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I was built-in in a now-torn-down hospital on the bend of tony, flush Georgetown in Washington, D.C. Two months afterwards my arrival, my parents, Alma and William Carroll Talley, took me to my grandmother’s abode in Durham, North Carolina, the centermost of the tobacco industry. My parents were young, and as was archetypal in Southern atramentous households, it was absitively I would alive with my grandmother, Bennie Frances Davis, as my parents approved careers in the nation’s capital. I alleged my grandmother Mama.

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Mama and I lived with my great-grandmother China. Both widows, they accompanying accumulate checks and my grandmother’s bacon from actuality a calm maid at the men’s campus of Duke University, as able-bodied as added assets from my parents, to accomplish a abode that operated on organization, faith, God, and maintenance. As a adolescent adolescent I was accustomed duties: dusting, accession atramentous for the stoves, and acquisition activation from the woodshed, as able-bodied as abrasion dishes afterwards meals.

There was churchgoing, and there was churchgoing: Sunday school; vacation Bible school; accession celebrations; baptisms in the rain-filled accurate basin complete aloof aloft the churchyard cemetery.

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I went to Lyon Park elementary school, which was aloof bottomward the artery from our home. I had abutting ancestors bonds and my admired cousins were my best friends. Best of the time, I managed to abstain the atrocious bullies at academy and in the neighborhood. I do, however, bethink vividly blockage home from academy on a attenuate snow day and proudly architecture a three-tiered snowman in our advanced yard, complete with atramentous eyes, a allotment nose, and atramentous lips. I went into the kitchen at lunchtime, area my great-grandmother Ceramics was heating up a can of Campbell’s craven brainstorm soup for me. By the time I put on my covering and alternate outside, the adjacency kids had destroyed my afresh complete snowman. I angry around, went aback inside, and sulked. What could I do? My grandmother’s mother couldn’t appear out and booty up my defense, and I had no admiration to hunt bottomward and accost the vandals.

Young bodies can be actual mean. Aback I would get upset, my uncle Lewis acclimated to say to me, “Just accumulate on accepting up. Get up every day and aloof accumulate going.” It was some of the best admonition I’ve anytime been given.

At an aboriginal age, I activate my fantasy apple in books and records, classical music, Nina Simone, Laura Nyro, Aretha Franklin, Diana Ross. In my aunt Myra’s country house, I activate a book on the adversity of the Titanic, the affluence ocean liner that was never declared to sink. The flush and the common went to their deaths in the algid seas. Every time I went to appointment Aunt Myra, I best up this book; it resonated as article in my mind’s eye that was alfresco the barometer of my accustomed existence.

My admired retreat was the burghal library in city Durham, North Carolina. By the age of twelve, I had apprehend every annual and book I had appear across. My apple became the ablaze pages of Vogue, area I could apprehend about Truman Capote’s allegorical ball, accustomed at the Plaza, in account of Katharine Graham. And Gloria Vanderbilt, in her check aged quilts with Elizabethan ruffs, created by Adolfo. I admired seeing her photographed in her simple Mainbocher apparel or the alien Fortuny pleated gowns she kept bankrupt in appropriate coils, like snakes, to accumulate the cottony vibrant. I dreamed of affair Naomi Sims and Pat Cleveland, and active a activity like the ones I saw in the pages of Vogue, area bad things never happened. Dejected bounce skies lent my grandmother’s rosebushes a august blush in our advanced yard. Summers were spent acrimonious agrarian blackberries, watching cardinals zoom about our house, and accepting wonderful, adorable dinners, adapted all day and eaten at five-thirty. Aliment was our luxury—simple, good, home-cooked food. Every day, there were fresh-cooked bootleg meals. Sometimes we ate leftovers, but I bethink Sundays, aback hot, alpha baffled buttermilk biscuits; rows of brittle bacon; accolade eggs; and preserves fabricated our breakfast. Cake, pie, and a countless of home-cooked desserts were my favorites.

Autumn brought with it crisp, coiled aureate leaves from the maple tree, a massive one in our advanced yard, its leaves abominable to rake. In the winter, if it snowed, I had to accumulate added buckets of ablaze chunks of atramentous in the brazier and abundance them on the aback porch.

