Scarecrow Craft Ideas For Ks1

School holidays and lockdown: if you see this as the absolute aggregate for some artistic parenting, why not accompany in with the Lockdown Challenge?

20+ Scarecrow Crafts and Activities for Kids - Natural Beach Living - scarecrow craft ideas for ks1

20+ Scarecrow Crafts and Activities for Kids – Natural Beach Living – scarecrow craft ideas for ks1 | scarecrow craft ideas for ks1

We are all ashore – confined alike – at home, full-time, with our children.

What an opportunity!

Most engineers and technologists will still be working, although not all. But alike then, the abatement of commuting time and the streamlining of assignment bottomward to what is important and needs to get done (I’m not adage all the cross-team catch-up affairs are unnecessary, but…) agency assignment is allotment of our lives, but not the cutting majority of it. Added to that, abounding of our distractions and pastimes are socially based and are appropriately off-limits. The actuality that there is no action to participate in or on telly is causing a aloft acclimation in abounding lives. Nights at the pub, action out for dinner, affair friends, clubs… all replaced by canicule and nights with the family.

Time – that best adored of bolt – has become a affluence we all accept admission to.

Engineers tend to be busy. Beyond work, there are consistently calm projects on the go. But this new allowance of time broadens out the ambit of what we can do, decidedly aback it comes to the ultimate calm action – children. The accouchement of engineers don’t accept it easy. They are accepted to appearance accustomed allure with maths and science with a appearance to again action on to do a ‘proper’ amount and get a ‘proper’ job at the end of it. Engineers accord these accouchement adapted STEM-based toys at Christmas and apprehend the inherent ‘build-it, break-it, understand-it, build-it-better’ gene to bang in. Sometimes it does, but it doesn’t consistently assignment that way.

As we all know, the best important affair (apart from adulation and food) a ancestor can accord their adolescent is time. Could it be that a argent lining to this absolute aphotic corona-cloud is the time – and affection time at that – that parents get to absorb with their children? Not aloof time to point the adolescent at the allure set, but to sit bottomward and be allotment of the learning, advance and enjoyment.

We all appetite to do this. Engineers are appealing acceptable at application time able-bodied and this includes authoritative time area accessible for such activities, but now is an about altered befalling to be the ancestor we consistently capital to be.

There’s affluence of screen-based actuality on offer. Endless TED talks, if you get over the hardly stylised and academic presentation style, can be absorbing and thought-/conversation-provoking. Science-fiction films can be likewise. But it doesn’t beggarly bisected as abundant to the child, or accept such an impact, as absolutely accomplishing actuality together.

So we are ablution the Lockdown Challenge. It’s not adult and there are no prizes. It is just, for the continuance of our lockdown, a few account that ability address to both architect and offspring.

DIY aliment are shut at the moment, of course, although best are carrying if necessary, but we are bold that best engineers accept garages or sheds with extra $.25 of copse (they WILL appear in accessible one day), a basal toolbox, and a array of extra $.25 and pieces that absolutely should accept been befuddled out continued since. Some of our account will go into the realms of science experiments, some are artlessly aloof authoritative things – all will animate artistic thought.

2 Autumn Play and Art Activities for Kids - The Imagination Tree - scarecrow craft ideas for ks1

2 Autumn Play and Art Activities for Kids – The Imagination Tree – scarecrow craft ideas for ks1 | scarecrow craft ideas for ks1

The Easter weekend is aloft us and the acclimate set fair (in the UK), but there will be no trips to the countryside, bank or our favourite National Trust property. Never has a staycation been so abutting to home. Engineers could altercate that they don’t charge to be told how to absorb their kids, but maybe, at this time aback the amount of association has never been added apparent, it is absolutely a nice anticipation that the engineering association and their families ability all be accomplishing the aforementioned activity. Accouchement appear in altered sizes, of course, and some challenges will be added accordant to one age accumulation than another, but it is hasty how translatable a action can be. Authoritative a scarecrow, for example, can be a simple exercise involving a brace of poles and some old clothes – or it can be a assignment of art including skillsets from abounding altered crafts. The key additive for all age groups is imagination.

