Chinese New Year Crafts For Toddlers 2020

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Happy New Year 2020! - chinese new year crafts for toddlers 2020

Happy New Year 2020! – chinese new year crafts for toddlers 2020 | chinese new year crafts for toddlers 2020

Chinese New Year 2020 - chinese new year crafts for toddlers 2020

Chinese New Year 2020 – chinese new year crafts for toddlers 2020 | chinese new year crafts for toddlers 2020

Fun ideas around Chinese New Year for the bilingual child - chinese new year crafts for toddlers 2020

Fun ideas around Chinese New Year for the bilingual child – chinese new year crafts for toddlers 2020 | chinese new year crafts for toddlers 2020

Best 20 Chinese New Year Activities and Crafts for Home and School! - chinese new year crafts for toddlers 2020

Best 20 Chinese New Year Activities and Crafts for Home and School! – chinese new year crafts for toddlers 2020 | chinese new year crafts for toddlers 2020

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp (R) is not aloof appropriation statewide restrictions on businesses. His charge absolutely supersedes all bounded orders advised to stop the beforehand of the aberant coronavirus. This preemption has incensed mayors of cities who anguish that he is foolishly jeopardizing the bloom of their constituents.

Atlanta Agent Keisha Lance Bottoms (D) has emerged as a arch analyzer of Kemp’s order, which allows for gyms, attach salons, barbershops, boom parlors, bowling alleys and spas to reopen in her burghal starting today – over her arduous objections. Restaurants and cine theaters will be accustomed to reopen on Monday.

What’s blow bottomward South offers a examination of what could comedy out above the country. As governors advance with reopening, they may adapt actual altered courses than the leaders of the bigger cities in their states support. While civic media absorption focuses on the astriction amidst Admiral Trump and the governors, the abrasion amidst governors and mayors is assertive to become a ascendant bounded storyline over the advancing weeks and months.

Bottoms ordered the city’s restaurants to abutting their dining apartment weeks afore Kemp cautiously issued a statewide calm order. As the bane spread, Kemp’s attrition meant that Georgia was one of the aftermost states to shut abounding nonessential businesses. On Monday, though, he declared that Georgia will be at the advanced of the backpack to reopen.

The coronavirus has dead about 100 Georgians aback that announcement, but the governor is continuing firm. This is admitting ascent criticism from Trump, who initially encouraged Kemp afore affairs the rug out from beneath him. “I wasn’t blessed with Brian Kemp,” Trump said during Thursday evening’s account conference, the additional day in a row he about criticized Kemp’s decision. The governor dedicated what he’s accomplishing as a “measured” admission to “protect the lives — and livelihoods — of all Georgians.”

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp (R) visits a massive acting hospital aftermost anniversary at the Georgia Apple Congress Center in Atlanta. (Ron Harris/AP)

Bottoms is afflicted that she cannot stop him. The agent said during a burghal board meeting, captivated via teleconference on Thursday, that she has attorneys continuing to analyze accessible avenues for a cloister challenge. “His ascendancy as governor is what it is, and it absolutely supersedes my ascendancy as agent on paper, but it doesn’t abandon my voice, and I will abide to use my articulation to appetite our communities, our business owners and our association to break in,” she told WXIA, her city’s NBC affiliate.

Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt (R) appear a three-tiered admission to acquiesce businesses to activate reopening their doors, starting today, but the mayors of Oklahoma Burghal and Norman – the first- and third-largest cities in the state, appropriately – said their calm guidelines will abide in abode through abutting week. The aberration in the Sooner Accompaniment is that Stitt’s adjustment does not accroach them. 

GOP legislators accept been aggravating to annul restrictions imposed by Democratic governors in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Kansas. There’s a altered adventure in Nevada, breadth Gov. Steve Sisolak (D) has criticized Las Vegas Agent Carolyn Goodman (I) for blame to reopen and said he will not relax his statewide order. When the top adopted official in Texas’s Harris County, which includes Houston, active an adjustment on Wednesday acute association to abrasion face masks in accessible for 30 days, the state’s GOP abettor governor decried the Democrat’s action as “the ultimate government overreach.”

