7 Reasons to Love the New Bic Gelocity Pens

I was so excited to get to try these Bic Gelocity Quick Dry Pens! We love pens in our household, especially different colored pens, so I couldn’t wait to try them! I received the purple, pink and blue pens. They also come in orange, red, another shade of pink, black, and two shades of green. So, as I thought about what I liked about these pens, I came up with 7 reasons to love the new Bic Gelocity Pens.

1. The grip on the pens is really comfortable. –They have a full grip barrel – you can see that in the picture above. Where you see the white design on the pens, that’s the whole length of the comfort grip. They also have an extra little ribbed part near the bottom, where you usually hold the pen. Sometimes I write a lot, like when I take notes while watching a webinar, so it’s nice to have a comfortable pen to write with.

2. The color of the pens are a nice variety. –I already mentioned our household loves different colored pens! We like to use the different colors for various purposes. My daughter likes to organize her school notes by pen color and I like to organize lots of different things by color (which I’ll talk about in my other reasons). My son also likes using different colors, because he thinks it’s fun; like using green because he likes the Ninja Turtles. I also like that some of the colors are pastels, because I just think pastels are very pretty.

3. They write nice and smooth. –It feels like you’re just gliding along the paper as you write! I like that you don’t have to press hard to write so my hands don’t cramp up while I’m writing. The Bic Gelocity Pens also dry 3 times faster so there’s less smearing when you write as your hand drags over what you’ve already written. That’s really a plus, because as a substitute teacher, I often come home with pen on my hands, so it will be nice to not have that problem with these pens.

4. Thesepens are great for writing kids’ lunch notes. –I like to put lunch notes in my daughter’s and youngest son’s lunch boxes. My daughter likes me to write her notes with Scripture verses on them, and my son likes jokes or character printable lunch notes. So, as you can see in the picture above, I used each color of the Bic Gelocity Pens to write 3 separate Scripture verse notes to her. I thought about writing each line in a different color, so maybe I’ll do that next time.

5.Bic Gelocity Pens are fun to color with as a family.My kids and I had a fun time coloring this picture together using the pens. Since the pens glide along the paper, they were really easy to color with. They didn’t smear and it was easy to stay in the lines. My daughter and youngest son colored most of the picture and then I colored the last pink and purple section of the rainbow. By the way, you can tell that I colored those last two sections of the rainbow because they don’t look as nice as the rest. My kids color better than I do!

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6.With the help of Bic Gelocity Pens, it’s easy to stay organized. I use my planner for keeping track of everything I need to do for my blog, surveys, newsletter, social media, email, and other miscellaneous things that come up during the month. The colored pens help me color code everything, so I know exactly what I need to work on. All of the things written with the blue pen are for my surveys. The purple is for my emails and other communications. The pink is for my blog. So, you see how easy it is to just look at my color coded planner and see what tasks I need to do for the day. Plus, it just makes it look prettier!

7.The pens make a to do list prettier and easier to read. See how easy it is to read my to do list? It’s very easy to see that I need to do four different things. The different colors also keeps each task from blending in with the next one, so I’ll make sure and do all four tasks. Sometimes if it’s written in all the same color, it’s easy for the tasks to blend together and for me to forget to do something, or overlook it. Plus, since the colors are pretty, it makes completing my to do list more enjoyable.

There are lots of reasons to love the new Bic Gelocity pens. Since they dry faster, fingers will be less messy because there won’t be pen marks all over them.I really like how they’re great for the whole family to use, and are sure to have everyone’s favorite color. Since they’re so easy to write with, young or old will find that the pens are easy to use. I’m sure you’ll enjoy completing fun projects together as a family using these fun pens!

I did receive a free sample of the product in exchange for this review and post, however all opinions expressed are my own.

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