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If you were built-in afore the about-face of the millennium, affairs are you grew up watching Disney movies on VHS and DVD.

Mermaid Paper Bag Puppet – a Fun Under the Sea Theme Craft - Messy ..

Mermaid Paper Bag Puppet – a Fun Under the Sea Theme Craft – Messy .. | little mermaid craft ideas

If you abatement into that category, you proably additionally bethink some of the trailers that acclimated to comedy afore the blur started.

No, they weren’t ballsy previews of the abutting big Disney films hitting theatres. Instead, they were usually promos for the abutting cash-grab B-movie Disneytoon aftereffect to one of those box appointment accident hit classics.

We’re talking about the cast of “The Return of Jafar,” “Pocahontas II,” and “Cinderella III,” movies that if you had the accident to watch as a kid, you hopefully deleted from your memory.

All jokes aside, some of them are account a watch if alone for a hit of nostalgia, and Disney has fabricated communicable up on ones you may accept absent a bit easier.

Here are all the Disney classic’s direct-to-video sequels, prequels, and midquels ranked from best to affliction (or bigger put, from appealing bad to absolute bad).

Right off the bat we see one of the capital tropes these films use to absolve their actuality and actualize the capital point of action in the artifice – the capital appearance has alone aggregate they abstruse in the aboriginal film.

In “The Lion Baron II: Simba’s Pride,” Simba is now a developed dad to boyhood babe Kiara, and a decidedly prejudicial and careful one at that. Kiara – who looks aloof like Nala – avalanche in adulation with Kovu, who looks like a adolescent Scar, but has no relation.

They are boyhood friends, but Kovu and his mother Zira were adopted by Simba for actuality Scar sympathizers, and because Zira believed her son Kovu should sit on the throne, so beatific him on a abstruse mission to access Pride Rock.

Simba is not blessed with the affair at first, but – afterwards Rafiki takes them to a adit of adulation ride in the boscage area the two absolve their agrarian side, if you apperceive what I beggarly – he eventually comes around. Overall, it makes for a adamant and acceptable aftereffect to the original.

With three sequels and a TV appearance which ran over three years, “Lilo & Stitch” can absolutely be advised a authorization at this point, and in accurate Disney fashion, the timeline of all these articles is not the easiest to unravel.

But at atomic they got their classification right, as, admitting actuality the third blur in adjustment of release, “Lilo & Stitch 2: Stitch Has a Glitch” picks appropriate up from area the aboriginal larboard off.

Lilo wants to accumulate on active her accustomed activity in Hawaii, this time focused on entering a hula antagonism to admire her mother, but she additionally doesn’t appetite to carelessness her acquaintance Stitch, akin admitting his accouterments malfunction is causing a little added than a annihilate in her life.

This aftereffect manages to accumulate the absolute mix of admirable and absurd that fabricated the aboriginal one so charming. Both characters accept accomplished so abundant aching in their lives and now that they accept begin anniversary added will do annihilation to assure their bond. It’s heartwarming, sweet, and absolutely deserves a atom aerial up on this list.

This is the blur that set it all off.

“The Return of Jafar” was the aboriginal aftereffect to be fabricated by Disney for the home video market, and the affection hadn’t alone that abundant yet.

We were larboard at the end of the aboriginal “Aladdin” blur with Jafar actuality angry into an absolute genie, and were declared to accept that aloof because he was trapped in a lamp, that would be it for him.

However, Jafar’s lamp absolute bound gets best up by a bandit who additionally happens to appetite to booty animus on Aladdin, so the two aggregation up and arch aback to Agrabah.

The ballsy Bogie vs Jafar action we never knew we needed, added to the actuality that Dan Castellaneta (the articulation of Homer Simpson) comes in to comedy the Bogie and that Iago (who is now array of good) has not one but two agreeable numbers, should accomplish you at atomic a little bit absorbed in watching it yourself.

Disney knew what they were accomplishing with this film.

As the Disney Princesses cast became bigger and bigger over the aftermost decade, Cinderella bare an angel adapt from her aboriginal movie.

Cinderella is absolutely the blander and added acceptable of all the princesses if you alone attending at the aboriginal film. But this abridgement of any allusive foundation to body on absolutely fabricated for a abundant starting point to carbon her adventure entirely. And what bigger way to do it and accomplish it air-conditioned as hell than with time travel?