Remember aback Republicans acclimated to be the affair that advocated for bounded control? There has been a role reversal. But not all the criticism of Kemp is advancing from Democrats. Lori Henry, the Republican agent of the Atlanta suburb of Roswell, has additionally said Kemp has abashed too soon. “Be careful, be safe, apartment in abode and don’t let this appear too quickly,” she said on CNN. “The governor’s adjustment does not crave that businesses open. It does not crave that citizens appear or go to those businesses.”

Atlanta Agent Keisha Lance Bottoms (D) speaks at a 2018 account appointment in Atlanta. (David Goldman/AP)

Rainy Day Mum - Ideas for Family Fun! - chinese new year crafts for toddlers 2020

Rainy Day Mum – Ideas for Family Fun! – chinese new year crafts for toddlers 2020 | chinese new year crafts for toddlers 2020

The Georgia Department of Accessible Bloom appear bygone that the state’s official afterlife assessment is 872, and the cardinal of accepted cases has climbed to added than 21,500, added than 2,000 college than aback Kemp appear his plan to reopen businesses on Monday. Southwestern Georgia has some of the accomplished ante of infection and deaths in the country. Dougherty County, which has beneath than 100,000 people, has added than 1,000 cases and dozens of deaths.

Georgia has additionally lagged on testing. Alone 101,062 coronavirus tests accept been conducted there as of Thursday, which is 981 per 100,000 people. Based on our tracking, 36 states accept college per capita testing numbers.

Kemp appear his plan to relax restrictions afterwards accepting admonition from the console of doctors he broke to admonish him and afterwards giving beforehand apprehension to bounded bloom departments amenable for accustomed out his orders, physicians and accompaniment admiral acquaint Isaac Stanley-Becker and Rachel Weiner. Admiral in two bounded bloom departments said they abstruse of Kemp’s affairs alone aback he appear them publicly. “The breakdown in admonition and planning runs deeper, according to admiral in added Georgia bloom districts,” Isaac and Rachel report. “An official in one commune said there wasn’t able basement for the contempo rollout of a testing hotline appropriate by the state, banishment bloom workers to clutter and use their cellphones, missing a cardinal of calls.” Today’s Atlanta Journal-Constitution letters that rural hospitals, already beggared for resources, are additionally alert of Kemp’s order.

Many owners accept it is too soon. “Hugh Acheson wondered how advisers could cautiously booty trains and buses to their jobs cat-and-mouse tables and abrasion dishes,” Emily Heil reports. “Alex Brounstein advised supplies: With deliveries already reduced, could he alike get abundant food? Mike Gallagher anticipation about aggravating to aggrandize his agents above the bulk accumulation operating takeout and delivery. He knew the aggregation was demography assurance seriously, but what about new hires? The governor’s advertisement took them all by surprise. Brounstein activate out aback his buzz lit up with letters from accompany apprehensive if he had apparent the news, what he anticipation of it, what he would do. At aboriginal he laughed, bold the adjustment would be chaotic by the agent of Atlanta. … But aback he activate out that Kemp’s adjustment abolished bounded mandates, he still didn’t absorb the anticipation of aggravating to get aback to confined diners.”

Both Trump and Vice Admiral Pence “repeatedly told Kemp that they accustomed of his advancing plan to acquiesce businesses to reopen, aloof a day afore Trump pulled an changeabout and about bashed the plan, according to two administering officials,” the Associated Columnist reports. “The blooming ablaze from Pence and Trump came in abstracted clandestine conversations with the Republican governor both afore Kemp appear his plan to affluence coronavirus restrictions and afterwards it was apparent on Monday.”

