,” the antecedent abutting to Manning says, admitting it’s cryptic how academic those invitations were.

In January 2016, aback Manning was still arena his aftermost season, Fox Sports’ Jay Glazer appear on a “push central the alliance to acquire him [be] allotment of an buying accumulation with the Tennessee Titans,” a adventure both the team’s CEO and authoritative buyer refuted at the time.

A year later, Glazer appear that Colts buyer Jim Irsay fabricated a “strong push” to appoint Manning as arch of football operations, with Gruden as the arch coach.

“I acquire had conversations with altered people,” Manning says. “But I acquire never had a academic arrangement offer, annihilation in writing. I acquire had football conversations that I think, you know, they are apparently appraisal my absorption and I am allurement them questions about what their administration is.”

Multiple NFL admiral and agents say they heard Haslam was absorbed in hiring Manning in Cleveland afterwards Manning retired.

“I anticipate bodies accept that I acquire been offered a Browns role, but that is aloof not true,” Manning says. “What’s the old saying? Be accurate activity to assignment for your accompany [because] you ability ruin a friendship, you know? Jimmy and I allocution a lot, and I anticipate sometimes Jimmy talks about what is on my alarm and what am I cerebration about about added as a friend. As an adviser, if you will. I never absolutely acquainted like he was allurement for his claimed views.”

While Manning says authoritative the about-face into a advanced appointment is “just not article that I acquire confused on yet,” assorted sources interviewed for this adventure accede his ultracompetitive attributes will apparently accomplish him added acceptable to run a aggregation than become a broadcaster.

“He is a ambitious guy,” Saturday says. “If somebody is activity to comedy for him, they abuse abiding bigger be bench askance in. The bulk of time, activity and accomplishment that he is activity to apprehend you to put it in … If he’s a GM, now I’m not abiding what the [draft] grades would be. He ability brand everybody really, absolutely low, but I do apperceive you wouldn’t acquire bamboozled him.”

Perhaps the alone accomplishment Manning lacks is academic experience. Manning’s advertisement forays acquire mainly been scripted shows. He’s never alleged a convenance game, and he’s never absolutely formed in cadre for a club, never scouted players.

He is a ambitious guy. If somebody is activity to comedy for him, they abuse abiding bigger be bench askance in. The bulk of time, activity and accomplishment that he is activity to apprehend you to put it in … If he’s a GM, now I’m not abiding what the [draft] grades would be. He ability brand everybody really, absolutely low, but I do apperceive you wouldn’t acquire bamboozled him.—Former Colts centermost Jeff Saturday

One adept NFL advance aloft conceivably the one point every alignment will charge to accede afore absolutely hiring Manning: “Peyton has to be the best approved actuality for any NFL job, be it coach, GM, broadcaster,” he says. “But Mike Vrabel didn’t go from arena linebacker for the Patriots to the arch drillmaster of the Titans. Peyton is still unproven.”

The aboriginal time Snead saw Jared Goff in actuality wasn’t aback he was throwing a touchdown canyon at Cal or active the 40 at the abstract combine. It was at the Manning Passing Academy, area Snead’s son, Logan, was a camper. While he was there as a dad watching his kid, Snead couldn’t admonition but put his GM cap on aback he noticed Goff was one of about 40 academy starting quarterbacks alive the affected as counselors.

He afterwards followed up with Manning to ask him added about Goff. “Jared got a accede advancing out of the affairs with the Mannings,” Snead says. That aforementioned summer, Snead additionally noticed Manning kept acrimonious to bandy to a assertive academy receiver, Eastern Washington’s Cooper Kupp, who was additionally alive the camp. Snead drafted him, too.

The affected has become such a rite of access for any acknowledged academy quarterback that NFL cadre ability accept article is amiss with a abstract anticipation if he were never arrive to assignment the camp. Of the 57 quarterbacks who started at atomic one bold in 2019, 36 were MPA alumni. One NFL controlling says he alleged Archie Manning to ask if there was article he should apperceive about Trubisky, who hadn’t been invited. (As a single-season amateur in college, Trubisky aloof didn’t acquire abundant acquaintance to allure the Mannings’ attention.)

The Mannings absorb four continued canicule apprenticeship teenagers in the Louisiana calefaction anniversary summer, and by the end, can get a acceptable apprehend on the appearance of the academy quarterbacks who abetment them. Archie says he can acquaint by the cardinal of “emails from mamas.” Afterwards the affected wraps, Peyton consistently fields calls from accepted managers and coaches that he knows, all allurement about those attorneys who will be draft-eligible. Who asked you a lot of questions? Did he appoint you?

“People alarm him because he is a set of eyes that is not normal,” says Bengals abhorrent coordinator Brian Callahan, who formed carefully with Manning for four seasons as an abhorrent abettor in Denver. “He is one of the best to comedy the position, so [he] understands what it looks like, and he can accord a altered angle than a scout, or sometimes alike a coach.”

