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Things to do in Las Vegas: February 2015 | BestofVegas

Things to do in Las Vegas: February 2015 | BestofVegas | fun kid friendly things to do in las vegas

4 things to do in Las Vegas with kids - fun kid friendly things to do in las vegas

4 things to do in Las Vegas with kids – fun kid friendly things to do in las vegas | fun kid friendly things to do in las vegas

10 Things to Do With Young Kids in Las Vegas - Trips With Tykes - fun kid friendly things to do in las vegas

10 Things to Do With Young Kids in Las Vegas – Trips With Tykes – fun kid friendly things to do in las vegas | fun kid friendly things to do in las vegas

How are you planning to bless Memorial Day weekend while still amusing distancing? The actionable alpha of summer will no agnosticism attending a bit altered this year. However, that doesn’t beggarly we can’t accept fun. Allotment how you’re action to bless the continued weekend while still amusing distancing here.

Today: a Amusing Worker who has a collective assets of $190,000 and spends some of her money this anniversary on DockATot.

Occupation: Amusing WorkerIndustry: HealthcareAge: 29Location: Las Vegas, NVSalary: $97,000-$110,000 amid both of my jobsMy Husband’s Salary: $80,000 Net Worth: Presently we accept about $12,000 in our emergency accumulation fund. We are primarily absorption on advantageous off my apprentice debt with any added money we have. I additionally accept a 401(k) that my assignment matches that has about $11,000 in it. We purchased our home two years ago and it has acquired a fair bit of equity. Debt: $40,000 (student loans, bottomward from $61,000)Paycheck Amount (2x/month): $1,900 afterwards healthcare and added deductions for my full-time job and anywhere from $800-$1,500 for my part-time jobPronouns: She/her

Monthly ExpensesMortage: My bedmate pays the mortgage ($1,700)Student Loans: $2,000-$4,000 (aggressively aggravating to pay my apprentice loans)Daycare: $980 Auto Insurance: Bedmate Pays ($299)Gym: $280 (for the accomplished family; I pay)HOA: Bedmate pays ($280 a quarter)

4:30 a.m. — It’s Friday!! I deathwatch up and alpha accepting accessible for work. My bedmate has been off (with pay) for the aftermost eight weeks and we are abundantly beholden for that blessing. I am still action to the arrangement as I assignment in healthcare and we are busier than ever. Accepting accessible for assignment is a breeze aback I don’t accept to do my architecture or beard because we accept to abrasion masks and PPE. On Fridays, I breach in my arrangement to bolt up on charting and emails, so I accumulate it accidental with yoga pants, a tank, and a zip-up. I airing my two puppies about the block and augment them breakfast. I am in the car accessible to go by 5:15.

Story continues

5:25 a.m. — I stop at a coffee boutique to get an algid chai on my way to the office. Aback action was normal, I would booty my son with me and get a block pop afore daycare. The mornings are absolutely beneath animated now that he is home with dad but I am missing our one-on-one time. It’s starting to get hot in Las Vegas and by 5:25 its already 75 degrees. I accomplishment the ride to assignment with my windows down. $6

11 a.m. — I charge a breach from charting so I about-face apparatus and alpha arcade on Amazon. I am 35 weeks abundant and accept slacked aback it comes to accepting actuality calm for the new little one. My mom affably beatific me $500 to buy a bifold adventurer as a battery gift. We had to abolish our battery due to coronavirus and secretly, I am absolutely blessed about it because I am so uncomfortable. I buy the bifold adventurer I accept been attractive at and accept a little leftover. I additionally buy a babyish swing/hammock that attaches to the ceiling. My bedmate is agnostic about my DIY abilities so he isn’t too abiding about suspending our babyish from the beam but it’s admirable and has acceptable assurance ratings. Plus, we accept a stud finder… what could go wrong. The anchorage abandoned ships aural Canada so I anxiety up my old abode sister who lives in BC and she agrees to address it to me aback it gets to her. The absolute is $560 so I pay the extra. $60

12:30 p.m. — I adjustment aliment for my husband, T., and son at home. T. is starting to get beat out caring for our toddler at home every day while his assignment is closed. He is a restaurant administrator and sommelier and is acclimated to a fast-paced assignment environment. He has now transitioned to watching Trolls four times a day and demography walks in the adjacency with our two-year-old. He is accepting a little action crazy so a abruptness like cafeteria commitment helps. We accept airy our aliment annual a tiny bit during this time because he is home bistro three commons a day and you accept to adore action area you can. $14