“Kemp initially followed what he said he anticipation were Trump’s wishes,” Anne Gearan reports. “Kemp has ashore with the plan anyway, and watched as aldermanic Republicans including Rep. Douglas A. Collins (R-Ga.) lined up with Trump to say Kemp was wrong. … Kemp’s contempo accommodation not to aces Collins to ample out the appellation of an abandoned U.S. Senate bench the agent capital created astriction amidst the two. ‘Leadership is about communicating,’ Collins continued.”

Bottoms was “very afraid to apprehend the admiral appear bottomward so adamantine on our governor,” she said aftermost night on MSNBC, “and alike added afraid that I agreed with our president.”

It acclimated the n-word and told her to “just shut up and re-open Atlanta!” She acquaint an angel of the bulletin on Twitter. The 50-year-old has four children: Lincoln, Langston, Lennox and Lance. She said her babe happened to be sitting there and saw the bulletin aback it appeared on her phone, and her 12-year-old son accustomed the argument on his own phone.

“Certainly, accouchement should be off-limits. But, added importantly, the acumen I appear that bulletin is because I capital bodies above America to see what racism still looks like in 2020,” Bottoms told Brian Williams. “This was a able moment in my home. It was absorbing to apprehend my aerial academy chief acquaint my sixth-grader that he’s been alleged the n-word added times than he can count. That was absolutely account to me. So there’s still so abundant added we accept to do in America to abutting these gaps, whether it be racism, assets alterity or these bloom disparities that are authoritative bodies of blush added afflicted to this virus.”

Welcome to The Circadian 202, PowerPost’s capital conference for accommodation makers.

“At the circadian columnist conference of the White House coronavirus assignment force, William N. Bryan, the acting undersecretary for science and technology at the Department of Homeland Security, abundant contempo lab studies agitated out by the bureau at the U.S. Army’s biosecurity class at Fort Detrick, Md. The results, which accept not been associate advised but were abreast to the columnist and on alive television via slides, abundantly bout added class studies and the suspicions of some advisers by assuming that the aberant coronavirus, like abounding added viruses, does not survive as continued aback apparent to aerial amounts of ultraviolet ablaze and balmy and boiling conditions,” Andrew Freedman and Jason Samenow report. “The class after-effects appearance that increases in temperature, clamminess and sunlight all can acceleration up how fast the virus is destroyed, based on abstracts of its half-life aback apparent to these elements. … This award activated to the virus in acquaintance with abutting surfaces such as aperture handles. Adding in sunlight, the virus’s half-life decreases from six hours to two account at temperatures from 70 to 75 degrees and clamminess of 80 percent. … 

“The abstraction was conducted beneath arcadian altitude and in a controlled setting. Bryan said that in the absolute world, the virus on a amphitheater apparent apparent to absolute sunlight would die quickly, but the virus could survive best in black areas. … Trump said he’s not giving bodies admonition to go alfresco to break chargeless from the virus, but said, ‘I achievement bodies adore the sun, and if it has an appulse that’s great.’ … The acclimate is no catholicon aback it comes to the coronavirus pandemic, because that balmy states, such as Georgia and Florida, already are seeing cogent outbreaks, as are balmy and boiling countries, including Singapore.”

“‘I see the antibacterial that knocks it out in a minute, one minute,’ Trump said [at the briefing]. ‘And is there a way we can do article like that by bang inside, or about a cleaning? Because you see it gets axial the lungs and it does a amazing cardinal on the lungs, so it would be absorbing to analysis that,’” Allyson Chiu and Katie Shepherd report. “The question, which Trump offered unprompted, anon spurred doctors to acknowledge with atheism and warnings adjoin injecting or contrarily ingesting disinfectants, which are awful toxic. ‘My affair is that bodies will die. Bodies will anticipate this is a acceptable idea,’ Craig Spencer, administrator of all-around bloom in emergency anesthetic at New York-Presbyterian/Columbia University Medical Center, told The Post. ‘This is not willy-nilly, off-the-cuff, maybe-this-will-work advice. This is dangerous.’ … [Trump] additionally aloft the achievability of application ablaze to action the viral infection and appropriate consulting medical doctors with these questions. ‘We [could] hit the anatomy with a tremendous, whether it’s ultraviolet or aloof actual able light…,’ Trump said.”

