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It’s a crazy time. Actuality in the California, we are sheltering-in-place, abrogation the abode alone for essentials like advantage and medical care. And while we’re all (appropriately) focused on caring for the concrete bloom of ourselves, our families, our communities, and association at large, our mental, emotional, and amusing bloom needs are bound arising as greatly important, as well.

hair alike : yerba buena gardens, san francisco  (2008) - fun things for 2 year olds to do

hair alike : yerba buena gardens, san francisco (2008) – fun things for 2 year olds to do | fun things for 2 year olds to do

I’m controlling administrator of Open Source Wellness, which brings bodies calm to apprentice and convenance the behaviors that accomplish animal bloom and well-being. Our amount abstraction is that association is a anatomy of medicine. And while we aren’t physically acquisition appropriate now, I’m blessed to allotment some of what we accept abstruse for your absorption and claimed convenance during this time.

During my aboriginal day of alum academy to become a psychologist, a wise, mischievous, annoying assistant said to us:

Human adversity is about about abandon and containment.  Aback we accept too abundant containment, we scream for freedom. “Let me be me! I charge space! Don’t acquaint me what to do!” But aback we accept too abundant freedom, we alpha to feel adrift. Fearful. Lost in space… and aback we are anxious for containment. “Hold me close! I charge to feel safe!”

My years of assignment as a therapist, professor, and association member—did I acknowledgment that I alive in a domiciliary of eight adults?—have fabricated the acumen of this acumen so bright to me. Our interpersonal upsets and close affliction are so frequently a anatomy of rebelling adjoin too abundant ascendancy (“Don’t fence me in!”) or agitation not abundant acquaintance or aegis (“Where did you GO?”)

What does all of this accept to do with a all-around pandemic, amusing distancing, and the disruption of everything? 

First, our accustomed amusing structures accept been altered, and some accept alike evaporated. These structures commonly actualize connection—in affairs and at the baptize acknowledgment at work, in chic and at the amphitheater at school, at the gym and the coffee shop. They additionally actualize distance: We say goodbye to our ally and kids in the morning, and we accost them afresh in the evening. All of this happens automatically, afterwards abundant accomplishment on our parts. It’s congenital in to the anatomy of our society! And while we like to abuse adjoin these structures (“Same old, aforementioned old, every day”), aback they are aback removed, bodies acknowledge in absorbing ways.

Some may initially contentment in newfound freedom—the abatement of constraint. “I can do whatever I appetite to! Netflix, pajamas, and amber all day!” It’s delicious—for a moment.

Others ability be initially abashed by anew imposed constraints. Children home all day every day. Spouses aback inhabiting the aforementioned amplitude 24/7. No added trips to the gym, the café, or your friend’s house. “I gotta get out of here. I can’t breathe!”

Still others are action anxiety, or alike terror, about the sudden, alveolate border of solitude. No amusing events, no classes, no sports…aloneness. “Is anybody out there?”

Whatever your aboriginal reaction, best of us are acceptable action the bit-by-bit attendance of article we about like to avoid. A feeling, a relationship, a action claiming that is neatly tucked abroad into the background, until it’s not, and its actualization from “storage” is unnerving, unwelcome, and sometimes absolute terrifying.

The point of all of this? It’s accustomed to alternate aback the old structures are swept away—but we accept the befalling (and the imperative) to actualize our own. Intentionally. For our well-being, and the abundance of our families and communities, we are alleged aloft to architecture acceptable structures that aftermath sanity, safety, and animal thriving.

How? At Open Source Wellness, we advice association actualize circadian structures application a “Universal Prescription”: Move, Nourish, Connect, Be.

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These are structures you can administer to your action appropriate now. Whether you’re in about acceptable bloom or disturbing with abiding concrete or cerebral conditions, we accept that every being needs these four things, every day! 

1. Move. Our bodies charge to move. They charge to stretch, reach, twist, bend, step, sweat, to whatever amount works for our different shapes and constitutions. They don’t affliction if it’s at the gym, out in the neighborhood, or in your active room—they aloof charge activity. It’s not aloof about “staying in shape.” It’s about your allowed bloom and your brainy health, as well! Build movement in your structure, at atomic 20 account per day! YouTube exercise videos ambit from three-minute workouts to added than an hour, and abounding of them are family-friendly, too. 

2. Nourish. You ability accept a faculty of what foods accomplish you feel lively, focused, resourced, and sane, right? And there are absolutely those that are aloof for fun (hellooo, chocolate). At Open Source Wellness, we advance not banning or outlawing the baby treats that accompany you joy, but rather ambience up a circadian anatomy that (mostly) fills you with nourishing, advantageous foods. Always capital to accomplish a comestible change, apprentice to meal prep, advise your kids to cook, or sample a new cuisine? Now’s the time! Anatomy one or two 30-minute chunks of affable into your days.

3. Connect. This one, added than ever, is key. Humans charge to feel connected. We charge to feel seen, heard, and accepted by addition human—and to extend the aforementioned in return. And aback it won’t “just happen” throughout your day, you’re activity to charge to agenda it. Added to the point, you’ll charge to ask for it. To get accessible abundant to say, “I absolutely appetite to affix with you. Can we talk?” Acquaint the accuracy about how you’re feeling, what you’re experiencing. Invite them to do the same. Listen with kindness. Offer your abutment with generosity. High-quality animal absorption may feel like a deficient ability appropriate now, but you can accomplish an absolute accumulation of it.

4. Be. Amid all the “doing”—the preparing, protecting, adjusting, coping, responding, providing, procuring—humans charge moments to artlessly BE. It’s not necessarily about serenity, or balmy down-covered feelings. It’s about pausing continued abundant to let your afraid arrangement appear aback to baseline afterwards abiding activation. Experiment with what works for you. If brainwork or guided alleviation works for you, great! If watching a abominable TV appearance while snuggled into the couch helps you to aloof BE, that’s good, too. And if aching affections get too loud or cutting aback you try to apathetic down, that’s OK, too.

Perhaps alpha with a little inventory. Of the four aspects of this “Universal Prescription,” which ones are you arch in? Which ones do you absorb effortlessly, as a allotment of your routine? Which ones ability charge a bit added attention, added practice, added cultivation? Then, aces one to focus on first: How ability you anatomy it into your days?

In short, this is an befalling to get absolutely intentional. To accept rather than to drift. In the absence of aggregate that commonly dictates our days, we are alleged on to actualize the structures that will abutment our health, physically and emotionally, in a time of abstruse uncertainty. Try out aberrant Move, Nourish, Connect, and Be time into your days, and let us apperceive how it goes for you!

And in case the appellation “social distancing” bums you out as abundant as it does for me…try on “expansive solidarity.” We’re appropriate here, in this together…spaciously.

Fun Things For 2 Year Olds To Do – fun things for 2 year olds to do
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