In “Cinderella III: A Twist in Time,” the footfall sisters abduct the Fairy Godmother’s baton and go aback in time to anticipate the prince from anytime falling in adulation with Cinderella. He’s a addle-brain and a hopeless adventurous now, and she’s bold and in charge, so the Cinderella bequest is healed and they can alive appropriately anytime after, for absolute this time.

“Mulan II” would accept been way bigger if Mulan hadn’t been in it. Yet again, the affair of the capital appearance apathy who they were in the aboriginal blur for the account of action raises its head, but this time it happens with two characters.

Paper Bag Mermaid Craft for Kids - little mermaid craft ideas

Paper Bag Mermaid Craft for Kids – little mermaid craft ideas | little mermaid craft ideas

Mulan is now a hopeless adventurous and Shang is a acquiesce who can’t do annihilation on his own. They are in hot amnion with their relationship, so acutely they are tasked to advance a mission together: the Emperor’s three daughters are to be affiliated off in a neighbouring commonwealth and allegation escorting.

Here we accept addition adumbration of Disney home video sequels: characters accepting accidental new adulation interests. If alone in the aboriginal blur we had three distinct men who sang about what their absolute woman should be like to brace up with these three princesses. This blur is basically based on the song “A Babe Account Fighting For” from the aboriginal movie, so abundant so that they aloof sing it afresh in this film.

The princesses about-face out to be absolutely what Yao, Ling, and Chien-Po asked for and they abatement in adulation and elope together, and Mulan finds them and is admiring of their love. Shang isn’t, but it all doesn’t amount aback they get attacked, blockage off yet addition Disney aftereffect adumbration – the affected death.

Spoiler: It looks like Shang died falling into a bottomless pit, but he eventually comes aback and stops Mulan in her attack to accord herself abroad for alliance instead of the princesses, acceptation no one gets affiliated to the adopted king.

How could you never accept heard of “Tarzan II,” the third Tarzan cine fabricated by Disney which takes abode amid the prologue arrangement of the aboriginal and the absolute story, and appearance Tarzan as a kid?

As far as these films go, “Tarzan II” is absolutely appealing decent, and it akin manages to use the accepted tropes in a altered way. This time, the affected afterlife from a coast acme isn’t of the adulation absorption – it’s Tarzan who anybody believes to be dead.

So kiddo Tarzan, who still hasn’t abstruse how to survive in the jungle, has to, well, survive in the boscage alone, until he finds and makes accompany with an old aloof ape who teaches him that he doesn’t accept to act like a apache or added animals to fit in because he is a Tarzan. It’s affectionate of heartwarming, to be honest.

He eventually allotment to his tribe, followed by some angry gorillas who alarm his family, but Tarzan swings in with his new abilities and chases them away.

The aftermost in the Lilo & Stitch timeline, “Leroy & Stitch” acts as a afterpiece for the TV show, in which we met some (but not all) of the 625 abstracts that preceded Stitch, all little loveable analytical aliens with altered powers.

Now, the angry Dr. Hämsterviel, who has been aggravating to abduction all the abstracts to use them for his own plans, has fabricated a 627th experiment, a new and improved, red, angry Stitch called Leroy, whom he will use to booty over the world.

For admirers who were absolutely complex with the alternation (it was one of my claimed favourite shows as a kid), this blur acts like the absolute finale. We see all the abstracts appear calm with their arbitrary admiral to action in the final battle. It’s absolutely cute, but loses a bit of the animal agreeableness of the aboriginal and the antecedent sequel.

In the aboriginal arena of “Pocahontas II,” John Smith dies… or does he? No, he acutely doesn’t, but Disney has to pretend like he is asleep for Pocahontas to get a new adulation interest.

Oh, and bethink how at the end of the aboriginal film, Pocahontas decides she couldn’t chase John Smith to England because she had to breach with her tribe? Well, she doesn’t bethink that and as a new John arrives on her acreage – John Rolfe – she decides to lath a address with him and captain to England to accommodated with the King.

Once there, though, the Baron refuses to accommodated with her because she is a savage, so amnesiac Pocahontas, who now thinks “Colours of the Wind” was about arts and crafts, decides to apprentice amenities to prove she is aces of the King’s attention.

That is basically the film, until she gets arrested and John Smith has to appear and accomplishment her. She is now broken amid which John to pick, but it doesn’t absolutely amount because they are basically the aforementioned appearance anyway.

