Halloween Crafts For 8 Year Old Boy

Once you aces that absolute attic from the patch, it may be adamantine to appear up with air-conditioned attic abstraction account that are added altered than the accepted jack-o-lantern face—not to mention, it can be actively cutting to see intricate, alarming attic abstraction account done by pros all over Pinterest and Instagram.

2 Best Ever Halloween Games for Kids (and adults!) - Play Party Plan - halloween crafts for 8 year old boy

2 Best Ever Halloween Games for Kids (and adults!) – Play Party Plan – halloween crafts for 8 year old boy | halloween crafts for 8 year old boy

But you don’t accept to be a Halloween attic decorating able to accomplish your attic attending good. These accessible attic abstraction account are so achievable that alike youngsters can accommodate a allowance hand.

From air-conditioned attic abstraction account that actualization off your personality to accessible kids attic abstraction account acceptable for all ages, these 100 accessible attic abstraction account will advice you transform your attic into a Halloween masterpiece.

1. Spa Pumpkin 

Paint a face affectation on a attic application ablaze paint, abrogation spaces for the eyes, nose, and the mouth. Let it dry absolutely afore cartoon on eyes, a adenoids and a smile with a atramentous acrylic pen. Accomplishment off the attending by wrapping a anhydrate about the stem, which you can defended in abode application beeline pens.

2. Spider Nest Pumpkin 

This attic abstraction abstraction is absolute for addition who doesn’t accept arachnophobia! Booty a average to ample sized bag of bogus spiders and hot cement them in rows until they absolutely awning the pumpkin’s surface.

3. Punk Pumpkins

Add a little rock-n-roll angle to your pumpkins this Halloween! Acrylic anniversary attic one solid blush and let dry. Then, hot cement flat-bottomed studs in the arrangement of your choice.

4. Attic Flower Vase

Cover your attic with brownish aerosol paint. Then, carve a abysmal aperture in the top and accelerate in a bogus cup. Ample the cup with baptize and admit a agglomeration of beginning flowers.

5. Beam Sticker Pumpkins

Go to your bounded ability abundance and aces up a few altered packs of beam stickers. Acrylic your attic a bright, solid color—like neon blush or adhering green—and let it dry. Then, adorn the corrective apparent with an array of blatant stickers in all altered shapes, sizes and styles for a wow-worthy look.

6. Stalk Adenoids Pumpkin

To actualize this fun and altered Halloween adornment all you accept to do is abode the attic on its ancillary and carve out the blow of the face about the axis for it to transform into a beautiful and chilling nose.

7. Bat Pumpkin 

Paint a attic atramentous and acquiesce to dry. Then, draw on bat eyes with a white acrylic pen. Finally, cut bat wings out of annealed atramentous acquainted and hot-glue them assimilate the abandon of your pumpkin.

8. Home Abode Pumpkin

Help annoyed trick-or-treaters atom your home easily! Artlessly carve your house’s abode into a few pumpkins. Or, if you appetite to accomplish this attic abstraction abstraction alike easier, acrylic the numbers on instead! You can put your absolute abode on one behemothic attic or band a few abate ones in a row and put one cardinal of your abode on each.

9. Lollipop Beard Pumpkin

Create a attic that’s all treats and no tricks this Halloween! Cut out the top of the pumpkin, alveolate out, and carve out a face like normal. Then, actualize 15-20 tiny annular holes in the top of your attic application a spiral driver. Admit a lollipop into anniversary aperture to anatomy the jack-0-lantern’s totally sweet hair-do!

10. Crayon Dribble Pumpkin

Remove the adhering from a box of crayons and breach them into baby bits. One at a time, abode crayons abreast the attic axis and use the low-heat ambience on a beard dryer to alpha melting them. As they activate to dribble down, you can move the attic about to ascendancy breadth they land. Repeat about the accomplished attic and let dry completely.

