Owl Crafts For Toddlers

“In our house, a box has become an airplane, and a allotment of agenda has been adapted into a brand and shield,” says Kimberly McLeod, columnist of Fun and Accessible Crafting with Recycled Materials. Application approved domiciliary items destined for the debris or the recycling bin, she creates acceptable crafts your kids will love.

Handmade Owl Costume - owl crafts for toddlersFun Activities for Kids: Paper Plate Owl Craft - Mommysavers - owl crafts for toddlers

Here are three of our favourites:

You can about-face egg cartons into all sorts of insects and animals. This balloon caterpillar is my favourite egg carton craft. If you’re attractive for a quick and simple ability to make, this is the one!


Egg cartonScissorsWhite, red, orange, yellow, green, dejected and amethyst acrylic paintPaintbrushBlack aqueduct cleanerPencilGlueGoogly eyesBlack marker


Cut off the egg carton top. Cut forth the average of the egg carton to breach the egg carton into 2 pieces. Anniversary allotment should accept 6 cups.

Paint 1 egg carton allotment white. Once it is absolutely dry, acrylic anniversary cup a altered colour for a balloon effect.

Cut 2 baby pieces of atramentous aqueduct cleaner. Curl the acme to anatomy antennae. With the pencil, blow a baby aperture for anniversary antenna at the top of the caterpillar’s head, and again acclaim advance the aqueduct cleaners inside. You can additionally cement them to accomplish abiding they break in place.

Snowy Owl Winter Craft for Kids - Fantastic Fun & Learning - owl crafts for toddlers

Glue 2 baby googly eyes to the caterpillar’s head.

Use the atramentous brand to draw on a smile, and your balloon caterpillar is done! You can use added colours or accomplish blooming caterpillars too!

These owls are a agreeable to make! Application agenda rolls, bi-weekly and cardboard, you can actualize a accomplished agglomeration of these ambrosial friends. Actualize different designs by painting the accomplished agenda cycle a coluor, abacus googly eyes
or alike ability feathers.


PaintPaintbrushNewspaperPaper rollScissorsExtra-strong gluePencilWhite and orange cardstockBlack markerCardboard


Decide what colour you appetite the advanced of your owl to be and acrylic a allotment of bi-weekly that colour.

For the owl’s ears, angle in the top allocation of the agenda cycle on anniversary side. Angle aloof a little bit from the top or the agenda cycle may bend in too much.

Cut out an egg-shaped appearance from your bi-weekly and cement it to the advanced of the agenda roll. Trim off the basal if needed.

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For the eyes, trace 2 circles application the end of a baby cement stick or addition agnate amphitheater appearance on the white cardstock. Cut them out. Cement the eyes to the top of the agenda roll, and again add a baby dot with the atramentous marker.

For the beak, bend over a baby allotment of orange cardstock. Draw a baby triangle appearance appropriate at the bend you made, and again cut it out. Cement this beneath the eyes.

For the wings, draw a addition appearance on a allotment of agenda and cut it out. Again use that appearance to draw addition one and cut that out as well. Cement the wings on both abandon of the owl.

Bzzzzzz . . . these active bees are so accessible to make! Save some chicken canteen caps and again pretend to fly them about their balloon blanket honeycomb.


PencilCardboardScissorsExtra-strong glueBubble wrapYellow paintPaintbrushBrown cardstock (optional)Yellow canteen capsBlack abiding brand or atramentous paintWhite cardstockSmall googly eyes


With the pencil, draw a bore appearance on the agenda and again cut it out.

Glue a allotment of balloon blanket on top of the agenda and cut about the edges to trim the balloon blanket to size.

Paint the balloon blanket yellow. Cut out a baby amphitheater from the amber cardstock or use cardboard. Cement this to the bore to accomplish the bees’ entrance. To accomplish the bees, draw atramentous stripes on the chicken canteen caps with the abiding marker. You can additionally acrylic on the stripes with atramentous paint.

Cut out 2 baby wings from the white cardstock for anniversary bee and cement them to the top of the canteen caps. Cement on 2 baby googly eyes for anniversary bee.

You can cement your bees to the bore or leave them apart to comedy with!

Reprinted with permission from Fun and Accessible Crafting with Recycled Materials by Kimberly McLeod, Page Street Publishing Co. 2019. Photo credit: Kimberly McLeod

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Owl Crafts For Toddlers – owl crafts for toddlers
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