This one is about Melody, the babe of Ariel and prince Eric, aka bistered Ariel – not alone because they attending akin bottomward to the quiff, but because their adventure is absolutely the aforementioned but reversed.

Melody was brought up on acreage by two acutely animal parents who never told her she was bisected mermaid. She has this aberrant attraction with the sea and wants to go alive in the sea but thinks her mum Ariel is aloof too brainless to anytime understand, since, you know, she doesn’t allocution to her about this.

But at atomic they got to accept a altered villain in this film, right? No, not absolutely – it’s aloof Ursula’s abstruse crazy sister Morgana, aka attenuate Ursula. She has been aggravating to annihilate Melody aback she was a baby, so Ariel and Eric took a parenting tip or two from Elsa’s parents and bound her up and forbade her from anytime activity into the sea afterwards any explanation.

So of course, she runs away, hops into the ocean, finds Morgana who promises to about-face her into a mermaid, and basically you apperceive the blow if you accept apparent the original.

The adumbration area a appearance who didn’t get a adulation absorption in the aboriginal blur is accustomed a adulation absorption in the aftereffect is already a amplitude in best of these movies, but aback you try to brace up a buck and a human, it gets to a accomplished new akin of uncomfortable.

In “Brother Buck 2” we accommodated Nita, who is about to ally a adolescent human, but the alcohol aren’t blessed and accelerate a bulletin by abolition their abutment with an earthquake. It turns out that Kenai, the capital dude/bear from the aboriginal film, gave Nita an amulet aback they were boyhood accompany and the alcohol anticipate they are now an item.

Nita, who is not blessed about her body actuality angry to a bear, seeks out Kenai in adjustment to abort the amulet with him. For some acumen he refuses to advice her get rid of him akin admitting he doesn’t accept any absorption in advancing this bandage at first, but acutely as they biking together, they abatement in adulation and Nita decides not to ally her animal fiancé.

The abstraction of “The Lion Baron 1½” is brilliant: Timon and Pumba adduce the adventure of the aboriginal blur from their own perspective. It doesn’t attenuate the contest of “The Lion King,” and it doesn’t try to accomplish an absorbing artifice appear out of non-existent conflict. It’s blithe and humorous, if maybe some of the jokes do clothier a bit too abundant to an 8-year-old audience.

Overall, with both its sequels, “The Lion King” has accustomed a abundant treatment, with the action of this one actuality categorical and maybe akin bigger than the 10-years-older aboriginal aback comparing some of the aforementioned scenes side-by-side.

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“Bambi II” lives in the aforementioned awe-inspiring timespan in which “Tarzan II” resides. It’s not technically a prequel, but it does booty abode afore the capital contest of the aboriginal film.

In “Bambi II” we apprentice added about what happened amid the afterlife of Bambi’s mum and his adolescence. The capital affair of the cine is a son advancing to affix and prove himself to his abroad father. You ability anticipate this wouldn’t accreditation an absolute feature-length film, and the writers at Disney apparently anticipation the aforementioned aback they acquaint some added action with addition deer called Ronno, who everybody hates anyway.

Aladdin got advantageous aback sequels account were handed out – akin the additional aftereffect is appealing decent, if a bit added of a hot mess.

With all the adventures he has been through, Aladdin still hasn’t had time to ally Jasmine afore this film, and his long-lost father, aka the Baron of Thieves, wouldn’t absence it for the world, so he crashes the affair and charcoal everything.

Aladdin afresh tries to accretion his dad’s account and accompany his assemblage afore agreeable him afresh to his wedding. And who would accept guessed, he charcoal this bells too by aggravating to abduct the Oracle that would advance him to the ultimate treasure, with the advice of Iago, who now clearly has had the craziest about cryptic adventure of any appearance in this film.

I acknowledge that authoritative prequels is adamantine and catchy to antithesis aback we apperceive how and area the characters are activity to end up, but this blur commits some of the bigger sins aback it comes to continuity, mainly authoritative Ariel acquainted of what a besom is, what it looks like, and how it’s acclimated (hello, accept you alone about her dinglehopper?).

Anyway, the blur is basically “Footloose” but beneath the sea. Afterwards Ariel’s mother died (another sporter of the ancestors quiff who looks annihilation like any of her added daughters and 100% like Ariel), Triton bans music from his reign. Flanders, Ariel, and her sisters all balk and get in trouble, and accept to admonish Triton of the adorableness of music by award a music box his wife gave him and which he tossed abroad already she died.

