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Former Mantachie mathematics abecedary Dr. Timothy Mounce is pretty sure he believes in Bigfoot. And aliens. And ghosts. Gigantopithecus for certain.

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He’s additionally pretty sure everybody abroad should maybe accept in those things, too. At atomic a little. 

“I don’t anticipate a being should be too all-in on everything. But I don’t anticipate a being should be too adamantine the added way, either,” Mounce said via telephone. He demography a airing about his adjacency in North Carolina, aloof a abbreviate drive abroad from the affection of Bigfoot country, his comments backed by the din of the outdoors, a choir of birdsong, the crisis of his anxiety on the pavement.

A Ph.D. and a academy professor, Mounce believes concern is important. The apple is all-inclusive and complicated. There’s a lot the bodies active on it accept yet to apprentice about.

“I anticipate it’s advantageous and accurate to be skeptical, but to access [anything] with an accessible mind,” he said.

Mounce afresh appear his additional children’s book, “Let’s Play Tennis: A Baby Bigfoot & Baby Yeti Book,” beneath his semi-pseudonym, Dr. Mounce. The book tells the adventure of a accumulation of accompany – Baby Bigfoot, Baby Yeti, Baby Sasquatch and Baby Giganto – who are beatific to the abundance to aces up avocados and sun-dried tomatoes. But it doesn’t booty the aggregation continued to get absent by an ad-lib bold of tennis, and afresh for that ad-lib bold of tennis to be disconnected by abashing over the sport’s abstract (at atomic to outsiders) scoring system.

Written, illustrated and appear by Mounce over a about nine-month period, the book is actual abundant a absorption of its creator.

“Honestly, it’s quintessentially me. It’s got a little bit of all my altered personalities in there,” he said. That includes a adulation for tennis and southern culture, amusement and kids. And cryptids. Don’t balloon the cryptids.

For those alien with the term, a cryptid is a animal claimed but never accepted to exist. Anticipate the Loch Ness Monster or Abominable Snowman, El Chupacabra or, of course, Bigfoot.

Born into a awesome ancestors on Halloween night, Mounce has had an absorption in the spooky, the paranormal, the exoteric and the crytozoological aback he was a kid. He grew up in Pontotoc County on a diet of Stephen King and “Unsolved Mysteries,” arguably the scariest appearance anytime created – at atomic to those of a assertive age during its run.

Despite his family’s predilection for paranormal, they were additionally acerb religious. Mounce acquainted these two ancestry complimented anniversary added well. The Bible is abounding of what could, to those not of the faith, be advised inexpiable. Paranormal. Alike angels could be advised extraterrestrial.

“I consistently acquainted like my religious accomplishments accurate my absorption in all of this stuff,” he said. “It doesn’t for everybody, but for me it does. With the paranormal, with Bigfoot, with aliens, with UFOs.”

As he got older, Mounce fell in adulation with the late-night radio affairs “Coast to Coast A.M.” Founded in 1988 and originally hosted by Art Bell, the appearance has accustomed articulation to hundreds of guests who affirmation to accept had any cardinal of inexpiable encounters. Before every apparition hunter, Mothman attestant and time adventurer had his or her own blog or Facebook page, the appearance was the primary way bodies with ties to the ambiguous aggregate their belief with a added audience.

Mounce ate it up.

“’Coast to Coast A.M.’ was a huge access on me,” Mounce said. “I admired it. I admired the architecture of it. I admired alert to Art Bell. I admired alert to bodies alarm in.”

The show, which still runs, has been such an access on Mounce, the name of his micropublishing company, Coma Toast Tacos, is an anagram of its name.

In the aboriginal 90s, Mounce heard a adventure from a aide about a abutting appointment with Possumhead Man. The guy claimed the animal about dead him and his grandfathering and brother during a fishing trip.

Even Mounce, who was fatigued to such bounded legends, was skeptical.

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“I was actual taken aback,” he said. “I was, like, ‘What did you say?’”

Possumhead Man. Lives in the dupe abreast Dumas, Mississippi. He’s got the arch of a possum and the anatomy of a man. It articulate preposterous, alike for Mounce.

“I didn’t apperceive absolutely how to booty that,” he said. “If somebody tells you a awe-inspiring or aberrant story, on the face of it, you can’t booty it actively too much. It’s aloof one person.”

But abounding years later, Mounce was abandoning the adventure of Possumhead Man to a acquaintance aback one of that friend’s coworkers said he knew of the fable and claimed to accept himself survived an appointment with the creature. Years after again, during his assignment teaching at Mantachie Attendance Center from 2002 to 2010, Mounce brought up the accountable to adolescent abecedary Mark Neaves, who said he was accustomed with bounded legend. Neaves, by the way, now co-hosts a podcast about cryptids with Mounce. The accountable of their aboriginal episode: Possumhead Man.

“That aloof affectionate of blew my mind,” Mounce said. “It was apparently spanning two decades there of abounding altered bodies who all knew about this crypozoological legend. That aloof absolutely blew my mind.”

Since then, Mounce’s absorption in bounded legends, the cryptozoological, the unexplainable, has alone grown. Aback he chose to try autograph his aboriginal children’s book (a accommodation he credits to his two adolescent accouchement and the dozens aloft dozens of children’s books he’d apprehend to them), he artlessly acclimated his absorption in Bigfoot and his ilk as inspiration.

The easiest way to write, he said, is to address about accustomed things. Hence, cryptid children. The aftereffect was “Squatching by Dupe on a Snowy Evening,” a semi-parody of the acclaimed Robert Frost poem.

“That’s affectionate of how my adulation of the abstruse and the abstruse melded with children’s books,” Mounce said. “My academician has been inundated with children’s books.”

The advance of that book, and now its followup, took Mounce added into the apple of Bigfoot fanaticism, to conferences and festivals committed alone or partially to the creature. Some time back, Mounce abounding a Bigfoot appointment in North Carolina. While there, he took time to get to apperceive some of the attendees and allege with a scattering of locals about their Bigfoot encounters.

“I went out that aboriginal night to some bounded places,” he said. “Knocked a few back. Talked a little. I heard a lot of abundant stories.”

A few years back, Mounce went on what he declared as a “personal Bigfoot journey,” endlessly by Bigfoot hot spots, landmarks and museums on his way amid North Carolina and Mississippi. In January, he catholic into North Carolina’s Uwharrie Civic Forest, advised a axis of Bigfoot activity, to do a little hunting of his own.

“It’s a actual remote, abandoned civic park,” he said. “It’s huge. Plenty of allowance for annihilation out there.”

Although he didn’t accept an acquaintance on that trip, he’s attractive advanced to aggravating again.

Since penning his aboriginal book, Mounce has abstruse that, absolute or not, a animal like Bigfoot can serve a purpose. The coursing apprentice added about the creature, or alike if it exists at all, cuts beyond all demographics: Faith, gender, hometown, race, bread-and-butter status. None of that being affairs amid the associates of the Bigfoot community. They all allotment a accepted fascination, and that brings them together.

“It’s a assorted accumulation of people, but they’re actual admiring of anniversary other,” he said of the Bigfoot hunting community.

To Mounce, the associates of the Bigfoot association abide an arcadian world. One of accord and abounding of mystery, in which there are questions to which anybody is gluttonous answers together.

“How bad would it be if there was annihilation that was awe-inspiring and we did accept aggregate that there was?” Mounce asked.

He didn’t delay for an answer.

“I anticipate that would be appealing boring.”

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