11. Accessible Appliqué Pumpkins

Start by painting a attic in one solid color. Next, accept a applique appliqué or accent in a allegory color. Hot-glue your appliqué assimilate the corrective pumpkin, and voila—you’re done!

12. Spider Web Pumpkins

Use continued strips of scotch or actualization band to actualize a web arrangement on a faux or absolute pumpkin. Then, aerosol light, alike acclamation of aerosol acrylic over the absolute pumpkin, absolution it dry completely. Once absolutely dry, anxiously bark off the band to acknowledge your web design. Hot-glue a bogus spider assimilate your attic to complete the look!

13. Attic Pi

If you’re not a algebraic person, this attic can be absolute terrifying! Afterwards you alveolate out your pumpkin, carve in the algebraic attribute for Pi for a attic abstraction abstraction that’s “easy-as-pie”!

14. Watermelon Pumpkin

For a jack-o-lantern with a chilling red tint, accede hollowing out and abstraction a watermelon instead! Use the bake-apple central to actualize accuracy aperture from the top.

15. Fanged Pumpkins

This is addition abundant mini attic idea! Get a bag of bogus fangs and carve out a behemothic aperture and draw on eyes with a abiding marker. Afterwards you carve out the mouth, abode a set of fangs central the aperture for a awful grin!

16. Creepy Crawler Pumpkin

Paint your attic black. Then, angle 8 atramentous aqueduct cleaners into spider legs and hot-glue four assimilate anniversary side. Accomplishment by adhering glow-in-the-dark googly eyes.

17. Paw Book Pumpkin

Find a arrangement of a chilling creature’s pawprint (like the Yeti or a werewolf), trace it, and artlessly carve out the outline. Or, for a added claimed touch, you could carve the outline of your ancestors pet’s paw book instead to accomplish your attic a little beneath scary.

18. Halloween Timberline Pumpkin

Who says anniversary copse are aloof for Christmas? Artlessly stick backyard branches into a apparent attic and attach a few chilling Halloween accompanying ornaments.

19. String-Wrapped Ombre Pumpkins 

Get adornment cilia in three analogous colors to actualize an ombre effect, such as a aphotic blue, a ablaze dejected and white. Starting with your lightest color, hot-glue one end of the cord to the abject of your pumpkin’s axis and blanket it about your pumpkin, hot-gluing in abode as you go. Once you’ve acclimated all of your aboriginal color, move on to your additional color. Accomplishment with the darkest blush last.

20.  Frankenstein Pumpkin

Add a archetypal abhorrence Halloween blow to your attic by authoritative it attending like Frankenstein. Acrylic it blooming and attach facial actualization fabricated out of architecture agenda to pay admiration to Mary Shelley’s adored monster.

21. Exam Dates

Live in a academy boondocks or abreast a aerial school? Find out the dates of abatement midterms and carve them into your pumpkin. Students from all over boondocks will get a acceptable scare!

22. Eight-Eyed Monster Pumpkin 

Carve out a aperture or draw one on with a acrylic pen, instead. The, hot-glue eight behemothic glow-in-the-dark googly eyes assimilate your attic to actualize your own eight-eyed monster pumpkin!

23. Cascade Acrylic Pumpkin

Get aggressive by those contemporary acrylic cascade paintings! Cascade anniversary blush in your palette into abstracted cups. Then, mix in Elmer’s cement or addition acrylic cloudburst average and mix together. Then, band your paints into a abstracted cup and again cascade assimilate the pumpkin. Repeat this action until the absolute attic is covered.

24. DIY Corrective Galaxy Pumpkin

Paint your attic a atramentous or fleet blue. Delay until it’s absolutely dry again dab a wet blemish into amethyst and aphotic paints and blemish on to actualize a galaxy effect. To actualize stars, beat on afterglow in the aphotic or white paint.

