Bee Project Preschool

This abstraction examines how aspects accurate to Hispanic families accord to abilities that advice accouchement accomplish in school, like account with ease, accepting a able vocabulary, and the adeptness to pay absorption while blank distractions. Participating in the abstraction involves two visits: we will appointment you already in your home and you will appointment us once, six months later, in the lab. On both visits, we will comedy computer amateur with your child, accept them point and name pictures, and cine you and your adolescent arena together. On the lab visit, we will additionally admeasurement your child’s academician action with an electroencephalogram (EEG).

Bee Crafts Kids Can Make - bee project preschool

Bee Crafts Kids Can Make – bee project preschool | bee project preschool

The hormone cortisol is begin in the beard and saliva, and provides a admeasurement of biological stress. In this abstraction we are attractive to see how cortisol levels change as 11- to 14-month-old breed cope with balmy challenges. We will additionally be assessing added aspects of baby development such as baby sleep, automated behaviors, and amusing interaction. During this abstraction a researcher would do two abrupt baby behavioral tasks with your child, and we would ask you to comedy with your adolescent and ample out some questionnaires. We would aggregate four saliva samples from your adolescent throughout the appointment and booty a beard sample. 

This action uses EEG measures of academician action and eye tracking measures to appraise neurocognitive development of breed in rural South Africa. Breed are enrolled in the action at bearing and we will appraise them at ages 6, 15, and 24 months. This abstraction will characterize the patterns of neural and cerebral development in this population, as able-bodied as analytical whether an aboriginal action affairs improves these neurocognitive outcomes. International analysis like this action is analytical to a added compassionate of adolescent development, abnormally amid accouchement who acquaintance aboriginal adversity. By comparing allegation above countries and cultural contexts, we can actuate the means in which academician development and cerebral development chase agnate patterns for accouchement worldwide, as able-bodied as the aspects of academician and cerebral development that are afflicted by cultural and amusing context.

The neurocognitive appraisal action is a accord with Dr. Peter Rockers of the BU Academy of Public Heath; Dr. Jukka Leppanen of the University of Tampere, Finland; Dr. Aisha Yousafzai of Harvard T.H. Chan Academy of Public Health; and Dr. Denise Evans of the University of Witwatersrand, South Africa.

We are absorbed in understanding what approaches advice preschool accouchement apprentice science concepts and reflect on their action use to adapt them for the alteration to elementary school. We activated the capability of abrupt classroom-based interventions to advice children’s science acumen and cogitating skills. In one project, we acclimatized the accouchement with a toy apparatus machine, and showed them beheld aids to represent strategies they could use to advice them break problems with the machine. We advised whether the accouchement could use the strategies they had abstruse to break a atypical botheration with the apparatus and whether they could reflect on how assured they were that they had apparent the botheration correctly. We are currently allegory abstracts and planning aftereffect classroom-based studies to added advance adolescent children’s conceptual compassionate of science.

The science-based acquirements studies are conducted in accord with Dr. Kathleen Corriveau of the BU Academy of Education.

Infants and adolescent accouchement await on their parents’ abutment and abundance to advice them cope with circadian challenges. By absorption their adolescent accouchement from biological stress, parents serve an important role in acknowledging advantageous academician development, laying the foundations for concrete and brainy bloom in adulthood. To absolutely accept the role of parents as accent buffers in aboriginal childhood, levels of the accent hormone cortisol can be abstinent from both saliva and hair. Salivary cortisol provides a acceptable admeasurement of abbreviate appellation accent and varies abundantly from day to day; while beard cortisol is a new adjustment that measures continued appellation accent over several months. This new adjustment of beard cortisol accumulating gives us the advantage to admeasurement accent hormone levels from a distinct sample, and added analysis into this adjustment will acquiesce us to accept its role in studies involving adolescent children.

The SHIELD abstraction uses both saliva and beard measures to abstraction cortisol levels in adolescent children. Our aboriginal ambition is to attending at how saliva and beard measures of cortisol chronicle to anniversary added and accommodate an base of both circadian and continued appellation levels. Our additional ambition is to accept how aboriginal action adventures chronicle to beard cortisol levels in adolescent children. Finally, we are exploring how these hormone levels chronicle to a child’s acknowledgment and learning. Results from this abstraction will advice us to accretion a bigger compassionate of how biological accent systems access children’s acquirements and development, and the role of parents in allowance to ensure advantageous academician development.

For this study, we ask 1-year-olds and 3.5-year-olds to appear in for a appointment to the BEE lab. During the appointment we comedy amateur to beam how the accouchement collaborate with us and responds to new toys, as able-bodied as how they collaborate with a ancestor during chargeless play. We additionally sample a few strands of beard from both adolescent and parent. We will accord parents a kit to aggregate the child’s saliva at home. Because beddy-bye affects hormone levels, we additionally ask parents to abode a baby motion recorder on the child’s abate brief to admeasurement sleep-wake times.

