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Maureen Dunne begin herself adverse the doubtful aback her accouchement became allotment of a alarming statistic.

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In DuPage County, 147 kids adolescent than 10 accept developed COVID-19, accounting for beneath than 2% of all accepted cases.

Three of those cases are Dunne’s triplets. The College of DuPage trustee and her husband, Brett, anchored “for a battle” caring for not one, not two, but three ailing toddlers.

Avoiding affectionate acquaintance was impossible, but the Naperville parents re-engineered ancestors routines so they wouldn’t bolt the virus and could assistant their 3-year-olds, Sophia, Sylvie and Alex, aback to health.

Dunne aggregate her acquaintance in hopes of allowance added caregivers and as a admonition that accouchement aren’t allowed to the coronavirus. This is an edited adaptation of a chat conducted via email.

Q: What happened aback you accustomed the after-effects that your accouchement all activated absolute on May 6? How are they accomplishing now?

A: One of my better fears has been that either my bedmate or I (or our absolute family) would become actively ill and crave hospitalization. If my bedmate and I got sick, who would booty affliction of our COVID-19 absolute children? What if one or added of my accouchement were ailing or worse?


When we aboriginal accomplished our predicament, my bedmate and I looked at anniversary added and accustomed that this bearings would be tremendously, abundantly difficult for our family. But we fabricated a charge to anniversary added and to ourselves to abide calm and carefully optimistic. Somehow, we confused appealing bound into a “Let’s get to work” attitude and started advancing for a battle.

At this point, we accept acumen to feel optimistic that anybody will exhausted this virus and end up 100% healthy.

Q: What are the affairs of adolescent accouchement communicable the virus?

A: According to the CDC, alone about 1.7% of all bodies diagnosed with COVID-19 are accouchement beneath the age of 18.

The likelihood that my domiciliary and my triplets would be afflicted was acutely small. It was additionally awful absurd my aunt would arrangement it (and again advance it to our children), accustomed that she affianced in such bound capital activities and took amenable precautions. She charge accept been awfully afflicted (a statistical outlier) to be at the absolute amiss abode at the absolute amiss time (where/when she was apparent to a ample abundant viral amount for the ache to get absorption in her system).

But — and this is additionally important — the accident is acutely not zero. This virus does not discriminate. We are all vulnerable. Accouchement can and do get this virus. Aback it affects the bodies you love, accept me, the statistics will be far from mind.

Maureen Dunne, abating her babe Sylvie, was consistently cutting claimed careful accessories as she cared for her 3-year-old triplets aback they fell ill with COVID-19. – Courtesy of Maureen Dunne

Q: How did you administer their affliction at home?

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A: Our antecedence was to booty acceptable affliction of our children. We consistently arrested their temperatures and analyzed aliment and aqueous assimilation and output. We gave them a abundant accord of watered bottomward Pedialyte circadian with delicate vitamin C alloyed appropriate in.

Our doctors again reminded us our accouchement would be awful contagious, abnormally at the alpha of symptoms. So, one of the big challenges was attention ourselves so we could abide advantageous abundant to affliction for them — while aggravating to adapt the acquaintance for them.

We connected to adore our circadian ball party, approved adventure time, pretend comedy and added routines — but from about 6 anxiety abroad whenever possible. They are toddlers, and so there were still a lot of activities that apprenticed abutting acquaintance (such as childhood alteration and baths), and it was additionally important to abide to abundance them and accord hugs.

My bedmate and I accept been an amazing aggregation throughout this action — while accompanying actuality appropriate to amusing ambit from anniversary other, which was awfully hard. There was a aerial adventitious that one of us would analysis absolute aboriginal and end up transmitting the virus to the other.

My bedmate alike slept on an air mattress 6 anxiety abroad from our aggregate bed. We joked that Daddy had become our domiciliary pet. Accustomed the calmness of our circumstances, we bare some banana abatement every now and then.

Q: What accept doctors advised?

A: Our doctors brash that the absolute ancestors abrasion medical-grade careful masks aback advancing into contact. We were additionally brash to abrasion surgical gloves. Obviously, accepting high-grade PPE is about absurd appropriate now, abnormally aback you charge it appropriate away.

We had to be acutely adjustable and creative.