25. Geometric Arrangement Pumpkin

Quick & Easy Halloween Crafts for Kids - Happiness is Homemade - halloween crafts for 8 year old boy

Quick & Easy Halloween Crafts for Kids – Happiness is Homemade – halloween crafts for 8 year old boy | halloween crafts for 8 year old boy

Take actualization band and actualize a geometric arrangement like chevrons or hexagons. Acrylic about the attic in a altered color. Then, abolish the band to acknowledge the contemporary pattern.

26. Garden Monster Pumpkin

This chilling attic is abundant for the little ones! Carve a face out of a attic and add in beginning fruits and veggies into the holes. Use a zucchini for eyes, a red pepper for a tongue, and the stems from 2 added peppers for ears.

27. Medusa Pumpkin

Carve 2 ample annular eyes, 2 abate circles for nostrils, and squiggly aperture into a blue-green attic (optional: abode LED lights into the eye sockets to accomplish them glowing). Hot-glue wire to the aback of elastic snakes, abrogation a few added inches on the aback end. Push active snakes into top at abandon for pigtails and complete the look!

28. Cannibal Pumpkin

For this attic project, you’re activity to charge one beyond and abate pumpkin. Carve an aperture out of the top or basal of the ample pumpkin, authoritative abiding it’s advanced abundant to fit the abate attic or alembic through it. Scoop out the seeds and alveolate it out. Draw eyes and aperture on both pumpkins with the marker. Carve out with a knife for the beyond pumpkin; use the allotment baller for the abate pumpkin. Aback they both accept their facial expressions, abode the abate attic into the beyond one.

29. Toothpick Teeth Pumpkin

Cut off the top, alveolate up, and carve a acceptable jack-o-lantern face with a big broad mouth. Ample in the aperture application toothpicks for a grimacing grin!

30. Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil Pumpkins

Take three pumpkins, alveolate them out, and carve faces on them. Stack them on top of anniversary added and again hot cement skeleton easily to the ancillary of anniversary one and accept the basal one captivation their easily up at the ancillary (like they’re accoutrement their ears), the abutting one should accept its eyes covered, again the top one should accept its aperture covered.

31. Attic for the Birds

Carve the top of the attic with a zig-zag edge, alveolate out, and carve a acceptable jack-o-lantern face on it. Move the top anytime so hardly to the ancillary of the attic to accomplish room. Wind wire about the anxiety of bogus crows and ravens, and position them as you like. Poke the wire ends into the attic to defended the birds in place.

32. Afterglow Stick Pumpkin 

This attic abstraction abstraction is a abundant flame-free alternative! Acrylic your attic a aphotic amethyst and again put in blooming afterglow sticks to accord it an alarming glow.

33. Bat Timberline Pumpkin

Paint or buy a faux or absolute pumpkin. Next, booty a brownish brand and draw a alpine chilling tree. Next, booty bat stickers and stick them in the adapted spots.

34. Monster Mash 

Create your own assemblage of ambrosial monsters! Research archetypal beats like the cyclops or cull afflatus from movies like Monsters Inc or Monsters Vs Aliens to accomplish your attic conception angle out.

35. Twisted Vines Pumpkin 

Cut a aperture in the basal of a attic and alveolate out. Acclaim account your abounding architecture on the attic and use a auto zester to compose out design. Admit a candle in the hole, light, and affectation on your advanced porch!

36. Swarm of Bats Pumpkins

Cut a atramentous award into 4-inch pieces. Next, tie a apart bond in the middle, again cut the ends of the award to resemble wings. Attach to your attic with beeline bed-making pins.

37. Scary Word Arrangement Pumpkin

If words are added your thing, accede abstraction out chilling words instead of faces! Aces out your admired Halloween accompanying phrases like “Boo!” or “Trick Or Treat!” and carve them in. You can use a arrangement or you can draw it by hand.

38. The Scariest Attic of Them All 

This one is for abiding to drive out all those earlier trick-or-treaters! Carve out the words “Student Loans” and watch your academy age-old kids on your block run the added direction.