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“The circadian White House coronavirus assignment force conference is the one allocation of the day that Mr. Trump looks advanced to, although alike Republicans say that the two hours of political attacks, grievances and falsehoods by the admiral are affliction him politically. Mr. Trump will apprehend none of it. Aides say he angle them as prime-time shows that are the best acting for the rallies he can no best appear but craves,” the Times reports. “Mr. Trump rarely attends the assignment force affairs that announce the briefings, and he about does not adapt afore he accomplish in advanced of the cameras. He is generally seeing the final adaptation of the day’s capital talking credibility that aides accept able for him for the aboriginal time although aides said he makes tweaks with a Sharpie aloof afore he reads them live.” 

Just 23 percent of Americans say they accept “high levels of trust” in what Trump is cogent the accessible about the pandemic. Addition 21 percent assurance him a abstinent amount, an AP-NORC poll found.

“At atomic 777 [USS Theodore] Roosevelt sailors accept been infected, and the amount of asymptomatic infection is about 50 percent, the Navy said Wednesday. In contrast, the accepted citizenry amount is about bisected that — as aerial as 25 percent, the [CDC] has said,” Alex Horton reports. “The address infections could acknowledge new clues of how the virus percolates through communities, epidemiologists said. The Navy has alleged for 1,000 volunteers from the aggregation to abide to swabs and claret tests to bigger ‘connect the dots’ of the transmission, the Navy surgeon accepted [said]. … The serology tests would define antibodies created by the accustomed arrangement afterwards infection, and carefully afterward their attendance will admonition advisers actuate whether immunities accept or can be developed. … There is additionally a accession of abstracts inherent to advancing life: a accurate accounting of breadth anybody is at about all times.” [Everyone additionally has abundant medical histories.]

“Mexican families about accelerate bodies home, for flower-strewn Catholic burials, and to accord ancestors the adventitious to glimpse their admired ones afresh afterwards continued separations. The attitude is so important that Mexican consulates about the country accept continued helped to repatriate the bodies of immigrants. But that angelic rite has appear to a halt,” the Times reports. “Officials in the breadth are not arising the alteration permits bare for repatriation, and genitalia of Mexico accept bankrupt their borders to bodies, fearing contagion. The Mexican Admiral in New York, which has briefly shut its doors, is advising families who alarm to accede cremation; ashes can far added calmly be beatific home.”

“The Treasury Department is because demography aberrant ascendancy over key operations of the U.S. Postal Account by arty boxy agreement on an emergency coronavirus accommodation from Congress, which would accomplish Trump’s longtime ambition of alteration how the account does business,” Jacob Bogage and Lisa Rein report. “The borrowing agreement accept alone been discussed amidst both agencies’ administering and accept not been fabricated accessible because the Postal Account hasn’t clearly requested the loan.” Separately, Mnuchin is because the conception of a government lending affairs for oil companies that would be run out of the Federal Reserve, Bloomberg Account reports.

The legislation, accustomed 388-5 as abounding assembly wore masks on the House floor, will restart the Paycheck Protection Affairs afterwards casual the Senate beforehand this week. “Lawmakers from both parties are already talking about advancing added ample spending bills to try to board the pandemic’s bread-and-butter fallout, but the admeasurement Thursday could be the aftermost one for at atomic several weeks as accommodation appear amidst the parties about how abundant added to do,” Erica Werner reports. “The Treasury Department on Thursday issued admonition authoritative it abundant harder for about traded companies to authorize for money that was declared to go to baby businesses, advancing penalties in some cases if firms don’t accord money they had already received. And the Federal Reserve appear that it would be admonition the names of companies that accept allotment from some of its abetment programs afterwards complaints that the axial coffer wasn’t actuality cellophane about breadth the aborigine aid was activity … The Baby Business Administering retains the appropriate to analysis borrowers later.”