We acclimated our exhaustion cleaner HEPA clarify accoutrements central bolt face masks afterwards accomplishing analysis that appropriate they were able at clarification aerial particles. We additionally acclimated agronomical gloves and power-tool careful glasses.

Eventually, we were able to locate medical brand masks (one for anniversary of us) and a baby amalgamation of surgical gloves. We wore a surgical affectation over the college filtration medical affectation in the hopes that our medical masks would aftermost best than they were advised to.

The doctor additionally recommended we anon alpha arresting aerial doses of vitamin C, bathe our mouths consistently with Listerine, and abstain demography any Ibuprofen.

Sophia, Sylvie and Alex were built-in anon at 28 weeks. Weighing alone about 2 pounds each, they spent three months in the NICU afore advancing home. Now 3 years old, they are advancing and represent a baby cardinal of COVID-19 adolescent survivors worldwide, their mom, Maureen Dunne, says. – Courtesy of Maureen Dunne

Q: Were you activated for COVID-19?

A: I was activated the aforementioned day my accouchement were. My analysis aftereffect came aback abrogating and all three of the accouchement activated positive.

At first, my doctor afflicted it was a “false negative.” The night afore my aunt came bottomward with a aerial fever, we were all arena amateur calm in the nursery. I accept I was continuing almost 4 to 6 anxiety abroad from my aunt (who was aback infectious). Thankfully, I remained able and advantageous during the weeks my accouchement were assuming symptoms.

Given the abundant circadian exposure, it was accepted that, aloft retest weeks later, I would acceptable be COVID-19 absolute alike admitting I initially activated negative. However, my retest after-effects additionally came aback negative.

My bedmate has now been activated three times — all negative.

Q: How can you abbreviate acknowledgment as a caregiver?

A: One of the aboriginal things we did aback we begin out that our domiciliary was afflicted was to abstraction as abundant as we could in a abbreviate period. We again went about the absolute abode and visualized that ambiance and all of its basal appearance (doorknobs, toys, stairway rails, computer keyboards, ablaze switches, domiciliary supplies, drawer handles, faucet knobs, handles of appliances, armchair backs, etc.) cerebration about area the acceptable botheration spots were in agreement of contagion-hosting through common touching.

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We again developed a approved dieting of disinfecting all of those spots assorted times per day. We created bootleg PPE from whatever acceptable abstracts we could anon get our easily on.

Based on admonition from our bloom affliction providers, we accept been cutting a mask, gloves and glasses. I acclimated band to allowance disposable battery caps over my arch as beard can be a agent of transmission. Our doctors additionally asked that we to try our best to get our triplets aflame about cutting masks whenever accessible to abate the likelihood of transmission.

We done our easily throughout the day constantly. Afterwards anniversary aeon spent in the allowance caring for our ailing children, we had a arduous agreement which consistently concluded with disinfecting our supplies, putting all clothes into the laundry, and demography a hot shower. I accept never done so abundant laundry or taken so abounding showers in my absolute life.

These arduous efforts, at minimum, gave us aplomb that we were accomplishing aggregate we could to accommodate complete alert affliction to our triplets while they were ailing afterwards putting ourselves in accessible high-risk crisis of infection.

“We became added adjustable and let the kids draw on the walls of their allowance to advice them accurate their own affections during this abnormal time,” Maureen Dunne said of her triplets, who abstruse to adore cutting masks afterwards she acicular out that Batman and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles additionally abrasion masks in some form. – Courtesy of Maureen Dunne

Q: How can parents explain to adolescent accouchement why they accept to abrasion masks and booty precautions?

A: We approved to accomplish aggregate into a game. It helped that they empiric Mommy and Daddy cutting masks. They are still at an age area they appetite to imitate aggregate we do. We additionally accomplished putting masks on blimp animals together.

The kids got alike added aflame about cutting masks aback they anniversary accomplished some of their admired characters wore masks in some form, such as Ninja Turtle and Batman. It did booty some convenance to get them to accumulate their masks on and to not awning their eyes as they were acclimated to arena “peekaboo.”

We became added adjustable and let the kids draw on the walls of their allowance to advice them accurate their own affections during this abnormal time. We apprehend belief together, including a book that my acceptable Rotary friend, Mary Onorad, was affectionate abundant to bead off: “Q is for Quarantine.”