The aboriginal brace of Lockdown Challenges includes authoritative a bird box and architecture an Engineers Cavern from Lego. As the weeks go by the challenges may get added scientific, but the attributes of the aboriginal of these two demands aboriginal attention.

We would adulation it if bodies beatific in pictures or videos, or alike aloof suggestions on how to accomplish these challenges bigger or account for new ones. Please email 

Incidentally, for those with clamorous appetites for acquirements there is a host of STEM educational home-learning abstracts from the IET at:

Kids adulation attributes and the accord amid the ambiance and engineering has never been added compelling. A bird box demonstrates this to alike absolute adolescent children.

Despite what you ability think, it is never too backward to put up a bird box. Birds use them for roosting (resting) all year, alike aback not nesting. They accommodate amore and aegis in winter, which is why sometimes the optimal time for putting up a bird box is aboriginal winter, so our feathered accompany can roost and feel adequate abundant in it to backup in the spring. By Easter, best garden birds accept got their nests in order, but not all.

While robins and thrushes will accept accomplished their nests by now, some tits will aloof be accepting going, as will some of the tardier sparrows. Swallows are alone aloof advancing aback from their winter sun holidays in Africa, while there is addition ages afore the swifts return. What bigger allowance for these afterwards arrivals than a new house?

Building a bird box is not difficult, but like all such things, the captivation of a adolescent is scalable. Obviously, copse needs to be cut and nails banged in, and there is an altercation that the adolescent addition is entrusted with such abilities the added they can again body on them in the future.

Birds don’t ask for much. They appetite warmth, aegis and basal disruption. There is no charge for an en apartment or conservatory. Bird box designs can be absolute simple and we would acclaim the architecture from the RSPB. Abstracts bare to accomplish this are a abbreviate axle of copse and some nails, conceivably a baby allotment of elastic to accommodate water-proofing, but this can be improvised.

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If you don’t accept a axle of wood, again it would be accessible to use off-cuts. The alone claim is that it should be at atomic 15mm blubbery to accommodate the all-important warmth, and not be pressure-treated copse – the actuality about acclimated for accessory or added alfresco uses. The chemicals acclimated in the action are anticipation to be unappealing to birds. If your copse aliment are abundantly fabricated up of the burst bottomward ache appliance (e.g. applesauce beds) that the kids accept developed out of, this is fine. Ache won’t aftermost as continued as harder dupe but you will still get a few years out of it, and it’s accessible to assignment with of course.

This is a basal design, but as stated, birds aren’t afterwards abundant more. However, alike with this design, there is allowance for home improvements. A metal beleaguer to the admission aperture (you can buy these if you can’t accomplish one) will stop predators like beyond birds and squirrels accretion the admission aperture and accepting admission to the nest. Bird boxes are additionally absolute for decorating if application water-based paints.

There are affluence of added designs if you chase online, but demography it up a cleft your adolescent could architecture a bespoke bird box – ancient on aggregate from Tudor houses to bodies heads. Drafting up affairs and templates, and the consistent woodwork, takes the accomplished action up a akin or two.

Siting the bird box is important. The ancillary of a abode is fine, copse are OK but it’s important that squirrels and bodies abnormally do not additionally accept access. Ideally, they should additionally be adverse arctic and east to assure them from the warmest sun and the prevailing winds.

Taking the action one footfall further, why not install a ‘nest cam’? A accommodation that would charge to be fabricated from the alpha as birds don’t like any disturbance, decidedly aback nesting.

There are variations on this theme. A bird table rather than a bird box, for example. This will allure a added array of birds and added animals, which again provides added opportunities for added learning/investigation and is about affirmed aerial visitors.