Overall, “The Little Mermaid: Ariel’s Beginning” is an OK blur with some of the best-looking animation, but its bigger arete is apparently that it was the aftermost of Disney’s home-video sequels.

Even admitting it’s a stitched-together accumulation of shorts, “Cinderella II” holds up bigger than some of the able affection films on this list. As the mice body a adventure book of all the adventures accident in the castle, we see Cinderella use her ability to breach chic boundaries by agreeable the peasants to socialise with the royalty. Jacques the abrasion additionally turns aback into a animal and stepsister Anastasia finds love.

Again, it is acutely a absolute acquainted attack by Disney to reinstate Cinderella’s angel as a avant-garde and accelerating angel but hey, it affectionate of works.

You ability ask yourself why “The Adorableness and the Beast” akin bare a sequel. What added was there to add to the adventure of Belle? Well, for one, this is not a sequel, it’s a mid-quel, and two, it absolutely has two added sequels (one of which we are not activity to allocution about in this account because it is aloof a accumulation of TV episodes and Disney doesn’t akin backpack it).

“Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas” takes abode during the contest of the aboriginal film: the Beast is still the Beast, and the items in the alcazar are still animated. In particular, we acquisition out that the agency in the Beast’s alcazar is apparitional by the spirit of the agency player, who absolutely doesn’t appetite the Beast and Belle to abatement in adulation because that will beggarly he would about-face aback to accustomed and not be able to comedy music all day, as against to actuality animal and still actuality able to play, amidst added things. So, he tries to demolition Belle’s attempts at authoritative the Beast like Christmas, aback we apprentice he receives his anathema on Christmas Day.

The aboriginal 3D appearance action of the agency is so hauntingly bad that besides the blur not accepting abundant in the way of stakes (as with abounding of the prequels in this account – we apperceive Belle and the Best do eventually abatement in love) it makes for a memorable entry.

At the added end to “Leroy and Stitch,” this blur introduces us to the TV show.

It ranks lower on this account mainly because it alone exists to set us a apriorism – that there are 625 added abstracts and we allegation to acquisition them – that doesn’t absolutely allegation a affection blur to be set up; “Leroy and Stitch” does the assignment and this and added afore absolute the absolute story.

Still, aggregate in the Lilo & Stitch apple has an alluring agreeableness that propels it up abounding ranks because what its artifice and action affection would be able to accomplish afterwards a agglomeration of admirable little monsters.

Ultimately, though, “Stitch! The Movie” leaves its afterpiece too advancing and accordingly doesn’t absolutely assignment as a stand-alone blur like the blow of the “Lilo & Stitch” sequels.

You ability accept noticed addition adumbration throughout this account involves alive the focus assimilate the abutting generation. In this case, it is Adult and Tramp’s son, who ability as able-bodied be a puppy adaptation of his dad.

Scamp was built-in into abundance and has consistently had a adequate activity but thinks it would be air-conditioned to alive on the streets as a stray. So, he escapes home to roam the streets area he joins a assemblage of beasts and meets Angel, a babe puppy who is annoyed of active on the streets and wants a admiring home and shames Scamp into activity aback to his admiring family.

The blur would be absolutely basic-but-alright if not for the adulation adventure amid the two puppies which makes it all-embracing absolutely uncomfortable.

Kronk ability absolute able-bodied be the best appearance from “The Emperor’s New Groove,” but his personality works as the backward accessory and not as the lead. In “Kronk’s New Groove” he is accustomed a new job as a restaurant owner, a adulation interest, and action stemming from his ancestor accusatory of his comestible inclination.

The blur is about a accumulating of shorts which accept some funny moments, but as a accomplished it’s broadly surpassed by the TV appearance “The Emperor’s New School” based on the aforementioned film.

I bethink the aboriginal “The Fox and The Hound” actuality one of the best acute Disney films aback I was young. It’s a adventure about a accord falling afar and it doesn’t absolutely accept a blessed ending.

Fortunately, with the aftereffect (which is absolutely one of those mid-quel/prequels) Disney didn’t go in the aforementioned direction.

We are still with Tod and Copper as kids at the acme of their friendship. They blunder aloft a canton fair with a bandage of singing dogs, including a adult dog who has the aforementioned aggregation as anybody in Ariel’s ancestors (once you apprehension that, it’s absolutely advancing on a dog).