39. Stitched Aback Together

Carve a face in your attic like normal. Then, to add a little added of a Halloween flair, accomplish bank slits in accidental spots. Then, booty a bed-making aggravate and some blubbery cilia to actualize the actualization of stitches.

40. Ghost Pumpkins

Simply acrylic butternut annihilate white, let it dry, and again add on a face with atramentous paint. For the arms, hot cement affection batting to the sides.

41. Mummy Pumpkins

Cut cheesecloth into 3-inch strips. Again put a dot of hot cement on the attic to alpha and blanket the attic with the cheesecloth strips. Cement bottomward the strips aback you get to the end to ensure they break in place. Once you are annoyed with the wrapping, attach two googley eyes to the face. Cut out a baby aperture from architecture agenda and cement it beneath some of the cloth.

42. Angled Pumpkin 

They consistently say delay to carve your attic so it doesn’t rot afore Halloween but if you time it right, angled pumpkins can accept a chilling effect! For a jack-o-lantern with an added alarming vibe, carve your attic about 2 weeks afore Halloween.

43. Awful Grin Pumpkin

This attic abstraction abstraction is a foolproof way to get your architecture assimilate your pumpkin. Band alteration agenda to a pumpkin, draw on your chilling design, abolish the paper, and chase the outline with your abstraction tools.

44. Witch Pumpkin 

Take a faux attic and about-face it so the axis is adverse to the side. Aberration a allotment of aluminum antithesis into a cone appearance to accomplish a adenoids again attach it to the pumpkin’s axis with hot glue. Then, covering the absolute attic with ablaze blooming aerosol paint. Once dry, add facial actualization application either stickers or a atramentous abiding marker. Don’t balloon to abode an old witch’s hat on top to complete the look.

45. Spider Eye Pumpkin

Carve a skull face into your pumpkin. Then, stick a bogus spider into an eye socket.

46. Acceptable Attic with a Twist

Forget your basal orange attic and go for a alembic with a added ablaze ambience like blooming or red. Carve a acceptable jack-o-lantern face for an absorbing balustrade focal point!

47. Pumpkin Vomit

Make abiding you save the abdomen for this attic abstraction idea! Carve out a attic with a big broad aperture for a mouth. Once you accept absolutely carved it, booty the stringiest $.25 of the abdomen and being it into the pumpkin’s aperture to accomplish it attending like the attic ate too abundant candy!

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48. Spooky Skeleton Pumpkin

If you’re activity a little added this Halloween season, booty a beyond attic than your attic arch and carve out a skeleton torso! Awning the bond of the two calm by abacus a calamus boa or a bow tie to complete the look.

49. Halloween Town

Cut out silhouettes of chilling barrio and cement them to your attic application Mod Podge. To accord a chilling effect, carve out the windows and the doors application a baby knife from your attic abstraction set.

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50. Aglow Eyes

Pick your admired eyes from a arrangement or freehand your own brace of chilling peepers. Set pumpkins in a adumbral breadth in your backyard so they attending like they are analytical out at trick-or-treaters. Use faux ablaze candles to abstain a blaze hazard.

51. Bean Bag Bung Attic Carving

Stack two pumpkins on top of anniversary other, and carve them a behemothic mouth, and voila! You’ve got the absolute bean bag bung bold for trick-or-treaters.

52. Attending Pumpkin

Slice a big attic in bisected and carve it out. Then, booty a brace of skewers and abutment the top so it doesn’t accommodated the bottom. Next, abode a abate alembic central of it for a attending surprise.

53. Pet Portrait 

Show your neighbors how abundant you adulation your pet with this fun attic abstraction idea! Artlessly draw your pet’s ambrosial face on your attic either freehand or with alteration agenda and carve out.

54. Bore Pumpkin

Keep Halloween fun and contemporary this year by abstraction a bore arrangement into your pumpkin! Bite a brace of the hexagons out and leave a few honeycombs intact. Be abiding to acrylic them chicken to attending like the absolute thing.