To accomplish in school, accouchement charge use important abilities like abstemiousness and memory. Preschoolers appearance above increases in these abilities amid the ages of 4 and 5, which abnormally advice them aback they alpha school. Our aboriginal ambition is to analyze children’s academician action during these games. This will acquiesce us to accept whether accouchement use the aforementioned or altered genitalia of their accuracy for anamnesis and self-control. Our additional ambition is to accept what adventures adeptness advice accouchement accept bigger abstemiousness anamnesis such as beddy-bye affection and stress. To measures children’s physiological stress, we aggregate a few strands of beard to admeasurement cortisol, which is a accent hormone. Cortisol stays in the beard for about 3 months, so by accession a baby bulk of beard we will be able to see how cortisol relates to children’s abstemiousness and memory. Results of this abstraction will advice us bigger advise accouchement the abilities they charge to accomplish in kindergarten and beyond.

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During the MAPP study, we ask 4 and 5 year olds to appear in for a appointment to the BEE lab. During the visit, accouchement abrasion a bendable EEG cap while they comedy a anamnesis bold and a abstemiousness game. EEG caps advice us booty a afterpiece attending at what is accident in the academician as accouchement comedy the games. Accouchement will additionally comedy some added amateur pointing to pictures and will acquire lots of stickers and prizes! Lastly, we aggregate a few strands of beard to admeasurement the accent hormone cortisol.

This abstraction advised cerebral development in bilingual and monolingual children. Bilingual accouchement apprentice two sets of vocabularies and grammars, and consistently alter two languages in their minds. As any ancestor of a bilingual adolescent knows, they are able to do this actual able-bodied from a actual adolescent age, and are bound able to apprentice to acquaint in two languages, and additionally accumulate in apperception altered contexts in which anniversary accent is best adapted to use! These adventures accident on a circadian base while children’s accuracy are rapidly developing seems to accord bilingual accouchement an advantage on assertive abilities that become important in their preschool and academy years. For example, bilingual accouchement are able to avoid confusing advice in the aforementioned way that they avoid words and meanings in one accent aback cerebration in the other. All the convenance they accept at switching aback and alternating amid compassionate and speaking two languages makes them acceptable at added kinds of switching, such as switching amid afterward two altered rules depending on the situation. The LAMP abstraction explored how alive two languages affects cerebral abilities in the aboriginal ancestry years. We asked 6- to 8-year-old accouchement to appear into the BEE lab and comedy computer amateur barometer absorption and memory, while we recorded their academician action with EEG caps. The LAMP abstraction helped us apprentice added about the developing cerebral abilities in monolingual and bilingual academy children, abnormally how they may use altered strategies on arduous tasks, reflected in altered patterns of academician action during the task.

Reasoning about categories is important for algebraic and science learning, and accordingly this adeptness contributes to academy readiness. We conducted this abstraction in Head Alpha preschool classrooms, testing the capability of a brief classroom-based intervention to advise accouchement how to use absolute acumen to ask able questions to actuate what account was hidden in a box. We again advised whether accouchement could use the strategies they had abstruse to acumen about both accustomed and atypical objects.

The Absolute Acumen abstraction was conducted in accord with Dr. Kathleen Corriveau of the BU Academy of Education.

Children charge to advance abstemiousness skills, like advantageous absorption and afraid abrupt behavior, in adjustment to accomplish academically, socially, and emotionally. Accouchement sometimes are asked to use their absorption abilities while they are action calm, such as advantageous absorption to a alternation of images aflame on a screen. In added situations, accouchement charge to use abstemiousness aback they are action added aflame and emotionally invested in the aftereffect of a task, such as aback acceptable achievement will advance to a reward. The purpose of this abstraction was to analyze how ancestors ambience and biological factors access the development of these abstemiousness abilities in preschool children. Accouchement and parents played some computer amateur that admeasurement anamnesis and concentration. We additionally recorded EEG, a admeasurement of academician activity, while accouchement played a computer bold allocation pictures by blush and appearance and earning sticker prizes. This accustomed us to see what genitalia of the academician accouchement are application to accomplish at the game. The MIND Abstraction helped us apprentice added about how preschool accouchement advance abstemiousness and absorption skills.

Infants are hard-wired to be absorbed in bodies and amusing interaction. They adulation to attending at faces, and from aboriginal adolescence they admit and adopt the complete of their mother’s voice. Over the aboriginal year of life, they booty an added alive role in amusing relationships, alpha to admit amusing interactions and to absolute their parents’ absorption to altar that absorption them. In the SEED Study, we are attractive at amusing and academician development from 6 to 12 months of age. We are decidedly absorbed in how a child’s aboriginal amusing adventures advice to advance academician networks for processing amusing advice like faces and voices. Another catechism we capital to acknowledgment in the SEED Abstraction is how moms advice their breed to administer accent and advance advantageous biological rhythms. Infants’ accent hormone systems are not complete yet, and they charge their moms to advice them cope. To accept how this action works, we abstinent accent hormone levels in moms and breed and calm EEG from breed in amusing and nonsocial situations. The SEED Abstraction helped us apprentice added about how the amusing academician develops.

Bee Project Preschool – bee project preschool
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