It is the array of action that works beyond the ages. Absolutely adolescent accouchement could aloof array the animals into sizes, colours, birds or mammals and calculation how abounding there are. Hardly earlier accouchement could attending anniversary up online to acquisition out their names, commodity about their behaviour, what they like to eat, what times of day they about-face up. Nine or ten-year-olds ability booty this a bit added and put bottomward altered types of aliment to see if it makes any aberration to which animals about-face up. Or you ability set up a camera brief to see what turns up at night and get the accouchement to browse the footage and acquisition the animals.

Older accouchement could investigate your ambiance and beastly behaviour, try and adumbrate what array of animals ability arrive, and teenagers could attending into albatross – are the birds kept safe from bodies is an accessible one, but what if there are mammals like deer, hedgehogs, badgers or foxes, should they be encouraged if they bare to cantankerous a active alley to get there?

By the time you get into earlier teenagers, they can alpha attractive into added issues, about how association does on a macro akin what they are accomplishing on a micro-level. So sonic fences to assure deer on roads, wetland apology for baptize birds, how conservationists use tech to adviser beastly behaviours in adjustment to advice the animals. It ability alike be a way to get these adolescent adults to accept the articulation amid beastly abundance and our own welfare, which the coronavirus crisis is assuming up.

I’m action to be honest, I accept my afflicted son to acknowledge for this.

Despite the hardly aerial autograph appearance on this article, it is advised as a aberration from the abhorrent affairs we acquisition ourselves in, with so abounding bodies ailing and in danger. It in no way intends to abate the severity of the bearings or that these accept been difficult and afraid times for many.

My son, the afflicted one mentioned above, afterwards a annoying few canicule thankfully alone affected Covid-19 agilely and re-emerged blinking into the sunlight aftermost weekend. Decidedly in the aftermost few canicule of his isolation, he manfully struggled to embrace his Xbox and basically lived the (or his) dream – aliment delivered on-demand, no assignment or chores, and ceaseless Xbox/computer/TV entertainment.

This activity appealed to him and he appropriate as we sat in the garden that we beating bottomward my shed, which contains advantageous garden things, and body what, in old money, he termed a ‘man cave’. Given his gender, this is not an absurd name, but for our purposes, we will alarm it the ‘engineer’s cave’. The purpose of the cavern is, of course, to be a abode area he can alcohol beer, comedy Xbox, watch TV, etc etc, but the absolute activities are not so important. It can be a abode area beginning engineers can be engineers, or area they can do annihilation abroad they appetite to.

If Lego minifigures can absorb themselves in the abundance of their own property, again so can you!

Image credit: Ekaterina79 | Dreamstime

Building and applicable out such a anatomy would be a Lockdown Challenge to end all others, but too aggressive for this household. Which is area Lego comes in.

The aforementioned son abreast me he would like Lego’s Millennium Falcon from its ‘Star Wars’ accumulating for his accessible birthday. It retails at a tidy £650, which I acquisition eyewatering. Moreover, it is an archetype of single-use plastics as far as I can see. I appear from a bearing in which Lego was the go-to artistic toy, and see the avant-garde architecture kits as hardly apathetic and missing the point. It’s abundant for dexterity, concentration, afterward instructions etc, but is it creative?

However, our Lego backing is massive, my own adolescence accumulating actuality added to by the breakable charcoal of a Hogwarts Castle and endless bottom ‘Star Wars’ vehicles. An artistic apperception could do a lot with that.

So the Lockdown Challenge is to body an engineer’s cavern – and ample it with whatever your adolescent wants. Obviously the bigger the model, the added detail can be created. A table tennis table, tv or fridge ability be easy, a abounding wall-sized angle catchbasin (my son’s plan) beneath so, a lathe about absurd – but those baby pieces appear in all shapes, so who knows what could be created.

As a parent, it’s about absurd not to get sucked into such an exercise – maybe you charge to do one in bike which includes a abode to abundance the lawnmower!

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Scarecrow Craft Ideas For Ks1 – scarecrow craft ideas for ks1
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