“It keeps [him] angry to the game,” says Fox, who accomplished Manning in Denver, “because now he is seeing the adolescent quarterbacks and not aloof the guys he came into the alliance with. Not abounding guys do all that. Dan Marino doesn’t do that. Brady doesn’t do that.”

Those access amplitude above controlling offices. Aback an MPA alum such as Drew Lock or Joe Burrow calls for advice, Manning picks up. Lock alleged aloof afore his aboriginal alpha for the Broncos aftermost season, and afresh the afterward anniversary afore his aboriginal alley start. “He welcomes those calls,” Lock says. “Those are his mini-game days, so to say. He gets to allocution to and affect some of the best adolescent quarterbacks that, like he consistently says, hopefully breach his amateur INT record.”

After a 4-12 division in 2018, Jets admiral Christopher Johnson was casting about for a new coach, addition who could advance their adolescent authorization quarterback, Sam Darnold, and get the Jets acceptable again. As Johnson focused on Adam Gase canicule afterwards he had been accursed by the Dolphins, he angry to Manning, who played beneath the Jets’ -to-be new appoint aback Gase was a Broncos abettor coach. Afore the bounded playoff amateur were played, Gase had the job.

“Very rarely do players accord recommendations for coaches,” Callahan says. “That’s aloof for a appealing absolute accumulation of people. … It’s attenuate that you see a above amateur backpack that affectionate of ascendancy amidst alliance circles like that.”

Colts accepted administrator Chris Ballard additionally alleged for a advertence aback he was accomplishing his analysis on Reich for the arch apprenticeship job afterwards Josh McDaniels abruptly larboard the aggregation afterwards accordant to booty the job. Reich had formed alongside Manning in assorted abhorrent apprenticeship roles during six seasons with the Colts, and Ballard capital an appraisal of his abeyant new drillmaster that he could trust. “I aloof capital to see what affectionate of man [Reich] was, what affectionate of teacher, and I got a actual able advocacy from Peyton,” Ballard says. “Peyton has been a absolutely acceptable asset in agreement of aloof advice aback I’ve got a question. He’s got a ablaze mind, a admirable apperception aback it comes to football.”

Reich adds, “Everyone knows that if you can acquire Peyton’s respect, that is gold, because his assessment is so valued.”

Last offseason, Reich begin himself on the added ancillary of it. He capital to appoint then-Broncos abhorrent tackles drillmaster Chris Strausser for the Colts’ abhorrent band job. Manning and Strausser didn’t overlap in Denver, but Reich knew Manning could affix him to bodies in Denver.

“It was one of those deals, like, ‘Hey, see if you can acquisition out any admonition for me on [Strausser],'” Reich says. “‘I anticipate I appetite to appoint this person.'”

So, Peyton moonlighted as a quasi-consultant. “He absolutely is, and I am animated he is unpaid, too,” Reich laughs.

Peyton takes the snap, drops aback and lets out a loud balance as he heaves a abysmal bomb to an MPA camper. The camper sprints to the end area with all the activity he can aggregation in the heat. This backward June afternoon in 2019 is so boiling that the air feels abundant and the camper isn’t accidentally abutting to accepting beneath the ball. The two dozen boyish quarterbacks and receivers watching in the centermost of the acreage all beef at the miss, and afresh a loud horn sounds to mark the end of the convenance session. The boys grab their drawstring accoutrements and baptize bottles and army Peyton as he ambles off the field. Mr. Manning! Mr. Manning! Wearing a white brazier hat with the MPA logo on it, Peyton poses for dozens of selfies, animated in his lopsided, cool manner.

Earlier that morning, Archie was asked the accustomed question: What will Peyton do, and aback will he do it?

“The way you anticipate at age 44 can change aback you are 46 or 50 or 70,” Archie says. “NFL bodies acquire been nice to him and included him to be central the alignment and see what it’s like. The one affair he knows, if he were to accept to go in that direction, you acquire to be all-in. Appropriate now, Peyton is accomplishing 10 altered things and accepting fun.”

Peyton is in no blitz to accomplish to his abutting big thing. And why should he be? He wields astronomic access aloof as he is now, and he still has time to lob abysmal assurance to aerial academy football players.

“A one-word job description like apprenticeship or broadcasting would absolutely accomplish the chat easier,” Peyton says. “But I anticipate that’s a bad acumen to booty a job, aloof to acquire a beneath conversation, so that’s affectionate of area I am.”

Maybe it’s time to stop allurement what Peyton Manning is activity to do and alpha allurement aback will he attenuated it down.

If one affair is certain, it’s that the NFL and advertisement networks are accessible for him. And in the meantime, “I acquire my notebook,” he says. “And I acquire my notes.”

Peyton Manning will be accessible for his abutting move, whenever he’s accessible to accomplish it.


Kalyn Kahler is a biographer active in Chicago. She’s a above agents biographer for Sports Illustrated and has covered the NFL for bristles years. Follow her on Twitter for NFL musings and awe-inspiring apprehension thoughts: @KalynKahler.

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