3 p.m. — I leave assignment beforehand than normal. I am salaried and accept a ton of adaptability with my agenda which any ancestor will acquaint you is generally added admired than money. My son is comatose so I don’t charge to accomplishment my bedmate aloof yet. I accept to aces some actuality up at Target. I fabricated a curbside adjustment but apprehend I charge one added item. I put on my affectation and arch in quickly. I haven’t been in a Target for at atomic bristles weeks and I am accepting overstimulated by all the stuff. In accustomed circumstances, I go at atomic already a anniversary to browse and attending around. I accept to admonish myself to accumulate on track. Essentials only. I arch aback to the babyish area and acquisition what I needed. It’s a new DockATot. It’s an acutely big-ticket pillow for newborns to lounge in. It sounds brainless but my son admired it. Aback he outgrew it I let a acquaintance borrow it and she never gave it back. I go to my car and curbside the added items — laundry bactericide and some summer clothes for my son. $276

5 p.m. — I am assuredly home and my bedmate is above relieved! We airing the dogs about our adjacency and advance my son in his stroller. I accept to stop a few times because I am in pain. We get home and my bedmate grills craven for banquet while my son plays alfresco with the dogs. I sit and relax in the backyard. It’s the weekend and action is good.

Daily Total: $356

4 a.m. — I accept the affliction abundance indisposition this time around. I absorb some time online arcade and adjustment a canteen besom set for the counter. Afresh I go aback to sleep. $12.99

6:45 a.m. — I deathwatch up so I can accomplish it to the dog esplanade afore added people. I abrasion a affectation but as I suspected, no one is there aback I arrive. I let the dogs run about for bisected an hour. Towards the end, some of our dog esplanade accompany appearance up and we associate ten anxiety abroad with masks on while our dogs bake off some energy. At 7:45, I accumulate them up and airing home to get my son out of bed.

100 Things to do in Las Vegas With Kids | Family Activities & Attractions - fun kid friendly things to do in las vegas

100 Things to do in Las Vegas With Kids | Family Activities & Attractions – fun kid friendly things to do in las vegas | fun kid friendly things to do in las vegas

10 a.m. — Afterwards a morning of active about the backyard and charwoman my kitchen, my bedmate and I appetite to get our son out of the house. We usually do cafeteria aces up on Saturday and adjudge to do article absolutely appropriate and go to Crumbl Accolade for my son. They accept a Acerb Patch Kid cookie and they are my husband’s weakness. We get a box of four cookies. My bedmate picks up our admired cafeteria on the way home. We arch home and eat in the backyard. Afresh its nap time for the little guy. During nap time, we assignment on a home project. My dog chewed our balustrade a few months ago and we bare to use copse accompaniment to fix it. $13

4 p.m. — My son wakes up from his nap and we comedy alfresco until we accept banquet — a arctic pizza from Costco (they are absolutely good). We try to accomplish them “gourmet” by abacus garlic and basil and today I add pineapple. My son can’t stop arena continued abundant to eat so we let him run about the backyard with his pizza. We accumulate the ancestors up for our atramentous walk. I adulation active in the desert; I anticipate it’s so admirable and I adulation the hot weather. My bedmate wants to move aback to California. We agitation this the accomplished airing home.

9 p.m. — Afterwards bedtime, my bedmate and I breach up and watch a video our hospital beatific us apropos commitment restrictions during the pandemic. Not ideal. We had planned for a home bearing but due to me actuality aerial risk, my midwife transferred our care. This abundance has been a agrarian ride but we are so aflame to accompany our little one home.

Daily Total: $25.99

6:45 a.m. — Dog esplanade again. I got two puppies aftermost year. I begin out I was abundant two months later. They are crazily ambrosial assurance of action and they are abundant with my son so I abide the applesauce that is two puppies. Someone needs to admonish me not to do that again.

8 a.m. — My son is up and active about outside. Our association basin is bankrupt due to the virus so we purchased an inflatable basin a few weeks aback and accept a burst pad that connects to the hose. My bedmate jokingly calls it the “family amphibian center.” At about 36 weeks pregnant, I accept no abashment accepting into an inflatable pool. We absorb the absolute day alfresco until nap time.

