Brooklyn Bean Roastery Black & White Cookie Coffee Review

Brooklyn Bean Roastery is run by 3 guys from Brooklyn who love coffee. They grew up with an appreciation for quality, originality, and local pride, so their company is based on those values. They only use the highest quality Arabica beans for each of their blends and roast them in New York. Brooklyn is diverse and never boring, so their coffee includes a variety of flavors to suit any palate. Whether you prefer a smooth, mild blend, or a rich, dark roast, Brooklyn Bean Roastery has the perfect blend for you.

I was sent the Black & White Cookie variety to try. It’s chocolate vanilla flavored. I received a box of 40 single serve coffee cups that are Keurig compatible. Most of the sides of the box are the Brooklyn Bridge and some apartments. The street signs say, “Try our coffee all way,” and “Hot Cocoa.” It also lists some of their other varieties like, subway, colombian, coney island caramel, corner donut shop and cyclone.

You can see that it fits perfectly in our Keurig.

I like the design of the cup because it’s a purple/pink circle around the edge, and those are my favorite colors. Just the color alone, makes the coffee inviting.

Pictured above is my daughter’s cup of coffee. She likes chocolate and vanilla so she was excited to try this variety. She said the taste was okay, but she didn’t really notice any bold chocolate or vanilla flavor. We both thought it smelled good, and that it smelled like sweet coffee, but we couldn’t distinguish any chocolate or vanilla scent. My husband brewed a cup to take fishing, and the first thing he noticed was that it smelled like chocolate. It’s interesting how different people can get different impressions. He also liked the flavor of the coffee. They both said they wanted to try it again. So, it looks like we found another flavor of coffee to have in our coffee stash.

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If you want to know more about Brooklyn Bean Roastery Black & White coffee, you can check them out on Amazon.

I did receive a sample of the product in exchange for this review and post, however all opinions expressed are my own.

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