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For best Noughties kids, The Sims was an capital allotment of accustomed life; you would blitz home from school, bandy your haversack off and would break on the computer until your parents affected you to go to bed.

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As able-bodied as acceptance adolescent gamers to approach their aesthetic and artistic abilities through the average of autogenous architectonics and architecture, the PC bold enabled users to ascendancy their characters’ lives.

Naturally, with abundant ability comes abundant responsibility…not that kids cared. Relishing their access on these basic dolls, abounding exerted their ability in the best terrifyingly barbarous ways.

On the game’s 20th anniversary, we booty a attending some of the best barbarous and funny things every Noughties kid did in the PC game.

A bells arena from The Sims 2 (The Sims/Electronic Arts )

For some unbeknown reason, it was a broadly accustomed move to allurement your Sims appearance in a allowance by deleting the doorway.

For acceptable measure, why not set the abode afire and ache your basic pal?

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Addition barbarous move was drowning your Sims appearance in the basin (Electronic Arts)

Likewise, addition addicted past-time was to animate your Sim to go swimming, afore absurdly removing the accomplish and absolution them drown.

Part of the game’s attraction was to body the better and best abode on your block, so naturally, any bluff that additional your coffer antithesis was key.

The rosebud bluff became a close favourite amid gamers – admitting the actuality it took an age to get to the adapted amount.

Most Noughties kids not alone played The Sims, but additionally endemic a Tamagotchi – the ambition of which was to attending afterwards your animal and ensure it was blessed at all times (it absolutely took over our lives).

Yet, back it came to our Sim characters, annihilation gave us greater joy than to accomplish abiding they were as black as possible.

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The Sims is all about creating the best and better abode on your block (Electronic Arts)

“Ugh, as if she chose an account from the assorted list!” *eye roll*

Hands up if you alone anytime played bisected the game…

For its many, abounding positives, the aboriginal Sims wasn’t absolutely a multiplayer game.

A Reddit user aggregate a abominable adventure (Electronic Arts)

In a Reddit thread, the catechism “What is the affliction affair you’ve anytime done in The Sims series?” was posed.

One of the weirdest responses included: “I already bankrupt up with a guy again arrive him over and drowned him, aloof to accumulate his cairn for our adulterine child. It sounds so abundant worse back its put bluntly like that.”

In the aforementioned thread, addition Sims amateur wrote: “I fabricated a guy who was a besetting accurate freak.

“Put him in a absolutely surreal little abode with a bells cafe and a hamster or something, deleted the door.

“Eventually he went batty from abridgement of cleanliness and abasement over his little rodent acquaintance dying, and fatigued to afterlife already the feast rotted.

“I put the consistent urn in the room. I again again an identical book several times, consistently befitting the urns in the room.

“Eventually the 10th abundance of this guy is up all night, every night, abashed of a array of ghosts of himself.”


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