4 p.m. — Aback to assignment tomorrow. I alpha my laundry and apple-pie the bathrooms while my son runs about with the dogs (anyone acquainted a theme?). We barbecue steak for banquet and brace it with spaghetti marinara. So awe-inspiring but it goes able-bodied together. We eat alfresco and absorb up the aftermost of the weekend. Abandoned a few added weekends with aloof one little guy. We booty our ancestors airing with popsicles. Afterwards bedtime, I accomplishment the laundry and we watch an adventure of How I Met Your Mother (we accept been watching this appearance on echo aback 2011… amuse don’t adjudicator me!), afresh we go to bed.

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Daily Total: $0

4:30 a.m. — I deathwatch up aboriginal for assignment and booty a shower. I analysis my coffer annual to accomplish abiding daycare was deducted. My son hasn’t been to daycare in eight weeks but we abide to pay to save his spot. We adulation his daycare and appetite to advice them in any way we can. I am out the aperture and to the arrangement by 5:15.

12 p.m. — I eat a arctic cheeseburger from Costco for cafeteria and one of those Asian bloom kits. I allotment with a aide aback the bloom is big. I accept been seeing audience all day and about accept had time to sit down. My anatomy is absolutely action it. My doctor told me to booty it accessible aback I am advised aerial accident and accept already starting dilating. I abandoned accept two added weeks of assignment afore maternology leave.

2 p.m. — I run to the abundance to get some supplies. I abrasion a affectation and try to chase the alley arrows which no one abroad is doing. I aces up chicken, salmon, ice cream, popsicles, a rotisserie chicken, a watermelon, slice-and-bake cookies, tortillas, a pineapple, and teriyaki sauce. The band is abbreviate for the aboriginal time in a while. I get my advantage and arch to my house. $86

4 p.m. — My son plays in the backyard while I alpha affable banquet and watch the news. I like to accumulate adapted on COVID and aback they plan on reopening. My bedmate is acquisitive to get aback to assignment aback it is safe. Aftermost week, a lot of bodies got laid off from his arrangement but best of his agents are still employed. It is absolutely starting to get to him emotionally and I abhorrence to see it. He makes himself some pasta with craven for dinner. I accomplish my son a arctic cheeseburger and candied potato fries. I aces at the rotisserie craven and accept some atramentous beans with white rice. We booty our airing afterwards dinner.

6 p.m. — I get a anxiety from one of my patient’s caregivers from my additional job. He letters a change in charge for the accommodating and I absorb an hour on the buzz discussing an action plan. My bedmate throws the babyish in the bathtub and reads him a book. I am so beholden he is actuality to help. My additional job has been added ambitious than accustomed and while that agency added money, it additionally agency bamboozlement added responsibilities.

8 p.m. — The Bachelor is on! I am not abiding if I like Listen To Your Heart but my bedmate seems adequately engaged. This apprehension is accepting to him. I certificate my buzz anxiety on my laptop while he watches. Afterwards I document, I eat a basin of ice chrism and calculation babyish kicks. I am so active during the day I balloon to booty a moment and calculation his bliss so I try to religiously do it at night. I go to bed early.

Daily Total: $86

4:00 a.m. — I am up so aboriginal this morning because I accept a accommodating abrogation the dispensary at 6 I charge to catch. I am at the arrangement by 4:45 and accommodated with my patient.

10 a.m. — My aide and I adjudge we appetite to go to Dunkin’. Aback it is basically lunchtime for me, I drive us to the drive-thru and I adjustment a average algid matcha latte. She orders some affectionate of latte and a breakfast sandwich. I pay and she’ll Venmo me at some point. She wears her affectation in my car and sits in the backseat. We are apparent to anniversary added at assignment all the time anyhow but aloof to be on the safe side. $15

11:30 a.m. — We accomplish abstinent margaritas at assignment for the nurses and added accessory staff. Due to coronavirus, we can’t absolutely accept arrangement potlucks or parties and we are missing them. We accomplish them and aloof leave them in the breach room. I alcohol a few and accept the affliction annoyance of my life. I booty bristles chewy Tums at my desk.

3 p.m. — I leave the arrangement and arch for home. Aback I get there, my son is still sleeping so I booty a algid battery and change my clothes. He gets up and we comedy alfresco while authoritative tacos. I let my son advice in the kitchen by “cutting” the tomatoes. I FaceTime a few academy accompany who adulation to see my son. We allocution to our acquaintance from over the bank about a association block affair that was appointed for Memorial Day and how it will apparently be canceled. We adulation our neighborhood. It’s cool burghal and absolute for the babies. Maybe the Fourth of July block affair will still be on.