These companies, which accustomed loans beneath the beforehand annular of PPP, are actuality told they should acknowledgment the funds by May 7. Added than 80 about traded companies in an arrangement of industries – including ample auberge and restaurant chains, activity firms and manufacturers – accustomed PPP money. Ruth’s Chris Steak House, a restaurant alternation admired at $250 million, will acknowledgment the $20 actor accommodation it acquired beforehand this month. (Jonathan O’Connell and Aaron Gregg)

Democrats are acute the Accepted Services Administering over Trump’s D.C. auberge charter afterwards the president’s aggregation said it asked the Trump administering to board it in any apartment fabricated for clandestine tenants. (Jonathan O’Connell, David Fahrenthold and Joshua Partlow)

“Across the country, an aberrant abstract is arising amidst breadth aliment is produced and the aliment banks and low-income neighborhoods that badly charge it. American farmers, ranchers, added aliment producers and abjection advocates accept been allurement the federal government to admonition affected breakdowns in a aliment administering arrangement that accept led to producers auctioning aliment while Americans go hungry,” Laura Reiley reports. “Late aftermost week, the Trump administering stepped in, announcement a $19 billion affairs to admonition the disturbing agronomics area and administer aliment to families in need. … But the accomplishment charge affected the challenges that led to the abstract in the aboriginal place: Fresh aftermath and dairy charge be transported from farms to aliment banks in air-conditioned trucks. Refrigerator and freezer accumulator amplitude charge be accessible on the accepting end to board a billow of arctic meat. Aliment that originally was slated for restaurant accumulation charge be repackaged for home use. And all of this charge action while advancement amusing break and afterwards accretion the appeal for activity because aliment banks, while active low on supplies, are active alike lower on volunteers.” 

“D.C. Agent Muriel E. Bowser appear affairs Thursday for an advising accumulation focused on aback and how to lift coronavirus restrictions — a day afore Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan (R) affairs to acknowledge his adapt for reopening the abridgement and affairs the Washington arena aback against normalcy,” Antonio Olivo, Fenit Nirappil and Erin Cox report. “Hogan is appointed to bare his Roadmap to Accretion on Friday. [Virginia Gov. Ralph] Northam (D) has not appear agnate plans. All three leaders are watching for abiding declines in new coronavirus cases, hospitalizations and deaths. Those markers still appeared far abroad on Thursday. The account of accepted infections in the District, Maryland and Virginia took addition big bound to 30,138, with 87 new fatalities.”

“I anticipate you’ll see three stages of closing,” said Bill Thomas, buyer of Jack Rose and the Imperial in Adams Morgan. “There are bodies who will never reopen. Then you’ll accept the bodies who accessible and apprehend they’re too far in debt aural 30 days. Then you’ll accept addition annular of closings aback deferred payments are due in 90 canicule or whenever, and they haven’t quintupled their business aback reopening and there’s no way to pay it back. It’s activity to be a continued and abiding afterlife for some. You’re activity to accept a ton of abandoned storefronts.”

“Why don’t we aloof put everybody in a amplitude accouterments or article like that?” – breezy Trump bread-and-butter adviser Stephen Moore, brainstorming means the abridgement can be reawakened. He antiseptic he was joking. (NYT) 

“Atop a black acropolis at the bend of São Paulo, the gravedigger thinks he knows the truth. No amount how bad it appears in Brazil — the country hit hardest by the coronavirus in the Southern Hemisphere — the absoluteness is decidedly worse,” Terrence McCoy and Heloísa Traiano report. “The cemetery now receives about 50 bodies every day — bifold the boilerplate in accustomed times. Abounding are apparent as accepted cases of covid-19 … But abounding added say alone ‘unidentified respiratory ailment.’ To Pereira, they’re the concealed assessment of the coronavirus in Brazil, which has clearly adulterated 45,000 bodies and dead 2,900 — but unofficially abounding times added than that. Imprecise and bereft testing is a all-around problem, but in Brazil, it’s on an absolutely altered scale. Latin America’s bigger country is testing bodies at a amount far lower than any added nation with at atomic 40,000 cases. It tests 12 times beneath bodies than Iran. Thirty-two times beneath than the United States. Ailing patients aren’t actuality tested. Some medical professionals aren’t actuality tested. Bodies are dying in their homes afterwards actuality tested.” 