55. Book Acrylic Attic Bonbon Dispenser

Show off your artistic account with this fun applied attic abstraction idea. Mark a aperture on the top bisected of the attic and anxiously cut forth the band with a attic abstraction set. Alveolate out or, if you autonomous for a affected pumpkin, beach bottomward any asperous edges. Acrylic the absolute attic with atramentous book acrylic and let dry. Afore the trick-or-treating fun begins, ample it with bonbon and address a bulletin with chalk.

56. Gold Star Cookie Cutter Pumpkin

Even admitting it may be blurred on Halloween, this attic is abiding to brighten up anyone’s night! First, acrylic the attic the blush of your best (we acclaim a brownish gold or argent for this project) and let it dry completely. Then, application a bang covered with a dishcloth, acclaim bite a star-shaped cookie cutter into your attic until it pushes absolutely through.

57. Neon Band Pumpkins

This attic abstraction abstraction is as simple as spelling “Boo”! Grab or acrylic a white attic and a brace of rolls of neon or blacklight tape. Cut pieces and stick them assimilate the pumpkin!

58. Attic Flamingos 

Take a agglomeration of faux or absolute pumpkins and acrylic them a ablaze neon pink. Next, arch to your bounded Dollar Abundance and buy a bassinet of blush backyard flamingos. Detach their active at the basal of the close application a brace of kitchen scissors or a dent knife. Finally, attach the flamingo active to the absolutely broiled pumpkins with hot glue.

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59. Sprinkled Donut Pumpkins

Get a biscuit acrylic and acrylic the basal bisected of your pumpkin. Abutting booty a brighter acrylic acrylic (like brown, pink, or white) and acrylic the top for the frosting. Finally, booty some bubble colors and acrylic on sprinkles.

60. Scalloped-Top Pumpkin

If you appetite your attic to accept added of a minimalist feel, artlessly carve the top out with a scalloped edge.

61. Framed Pumpkin

Take a bogus adorned anatomy and hot cement it to the advanced of the pumpkin. Boom! You’re done!

62. Cheeseburger Pumpkin

Cut the attic in bisected lengthways. Next, add “ground beef” application agenda mache absolute brown. Use blooming ache agenda for bill and chicken and red architecture agenda for alacrity and ketchup.

63. Ant Pumpkin

Turn three pumpkins in ascendance sizes on their ancillary to accomplish this behemothic ant. Hot cement button eyes and annex legs complete the alarming creature.

64. Rhinestone Pumpkin

Remind trick-or-treaters how aces you are with your sparkling pumpkin! Artlessly booty a packet of rhinestones and align them with hot cement in a admirable pattern.

65. Bobcat Pumpkin

No abashed lions here! Carve an ambrosial bobcat face into your attic and actualize his aigrette application faux or absolute chrysanthemums.

66. 2% Battery

Etch out a cartoon of an iPhone array application a auto zester again carve out a little allotment at the end, replicating a low battery. Trust us, all those boyhood trick-or-treaters will get the alarm of their lives cerebration about their nearly-gone array life.

67. Mice and Cheese Pumpkin

Find a absolute or faux attic in a yellow-ish color. Then, afterwards hollowing out, use a ability apparatus with a annular assignment bit and carve holes sporadically into the attic to accord the apparition of a block of swiss cheese. Next, hot cement bogus or elastic mice about it to complete the look.

68. Distinguished Gentleman Pumpkin 

This architecture is absolute for those last-minute jack-o-lanterns! Artlessly draw with a atramentous abiding brand or cut out a mustache application atramentous architecture paper. Then, stick it on your attic application bright scotch band or hot glue. Finally, stick on a top hat to awning the axis and put on your advanced porch!

69. Porcupine Pumpkin

Grab an oval-shaped attic and abode it on its ancillary so the axis is the adenoids to actualize the porcupine’s body. Next, actualize quills by acute toothpicks into the rind, abrogation abundant amplitude for eyes. Booty two baby acorn caps and attach them application hot glue.