Great-Grandmother Ceramics died in January 1961, and I acquainted abandoned for the aboriginal time. For a alpha adolescent man, this was overwhelming, the afterlife arena of my great-grandmother, a adult who was the dame of a God-fearing and God-loving family.

The ancestors aggregate at Aunt Pete’s, and she fabricated abundant aliment to augment everyone, including her seven daughters, one actual son, and different connected ancestors members. Throughout the night, into the morning, the adults were in the ancestors room, administration belief of growing up and of their admired mama.

Somehow, there was an abridgement of words amid my grandmother and me as we aggregate this humble, bashful household, abounding with adorning adulation and the greatest values: alleviative others with kindness, and caring for your neighbors and family.

Life went on. My parents afar aback I was nine. Nobody told me about their separation, but I eventually ample it out. Both of them connected to appointment frequently, my ancestor consistently bringing me some comfortable gift: a ablaze red aboriginal bicycle, the Apple Book encyclopedia, a atramentous and white television, or my aboriginal almanac player. I had an allowance and would go to city Durham on Fridays with Astronomic and acquirement the latest 45 rpm records. I admired anniversary of the items he gave me.

My mother had larboard my ancestor because she anticipation she could do bigger and had planned to ally addition man who was hardly added flush than my father. One morning, not connected afterwards the divorce, she got an allurement to that man’s wedding, to another, younger, woman. That bankrupt my mother’s spirit, forever. She became ill afterwards that. Her beard angry white, prematurely, and she had a array of accident that resulted in her aggravating to set her accommodation on fire. And on top of it all, she banned alike the aboriginal bulk of accumulate she was advantaged to by law. She artlessly handed him the way out of their alliance and soldiered on financially but became atrocious and absinthian emotionally. She would appear appointment us in Durham, and she would go to abbey and be allotment of everything, but there was never abundant of a chat to be had amid the two of us. I would allocution to her, but she about said annihilation back. While I knew she admired me, I don’t anticipate she admired me.

Like best Americans, my grandmother and I watched the presidential commencement of John F. Kennedy, as it was a defining moment in a new era for our country. It adumbrated achievement and it additionally adumbrated glamour. Jackie Kennedy was the youngest Aboriginal Adult and she was an influencer—perhaps the aboriginal influencer of the avant-garde world. I was in awe of her, the way she absolved at the inauguration, in her bolt coat. I was bedeviled with her beanie hat, and her little atom of fur at the collar, and her fur-edged boots, as able-bodied as the blooper she agitated to accumulate her easily balmy during the freezing-cold January day.

My captivation connected aback on Valentine’s Day, in 1962, A Tour of the White Abode with Mrs. John F. Kennedy aired in atramentous and white on all the networks. I was so bent up with the arduous consequence of this glance central the Aboriginal Home of our nation. Jackie Bouvier Kennedy, and her style, actually resonated with me. I knew I had witnessed a moment, one that was abiding to be the alpha of many.

There she stood, beard altogether coiffed and curled, in her Chez Ninon line-for-line archetype of an aboriginal Dior from Paris. She batten of the White Abode with ability and eloquence. It was again I abstruse the chat “Porthault”; the Parisian linen close had donated a connected white tablecloth for the Accompaniment Dining Room, hand-embroidered in gold thread. I abstruse that she capital simple glasses for baptize and wine. She appear she had activate them in Virginia. She batten of the Stanford White moldings, corrective white, from 1902. And she recalled that Teddy Roosevelt had commissioned a broiler amidst in marble, with images of American buffaloes.

From her quiet, affected address of speaking, her ascendancy of her message, her focus on the history of this abundant edifice, I abstruse my affection and adulation for antiques and the bigger things. So in life, I followed Jackie Kennedy. She was my charlatan in all things that mattered: clothes, decorating, and the way she presented herself as Aboriginal Lady. My aunts affected her style, according to their budget, with beanie hats and affected chain-strap handbags. Gloves, of course. All admiring Negro abbey ladies were aggressive by Jackie Kennedy (“Negro” was the able appellation then; “African American” is able today).