We sometimes created art calm as we drew alone during a chat about actuality in quarantine.

Q: How did you animate your 3-year-olds?

A: My affection sank aback my doctor told me that I bare to ambit from my own accouchement whenever possible. I reminded her of the challenges complex accustomed that my triplets are not alike yet 3 years old in adapted age agreement (they were built-in aboriginal at 28 weeks).

In agreement of amusing play, at first, I approved to comedy a lot of amateur area the “mommy and baby” versions of their admired blimp animals would hug and kiss anniversary other. We would ball calm and draft bubbles aback and alternating from 6 anxiety apart.

At the aforementioned time, accustomed their date of aboriginal academician development, it was aloof not astute to go several canicule to weeks afterwards close, affectionate contact. We accept consistently been a actual affectionate family. I could not buck the achievability that my accouchement would aback feel alone by me. I had to acquisition artistic solutions to accommodated both their concrete and affecting needs while additionally attention myself the best I possibly could.

One advocacy was to add added layers of aegis and to anticipate of the periods of closer, affectionate acquaintance as beneath intervals in amid added “social distance” play. My kids adulation astronaut characters, so we created a game. I told them we were all assuming to be astronauts in amplitude and that was why we all looked so funny. Then, a acquaintance beatific me a white clothing to booty the bold to a accomplished new level. My kids would hop on the “Mommy amplitude ability express” as we sang songs and absurd we were astronauts on a mission, exploring absent planets and galaxies.

Maureen Dunne’s 3-year-old triplets, two identical girls and one boy, played with bubbles as they started to balance from COVID-19. – Courtesy of Maureen Dunne

Q: What was the access of affection like for your children?

A: The aboriginal accessible evidence that presented for all three accouchement was abhorrence and vomiting. This was followed by diarrhea and fever. One of our daughters coughed a lot added than the added two. Our added babe did not ahem abundant but sneezed a lot. Our son had the accomplished fever.

Two out of the three kids absolutely recovered about the aforementioned time while the third connected to accept abiding affection that appropriate abutting monitoring.

Even afterwards all affection resolve, we still charge to abide acute as a baby cardinal of COVID-19 absolute accouchement advance PIMS (pediatric anarchic multisystem syndrome), sometimes a ages or added later, from what we accept been told.

Q: What’s been the best difficult allotment of this ordeal?

A: Psychological administration of abhorrence of the unknown. Our accustomed accustomed actuality has been absolutely chaotic and replaced by acute complexity, both logistically and emotionally. For the account of my family, I had to abide focused on our new circadian accepted and analytic the problems at duke with conduct and hope.

Q: Is there annihilation abroad you would like to add?

A: I am a business buyer myself and had to briefly append all business activities. COVID-19 has alone afflicted my ancestors on assorted fronts. Interestingly, this acquaintance has fabricated me beneath afraid, not more. We are consistently activity to be added abashed of the alien enemy. COVID-19 has been/is everywhere in my home.

We additionally feel actual advantageous that the virus never escalated to the best astringent adaptation for anyone in my family. There were absolutely some decidedly asperous days, but cipher was ailing in charge of an ICU room. We were able to administer with home care. My aunt still feels annoyed but has afresh been appear from self-quarantine. My affection goes out to those families who accept not been so lucky.

As we alpha to reopen as a society, I absolutely achievement we can all accede to embrace simple, low-cost, high-impact accepted processes until we accept an able vaccine, so we can apprentice to cross the challenges of COVID-19 finer and exhausted this affair — not by ambuscade in a aperture while the apple avalanche apart, and not by assuming it doesn’t exist, but by actuality alive and systematic, and demography basal high-impact precautions.

Finally, I am additionally acutely beholden to my “professional family” at Advocate Bloom and Acceptable Samaritan Hospital area I serve on the Governing Board Council. They were amazing in agreement of alms abutment to me and my family. The admiral of Acceptable Samaritan Hospital, Nancy Tinsley — admitting her animated agenda accomplishing an amazing job arch the hospital during this crisis — was consistently accessible for me. Abounding added accompany and associates of my association additionally offered abutment aback needed, including acclimation grocery arcade and analysis masks or gloves. Thousands of bodies beyond the apple were adage prayers for my family. The affection of others was extraordinary.

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