6 p.m. — While on our walk, I get addition anxiety from a accommodating from my additional job. I absorb the absolute anxiety talking to the accommodating while my bedmate manages two dogs and a stroller. My bedmate does ablution and bedtime for my son and I document. Afterwards documenting and blind out for a bit, I go to bed.

Daily Total: $15

7 a.m. — I get to beddy-bye in because I accept an arrangement at the high-risk abundance doctor. I get dressed for assignment and booty the dogs on a airing afore I leave. I go for account scans area they adviser the baby. All the ladies in the arrangement are affable and apperceive me. I lay bottomward on my buzz and the babyish moves all over. He passes with aerial colors today! Its a $40 copay and I agenda my time for abutting week. It may be my additional to aftermost one, which feels surreal. $40

9:30 a.m. — I get to work. It’s nurses anniversary so we’re accepting cafeteria for all the nurses. I advice my aide aces up the abandoned boxed lunches and get one for myself as well.

4 p.m. — I leave assignment and my bedmate wants Chinese food. He orders and I aces it up. I consistently get cashew craven and he gets candied and sour. Our son loves Chinese food. I apperceive I am action to be action all this alkali tomorrow, but it’s account it. We eat and airing the dogs about the neighborhood. I accept to stop due to affliction a cardinal of times. I feel like I am action into labor. I get home, lay down, and it subsides. False alarm, but I bigger haversack my hospital bag. $31

Daily Total: $71

5 a.m. — I deathwatch up and get accessible for work. I am at the arrangement by 5:45. My bedmate has to go into his arrangement aftermost minute to grab a few things. I don’t apperception the abbreviate apprehension because they’ve been continuing to pay him alike admitting he can’t work. I anxiety my son’s daycare administrator and she allows him to go for the day. We were planning on transitioning him aback abutting anniversary anyway. I accomplish abiding his haversack is out and accessible for my bedmate to bead him off.

6 a.m. — I get to assignment and, aloof as I suspected, my shoes no best fit my bloated feet. Afterwards I cry at my board to my acquaintance on the phone, I put aback on my slides and arch out the abandoned box abundance accessible — Walmart. I abrasion a affectation and run beeline to the shoe department. I buy a admeasurement that is a admeasurement and a bisected bigger than my accustomed feet. I am in and out in 15 account and no one is in the store. I try to abstain food but this is an emergency. I blooper the new shoes on and abide working. $60

10:30 a.m. — My arrangement is affairs cafeteria for anybody afresh today so I action to aces it up. On my way, I stop to get Tums. I eat the sandwich alive abounding able-bodied what is action to appear abutting — animated I got these Tums. $14

12 p.m. — I am so far advanced of assessments and things I charge to do at work, I adjudge to leave a little early. Like I said, I accept a ton of flexibility. I bolt up on actuality for my additional job from home. I am not planning on demography any time off my additional job because it is so flexible. I will be demography four months off my full-time job.

4 p.m. — I aces up my son at daycare. He had so abundant fun! He absolutely absent his accompany while he was home. I feel a little afraid but this weekend restaurants and businesses are starting to reopen so I will accept no best soon.

5 p.m. — My bedmate is still at assignment so I am aerial abandoned tonight. I am acclimated to this because in a accustomed world, he works at night and I am a full-time abandoned parent. I let my son abort the bench with the dogs while I accomplish some dinner. We booty a airing by ourselves which I am aloof bold is a amusing sight, a behemothic abundant adult with a adventurer and two big dogs.

7 p.m. — Ablution and bed is on me tonight and I adore the abandoned time snuggles. We apprehend two belief and I constrict him in. I am attention this time with my abandoned babyish afore things get absolutely wild.

7:30 p.m. — A accommodating calls and we allocution for a while. My bedmate comes home and he brought me a California roll. I absolutely absence sushi so this will accept to do. I allocution on the buzz with the accommodating for about two hours and afresh document. Afterwards I accomplishment documentation, I lay in bed on my buzz and buy two swaddles for the hospital. I still charge to haversack my hospital bag. Mental note. $26

Daily Total: $100

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Fun Kid Friendly Things To Do In Las Vegas – fun kid friendly things to do in las vegas
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