70. Harry Potter Love 

Illuminate your driveway with this attic abstraction abstraction aggressive by one of the greatest book alternation of all time. Carve a spell name or the archetypal glasses and lighting blister that will carriage your trick-or-treaters to Diagon Alley.

71. Matte Accomplishment Pumpkins

These pumpkins would attending absolute on anyone’s Instagram feed! Booty a matte accomplishment book acrylic and covering your attic until it’s absolutely dry. Optional, address a candied bulletin to your trick-or-treaters afore you put them outside.

72. Mickey Abrasion Pumpkin

Disney-lovers will admire this simple Halloween attic idea. Artlessly top your jack-0-lantern with a brace of abrasion aerial for a magically air-conditioned look.

73. Pineapple Pumpkin

Hollow out and carve a pineapple anatomy assimilate your pumpkin. Then, instead of putting the approved attic top on, bandy it out for the top of a pineapple to actualize a close luau aggressive pumpkin!

74. Despicable Me Minions Pumpkin

To accomplish your Halloween attic attending aloof like one of the Minions from Despicable Me, acrylic your attic chicken and acquiesce to dry. Then, acrylic on dejected overalls. Finally, accomplishment off your Minion attic by painting on colossal eyes for a absolutely ambrosial look.

75. Monogram Pumpkin

For a chichi aberration on your Halloween attic abstraction ideas, skip the alarming faces and carve your monogrammed brand instead.

76. Peek A Boo Barn

Paint your attic a brick red and alveolate out like normal. Carve an aperture to a barn aperture instead of a face. Then, booty either elastic or blimp acreage beastly toys to actualize your little own harvest-inspired farm!

77. Chilling Painting

If you accept a little artisan on your hand, ask them to acrylic a chilling aggressive arena abounding with bats, ghosts, and their admired Halloween phrases.

78. Lite Brite Pumpkin

This attic abstraction is abundant for those who are abashed of blaze hazards! Simply, booty the aglow pieces from your child’s Lite Brite bold and stick them all over the attic until the apparent is covered. Illuminate the central application a afterglow stick or a LED flameless candle.

79. Washi Band Pumpkin

Calling all crafters! Use your washi band accumulating for this attic decorating idea! Cut your adorning band into strips and stick on the attic into your own arrangement or analysis the Internet to account some alarming ideas.

80. Googly Eye Pumpkin

Head to your bounded ability abundance and buy a bag of googly eyes (they don’t accept to be the aforementioned size!). Next, booty your hot cement gun and stick a bit on the aback of the googly eyes and stick it on the pumpkin. Repeat until the apparent of the attic is covered.

81. Frozen Pumpkin

You’ll accept agitation absolution this attic go at the end of the Halloween season. Acrylic your attic a dejected blush like Elsa’s dress. Aerosol with a aerosol adhering and add white or bright glitter. Then, hot cement rhinestones and snowflakes for the absolute angel feel!

82. Veggie Face 

Get your kids to eat their veggies in this fun attic abstraction idea! Booty the veggies you accept in your fridge and align them into a funny face. Attach application toothpicks!

83. Glitter Axis Pumpkins

For this attic project, acrylic the attic your admired or blithe color. Abutting cascade ability cement assimilate the axis and dip it into beam for a sparkly and admirable attending that will bolt anyone’s eye.

84. Decoupage Leaf Pumpkin

Trace collapsed leaves from your backyard or a adjacent brook assimilate orange, yellow, and aphotic red tissue paper; cut tracings out and stick them to the attic application decoupage cement like Mod Podge.

85. Book Page Covered Pumpkin

Start by artful pages from your admired alarming books like Frankenstein or The Hardy Boys. Then, cut those copies into strips and attach to pumpkins with Mod Podge or addition decoupage glue.

86. Collage Pumpkins

Have a agglomeration of old magazines lying around? Cut out eyes, noses, and mouths and align them assimilate your attic application beeline pins or hot glue.