My grandmother had a drawer abounding of gloves, her best comfortable accessory, for every division of the year. Addition drawer captivated admired handkerchiefs, which she slipped into her Sunday handbag. Astronomic wore medium-heeled shoes, which absorbed me to watch on our airing to church, abnormally her fleet dejected covering ones, with the grosgrain bow, by Naturalizer, bought at abundant expense, and with a analogous handbag.

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The orchestrated burial of Admiral John F. Kennedy was the best absurd beam of dignity. There was Mrs. Kennedy, in her atramentous Givenchy suit, with the aigrette binding as buttons, her face covered by a blind absorbed to her pillbox. It was a bulletin to the apple that she was a mother and a wife, and created a attribute of backbone and style. Jackie Kennedy seemed added like a blur ablaze than the wife of the president. She had added appulse on me than any actress.

I created my fantasy apple through Jackie Kennedy. A ample diet of actualization glossies and actualization supplements accomplished me aggregate I bare to know.

I knew about Jansen, the Paris-based decorator, and Monsieur Boudin, who helped C. Z. Guest, this über-Wasp amount of actualization and affluence, adorn her rooms.

I knew about Bunny Mellon, who lived in Upperville, Virginia, the best acquaintance of Jackie Kennedy.

I knew about Lee, Princess Radziwill, sister to Jackie Kennedy, active a gilded activity in London, with a abode in the country busy with the advice of Mongiardino of Italy. I bethink so affectionately authoritative brainy pictures of Lee Radziwill, dancing in her argent Mila Schön couture dress at the Truman Capote Atramentous and White Ball.

With the massive access of actualization magazines, I became a adherent Francophile. My admired actualization on television was Julia Child’s, on Sundays. I admired her irreverence, and I admired her address of speaking French. I took four levels of French, from inferior to arch aerial school, and I majored in French studies at North Carolina Central University, a Negro accompaniment university in Durham. There, I excelled, and accustomed a abounding scholarship to Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island, area I would accept my master’s amount and activate advancing doctoral studies. My plan was to become a French teacher, at a clandestine academy somewhere. I didn’t abundant apperception where; I aloof knew I capital to be out in the world.

On the actual day I was activity off for alum academy at Brown, with a abounding advanced-degree scholarship, my mother angry to me and whispered, “I don’t apperceive why you are activity off to this academy for addition few years of studies. You accept your BA. Why don’t you go and accompany the army so you can accept benefits?”

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I anticipation to myself, What is she talking about? Brown’s an Ivy League school. She didn’t accept what a aerial account I had achieved.

My grandmother overheard this aside chat and afraid her way appropriate through the cracks. She said to her daughter, “Just leave it alone, he will be fine. Let him go!” Astronomic accepted and consistently encouraged and accurate me all the way. She had acceptance and knew it was activity to be fine; she aloof kept packing my agenda boxes with quilts fabricated by her mother’s sister, Aunt Luna, that I admired for my billet room, as able-bodied as bedding and towels. It was modest, but that anon afflicted already I got to Brown and had a account stipend, with which I splurged on Yves Saint Laurent sheets, diffuse brand-stamped abundant chicken towels, and Rive Gauche clothes, on sale.

At Brown I advised the ability of France, the brilliant, bookish bohemian affairs of the nineteenth century, Charles Baudelaire, Rimbaud, Verlaine. I acquainted free, no best aseptic by the rigid, judgmental association I had developed up in. Now that I was out in the world, I didn’t accord a abuse what anyone anticipation about me. I wore a best surplus fleet admiral’s coat, in absolute condition. All the assumption buttons were intact. It was a maxi, about to my feet, and I’d abrasion it with cutting sailor pants—four inches aloft the ankles—and lace-up oxfords with baby flamenco-dancer heels. During the aboriginal winter break, I brought the covering home to North Carolina. I was so appreciative of that coat. My grandmother could not accept cared less, but my mother banned to appear abbey with me while I was cutting it. As we got out of my accessory Doris Armstrong’s car—she consistently collection beyond boondocks to aces us up and booty us to our country church—my mother captivated me back.

She glared at me and said, “I can’t be apparent walking with you up the alley in this Phantom of the Opera look.”

“Go ahead,” I said. I waited alfresco a few account while she went in, anguish from her comment. My mother could be actually awful to me, but I still admired her. That did not beggarly I had to like her.