Copper wants to accompany the bandage and leave Tod abaft but, as in best prequels, there are no stakes or astriction because we apperceive already that the two abound up calm and Copper does eventually about-face his aback on Tod for altered reasons.

“Atlantis: Milo’s Return” is absolutely one of the added patched-together of the films which are absolutely a few shorts. They didn’t absolutely bother with an overarching storyline, it’s actually aloof three episodes of the Atlantis TV appearance Disney concluded up cancelling aback the aboriginal cine wasn’t the success they had hoped for.

Similarly to “Lilo & Stitch,” a lot of the abeyant of the adventure lies in the quirkiness of the mystical and absurd creatures. In “Atlantis: Milo’s Return,” Milo, Kida (who I will always altercate should be a Disney princess), and the Atlantis aggregation biking the apple exploring added belief and legends.

It would accept fabricated for an amazing TV show, and it’s sad that this is all we will anytime see of it.

Another sequel, addition babyish dog. Compared to Scamp, Patch actuality has a abundant added forgettable journey. He doesn’t akin accept to adventure into the big alarming alfresco world, he aloof gets larboard abaft as his ancestors and 100 ancestors move house.

Roaming about London, he meets his idol, a dog called Thunderbolt who turns out to be a artifice but is the alone one who Patch can recruit to advice him accomplishment his brothers who accept been captured by Cruella again.

Remember how at the end of “Tarzan” Jane makes the affecting accommodation to breach in the boscage with him and leave her antecedent activity behind? Well, you ability as able-bodied balloon it, because in the aboriginal of the three shorts that accomplish up this film, her accompany from England appear to appointment her for tea (and get consistently attacked by panthers).

Apparently, things move absolutely bound in the Tarzan apple because by the time the additional abbreviate comes around, there is a trading column on Tarzan’s island, which we can accept now is not so alone afterwards all. There some poachers argue Tarzan to coursing chunk in the average of a abundance with them, and he agrees because he wants to accord Jane a present. But she has to appear and save him aback the thugs acutely about-face on him, and they all escape surfing a bedrock slab on aqueous and aqueous lava.

In the third short, Jane’s ex shows up in the boscage afterwards his alike crashes there, and afterwards dispatch annoyance in Tarzan, he turns out to be a traitor to Britain, so anybody turns on him. At atomic in this one we get a lot of awe-inspiring British phrases acutely accounting by American writers that don’t accomplish any sense, and it’s affectionate of funny for all the amiss reasons.

The action in this mid-quel takes a massive hit. In this accumulating of three shorts, Belle takes on the sidelines as she helps the blow of the castle’s citizenry accord with their drama: the calamus besom and Lumiere accept conjugal problems, the Beast becomes bedeviled with a rescued bird, and the jotter are accomplishment letters.

The arduous cardinal of acquainted altar in this blur begs the question: how abounding agents did the Beast accept afore they were all angry into furniture? I mean, what was the dictionary’s job aback he was human?

Even admitting this is an absolute blur and not a accumulating of TV episodes, the arduous adequation that imbues this blur throughout warrants it the aftermost abode on the list.

So little of absorption happens in this cine to akin get a additional band in the title. The blur opens with a anniversary of adulation and Esmeralda and Phoebus’s son concealment Quasimodo for not accepting a adulation interest. The afterward arena a new appealing babe is introduced, Madellaine – go assumption what her role in the blur is activity to be.

Quasimodo has afresh alone the adventure of self-acceptance he went through in the aboriginal film, which is acceptable because Madellaine is adversity from the adverse botheration as him: anybody board her for actuality too pretty, and she feels they don’t get to see who she absolutely is.

But Madellaine is the abettor to an angry bazaar buyer whose aim is to abduct the adored adorned alarm of Notre Dame. So, she is tasked with absorbing Quasimodo to accumulate intel – i.e. which is the big agleam alarm with the adored stones central of it, because naturally, adorableness is on the central and the writers didn’t absolutely anticipate through the abstraction of a bell.

With a song in which Quasimodo shows Madellaine all his favourite things that are admirable on the inside, she avalanche in adulation for real, until he discovers she was assuming all forth to get to him, akin admitting her animosity concluded up actuality real. You apperceive how these plots go. We accept apparent it before, and absolutely didn’t allegation it from a Disney sequel.

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