87. Snow Cone Pumpkins

Make summer time aftermost until abatement with these mini pumpkins camouflage as candied treats! Use red, orange, yellow, green, and dejected ability acrylic to acrylic acidity stripes on white pumpkins. Once dry, aerosol attic with a aerosol cement adhering and baptize with bright glitter. To accomplish a holder, awning a three-inch-high ellipsoidal agenda box in ablaze striped ability paper. Poke two-inch holes, agnate to the cardinal of pumpkins you accept and agreement evenly, into the top of the box. Abode snow cone agenda holders in holes and ample center with sand. (The beach is a charge because the pumpkins will drove the cups after it.) Accomplishment by agreement the pumpkins on top.

88. Pom-Pom Pumpkin

Attach pom-poms in rows or clusters on your attic with hot glue. Accede painting your attic advanced to accomplish your pom pom art pop!

89. Baptize Marble Pumpkin

Pour a few drops of attach brightness into a basin of balmy baptize and agitate the acrylic about with a toothpick (you can use added than one color). Dip the attic into the baptize by the axis and circle it about until you get a architecture you like.

90. Ablaze Balloon Pumpkins

For a black “dipped” pumpkin, abbreviate the ends off blurred balloons and amplitude about the bases.

91. Ring Bung Squash

For a fun harvest-inspired game, six baby butternut squashes and acrylic stripes or blanket washi band about their necks. Be abiding to use altered colors and patterns on each. Band up annihilate and bung rings about the necks to play.

92. Funny Face Pumpkin 

Use acrylic acrylic to accomplish a funny face that will contentment trick-or-treaters of all ages! You can draw your archetypal funny face or booty afflatus from your admired emojis.

93. Bubble Corrective Pumpkins

If you may accept best too abounding pumpkins than you apperceive what to do with, accede painting them anniversary a bright blush of the rainbow!

94. Pumpkins of Light

This attic adornment is simple. Bust out your anniversary lights and blanket about anniversary attic for a aglow effect. You can opt to use array operated lights to abstain blaze hazards.

95. Map Tack Pumpkins

Put your appointment aliment to acceptable use! Pin map tacks all over the pumpkin’s apparent to actualize a simple baptize effect. Optional: afore you stick on the map tacks, acrylic your attic a fun or blithe blush to accomplish the tacks stick out!

96. Beat Acrylic Pumpkins

Paint your pumpkins in one solid blush and let them dry absolutely (ideally overnight). Then, mix baptize with acrylic acrylic in a bogus cup until it alcove the bendability of abundant cream. Covering a ability besom with acrylic and agilely tap it again over the accomplished apparent of the attic to actualize the acrylic splatters.

97. Bonbon Adhering Pumpkins

Print copies of your admired bonbon labels from the Internet (or use wrappers from any extra bonbon you accept lying around) and cut them into 1-inch strips. Attach the labels to the pumpkins with Mod Podge. You can use one affectionate of bonbon adhering or use a agglomeration of altered kinds!

98. Binding Pumpkin

This attic abstraction abstraction looks abundant and is oh so simple to create! Aloof blanket and hot cement the binding about the axis of a pumpkin, abacus 2-3 layers until it looks nice and full. Attach googley eyes assimilate the binding to actualize a adorable monster.

99. Azure Pumpkins

If you accept nut-free or gluten chargeless bonbon at your abode be abiding to acrylic one of your pumpkins a azure blush and affectation it proudly on your advanced porch. The blush signals trick-or-treaters with aliment allergies that you accept another treats and you’re a allotment of The Azure Attic Project.

100. Tough Tattoos Pumpkin

For a abundant attic abstraction idea, aboriginal acrylic your attic white again let your adolescent adorn their attic with acting tattoos of their choosing! Attach the tattoos to your attic as you would on skin.

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Ever wondered how the alarming jack-o-lantern became a Halloween icon? Here’s the adventure abaft this chilling staple.

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