I was a actualization addict, affecting in accoutrements and appearance, alike then. I would abrasion kabuki architecture like Diana Vreeland, allegorical Vogue editor in chief, or Naomi Sims, the aboriginal atramentous archetypal I anytime saw in Vogue. On any archetypal day, I would band Estée Lauder’s latest adumbration of abysmal grape on my temples, top it with Vaseline, and arch off to class.

My apparel bent the absorption of flush acceptance at the Rhode Island Academy of Design, additionally amid in Providence. I began to alive two abstracted lives: the one on campus for my studies at Brown, and the one at RISD, area I fabricated accompany with Jane Kleinman and Reed Evins. Jane’s ancestor was again arch of Kayser-Roth hosiery, and Reed’s uncle was David Evins, the shoe magnate. They lived off campus, in a big floor-through accommodation abounding with sunlight and absurd antiques. Reed came to RISD with a huge van of furniture. There were Chippendale dining allowance chairs, a admirable amber blade dining table, Baccarat glassware, admirable flatware, bittersweet tablecloths, and admirable ceramics with gold-leaf borders.

One weekend, Jane went home to New York Burghal and came aback to academy with a Revillon bunco covering purchased on auction at Saks Fifth Avenue. She was so appreciative of that coat. It was the exact aforementioned covering Babe Paley owned, South American skunk—Chilean skunk, in fact. Diana Vreeland’s favorite!

Reed and Jane ruled: They seemed to accept it all—the best clothes, the best furniture—and they were New Yorkers. On my altogether in October 1974, they brought me to New York to appear the Coty Awards actualization show, at FIT. I don’t bethink annihilation about the show, except affair Joe Eula, who was an important illustrator for Halston, again the hottest artist in America. Joe Eula arrive me to a affair at his abode afterwards the show, area I met Elsa Peretti, as able-bodied as Carrie Donovan, with whom I had corresponded years earlier.

Carrie was a brash and actual accomplished actualization editor, a cantankerous amid Kay Thompson in Funny Face (the best actualization ball blur ever) and Maggie Smith in a cine that won her an Oscar, The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie. I actually adored Carrie’s bazaar pages at the aback of Vogue.

I absolved up to Carrie Donovan and alien myself. “You wrote me a letter,” I said, and reminded her that I had accounting to Vogue, inquiring as to who had apparent the archetypal Pat Cleveland. Carrie had accounting me aback and said it was she who had apparent Pat Cleveland on the Lexington Avenue subway, traveling to assignment one morning. The agenda was abrupt but beautiful, typewritten and active in electric-green ink.

Carrie was balmy and gracious, and told me to break in touch. “And if you appetite to assignment in fashion, you accept to appear to New York,” she said.

As anon as I accustomed aback in Providence, I fabricated affairs to carelessness my studies at Brown and move to New York. I already had my master’s but was alive on my doctoral thesis, with affairs to become a French teacher. While I’d been recommended for teaching positions at clandestine schools up and bottomward the East Coast, I was clumsy to annex a job. I was acquisitive to see what accessible me in New York and in the apple of fashion.

Reed had accomplished his studies at RISD and already confused aback to Manhattan. He offered to let me break with him until I got myself situated. In one ample bendable Louis Vuitton attachment satchel, I arranged my best adored items: my fleet coat, two pairs of clover Rive Gauche trousers, two cottony Rive Gauche shirts, and my aboriginal bespoke atramentous cottony faille smoker shoes, custom-built by Reed Evins himself. They were blunt-toed slip-ons, lined in ablaze red.

Jane Kleinman’s ancestor wrote me a letter of addition to the Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, area Diana Vreeland was hiring volunteers to abetment with her curation of an ballsy exhibit: Romantic and Glamorous Hollywood Design.

The letter formed and I was hired, with no salary. I didn’t care; I was activity to accommodated Diana Vreeland, the grandest and best important actualization empress! The acclaimed editor in arch of Vogue for about ten years! Considered to be one of the abundant actualization editors of all time! Running the Costume Institute was Vreeland’s dream job and my own dream apprenticeship. It was awful selective; there were alone about twelve of us.

My aboriginal day as a volunteer, I was handed a shoebox abounding with metal discs and a brace of needle-nose pliers.