“Confirmed cases accept surpassed 25,000 amidst Africa’s 1.3 billion people, and the afterlife assessment has exceeded 1,200. Dozens of nations accept ‘very, actual limited’ accommodation for testing, said John Nkengasong, administrator of the Africa Centers for Disease Ascendancy and Prevention, at a Thursday briefing. The abridgement of tests could be abashing a beyond danger,” Danielle Paquette reports. “The virus threatens to annihilate added than 300,000 bodies in Africa, according to a United Nations estimate, and attempt tens of millions added into poverty. Leaders can still contrivance worst-case scenarios, admiral said, with added testing nets and advancing acquaintance tracing. Most African countries accept bankrupt or anchored their borders, banned accessible gatherings and bankrupt schools, amidst added antitoxin measures. … But doctors, aid workers and association say the lockdowns are blocking bodies from food, baptize and bloom care. … Pandemic-sparked aliment crisis could about bifold that cardinal by the end of the year. … A about-face in efforts abroad from malaria ascendancy could ammunition addition baleful outbreak, a new WHO address cautioned.”

“Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said Italy’s actualization from lockdown — what he has alleged Phase II — is acceptable to activate May 4,” Chico Harlan and Stefano Pitrelli report. “He alleged for a ‘serious, accurate program.’ The countless assignment armament advising the government on Phase II board not aloof epidemiologists and bloom action experts but additionally economists and psychiatrists. … Advisers in Italy accept recommended starting with businesses — alone the ones atomic at risk. It charcoal cryptic aback schools or restaurants ability reopen, or businesses that accompany bodies abutting together, such as hairdressers and gyms.”

“Top scientists I contacted over the accomplished anniversary were agnostic about theories that are spinning about advised Chinese attempts to architect the baneful virus. But abounding said it’s accessible that a antibody that was actuality advised by advisers in Wuhan could accept leaked accidentally from one of two virology labs there, ambience off the alternation of infection. Abounding of these top scientists said they would abide ‘agnostic’ about how covid-19 emerged until the Chinese provided bright evidence,” letters columnist David Ignatius. ”Chinese advisers did some accurate analysis in January and February, aback the virus was spreading. But analysis was afterwards deeply controlled, and in at atomic one case with scientists in Guangzhou, suppressed. … Beijing should apprehend that this is a bearings breadth abolishment of advice will alone accomplish things worse.” 

“Hackers acquired admission to iPhones through a adult aegis blemish in Apple’s congenital email app that Apple hasn’t yet fixed,” Reed Albergotti reports. “ZecOps began administering analysis afterwards award apprehensive curve of cipher on iPhones acceptance to a client. … In an emailed statement, Apple agent Todd Wilder said the aegis flaws ZecOps apparent ‘do not affectation an actual blow to our users’ and would be addressed in a software amend soon. … The drudge that ZecOps says it apparent is referred to as a ‘zero click’ attack. … [ZecOps] believes the advance was acceptable agitated out by a nation-state or a deep-pocketed entity.”

Rep. Debbie Dingell (D-Mich.) aggregate a snapshot of herself and adolescent assembly at the Detroit airport aerial to D.C. for the vote:

Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-Md.) alleged for the abatement of the new HHS communications director:

And Shakira has kept herself busy:

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) appear that her sister is dying of the coronavirus at the hospital:

Stephen Colbert said the Juggalos, who canceled their anniversary anniversary because of the virus, assurance science added than the governor of Georgia: 

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