“Fix this,” I was told. “What is it?”

“It’s the alternation mail dress beat by Miss Lana Turner in The Prodigal. Mrs. Vreeland will be actuality anon to audit your work.”

Left to my own devices, I laid out all the pieces and bound ample out the circuitous addle pattern. Eventually I was able to ability the shoebox of metal aback into a dress.

“Who did this?” Mrs. Vreeland asked. “The new volunteer.”

“Follow me,” she said, and I did. We went into her office, area she sat bottomward and wrote my name in ample letters. “HELPER,” she wrote beneath it, and handed the cardboard to me. “You will break by my ancillary night and day, until the actualization is finished! Let’s go, kiddo. Get crackin’!”

Mrs. Vreeland batten in narratives, in staccato sentences. You had to amount out what she wanted. The abutting dress she assigned to me was from Cleopatra, beat by Claudette Colbert. “You charge remember, André, white peacocks, the sun, and this is a babe of fourteen, who is a queen. Now get crackin’! Right-o!”

It was a gold lamé dress. I spray-painted the mannequin the aforementioned blush gold.

“Right-o, right-o, I say, André!” Mrs. Vreeland responded.

Over the abutting six weeks I became one of Mrs. Vreeland’s admired volunteers in what was absolutely like a accomplished actualization finishing school. Through Diana Vreeland I abstruse to allege the accent of style, fantasy, and literature.

I listened to and I abstruse from Mrs. Vreeland. I afraid on her every word, every utterance. I towered aloft her physically, but I was absolutely admiring and appropriately reverent, and she in about-face advised me with abundant respect.

She charge accept admired the abstraction of my presence, the aggregate of my looks, alpine and honey colored; my categorical amenities and grooming; and my blossom beatnik style. Plus my master’s degree!

After the exhibit’s aperture night in December, I bare a job. I approved alive as a agent at the ASPCA but it was too tragic. Mrs. Vreeland alleged me into her appointment backward one afternoon, aloof afore demography off for the Christmas anniversary season.

“Don’t go home to Durham, André!” Vreeland pronounced. “If you go home to the South, you will get a teaching job of course, but you will never appear aback to New York. It will appear for you, aloof sit bound and don’t run home.”

“But I accept no money, I charge a job!”

“Stick it out! You accord in New York. Do not go home for Christmas!” With that I was dismissed, and she was off to the admirable home of Oscar and Françoise de la Renta in Santo Domingo.

Christmas Eve 1974 angry out to be one of the darkest nights of my life. I had no money, and I was sleeping on the attic of the flat of my acquaintance Robert Turner, a adolescent volunteer. He was out of boondocks for the holiday. I slept on a horse blanket, activate at a bounded austerity shop, and a adopted pillow from his belvedere bed. There was annihilation larboard in the refrigerator and not one cent broadcast about for a anointed hamburger.

I opened the cupboards and activate a can of Hershey’s amber syrup, which I devoured with a accomplished argent teaspoon and followed with glasses of baptize to hunt the thick, close abstract down.

The buzz rang at ten p.m. It was my grandmother. “Ray”—she never alleged me André—“your ancestor is actuality next

to me. I am sending him to drive through the night and accompany you home. You charge to be ready, because he will be there tomorrow, on Christmas Day. You appear home. You accord home. You accept never been abroad from home at Christmas.”

I insisted I wasn’t about to appear home. Mrs. Vreeland had said it would appear for me in the New Year! Astronomic hadn’t put up an altercation aback I larboard for Brown; why was she so determined now?

So I asked her, “Why? Why do you appetite me to appear home so urgently?”

Silence. Pause. Again she shouted into the telephone: “Come home, because I apperceive you are sleeping with a white woman up there!”

That was the extreme affair from reality. I laughed out loud and assured her this was not the case. She accurate article and afraid up the phone. I knew she was upset, but I had acceptance in Mrs. Vreeland.

During that connected and abandoned Christmas week, I visited Saint Thomas, an Episcopal church, often. There I would meditate and adjure for my parents and my grandmother, and acknowledge God for the ability and opportunities I had been given. I was beholden to be in New York, alike if my approaching was uncertain. I was assured that my acceptance and my ability would see me through, alike if my abdomen connected to rumble.

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