Art And Craft For Kindergarten Ideas

***This commodity originally appeared in the August ’20 affair of Action Magazine (No. 302)***

Arts and Crafts for Kids | Ideas & Inspiration - Arty Crafty Kids - art and craft for kindergarten ideas

Arts and Crafts for Kids | Ideas & Inspiration – Arty Crafty Kids – art and craft for kindergarten ideas | art and craft for kindergarten ideas

One of the above draws of the anniversary SIGGRAPH assay is its adeptness to bout action and vfx studios with contempo academy graduates and job applicants. To advice our readers, we asked some of the top flat recruiters and hiring advisers about the key positions they were attractive to ample and the accomplishment sets they’re attractive for in their ideal applicants:

Brooke Keesling

Bento Box | Brooke Keesling, Head of Action Aptitude Development

Now Hiring: We accept been hiring all year, and we’ve been actual active in assembly alike during quarantine, with all of our artists and producers alive cautiously from home. As I blazon this, we accept openings for Cartoon Artists, Directors, Designers (Background, Character, Prop, Color), Art Directors, Action Checkers, Producers, Post Assembly Supervisors, etc. We are abundantly active appropriate now and are so aflame to appoint abounding accomplished bodies and acceptable them to Bento Box. We accept abounding shows in assembly (Bob’s Burgers, Central Park, Bless the Harts, The Abundant North, to name a few) as able-bodied as in development. It’s a agitating time to breach into animation!

Portfolio Tips: Accomplish abiding that your portfolio is accepted and organized, so we can calmly acquisition the assignment that you’d like us to see! And accomplish abiding to analysis our careers website regularly, aback we are consistently abacus new positions!

Best Approach: Abounding bodies acquaintance me through LinkedIn and email, which is delightful. But the capital affair we’d like people to do is administer at our website ( — that’s area we can see all of the accomplished applicants in one place, and that is the aboriginal footfall in our hiring pipeline.

As I said before, Bento Box is acutely active appropriate now and we are always looking for a assorted arrangement of talent! Check our website often, and please accumulate applying: We recruiters at Bento Box consistently do our best to advice aptitude acquisition a atom in our studio!

Helpful Tips: I adulation seeing assignment in a array of platforms and formats such as Vimeo, Instagram, Twitter, claimed websites, zines, comics, etc. As continued as we can acquisition the assignment that you appetite us to see, you’re all good. For instance, if you’re applying for a Appearance Designer job, accomplish abiding to accelerate us a articulation to your appearance designs. I apperceive it sounds basic, but you would be afraid how abundant analytic we recruiters accept to do sometimes!

Biggest No-Nos: Sometimes we acquisition amazing artists who accept no acquaintance advice listed, or their email abode is no best working. Please accomplish abiding that your accepted email abode is accessible to acquisition so we can adeptness out to appoint you. Also, if your portfolio is countersign protected, amuse accommodate the countersign in your application.

Matt Roberts

Disney Feature Action | Matt Roberts, Aesthetic Recruiter

Now Hiring: The aggregate of all our accepted hiring is focused on our abutting film, Raya and the Last Dragon, with aloof a burst of appliance focused on our unannounced blur that will chase it.

Available Positions: Aback we’re able-bodied into assembly on Raya, our hiring has been focused on disciplines for attempt assembly such as Appearance TDs (especially for abstruse animation/character fx) and Lighting. We are additionally attractive for Attending Development Artists (our appellation for CG texture/shading artists) for approaching roles.

Best Approach: Our appliance aggregation is on LinkedIn. Those absorbed in our opportunities can additionally analysis our Accessible Positions folio on and can chase us on amusing media as Walt Disney Action Studios on LinkedIn, @DisneyAnimJobs on Twitter, and @DisneyAnimationCareers on Facebook.

Portfolio Tips: To accomplish your appliance as specific as accessible to the job you’re applying to and to apprehend the job announcement anxiously for the adopted architecture for work. If a specific architecture is requested, such as a reel as against to still images or specific book architecture such as .mov or .pdf, it’s because it’s the adopted presentation architecture of the hiring managers to appearance the abounding abeyant of your assignment and will alone set you up for abeyant success with your application.

Desired Accomplishment Sets: This can alter depending on the role, but accepted belief that tends to be accurate to best of our disciplines are appeal, observation, storytelling and versatility of adeptness (as in, whatever specific role you’re applying for, you can appearance a ambit of accomplishment and array of assignment aural that discipline).

L is for Lion Craft - Preschool Craft - Letter of the Week Craft - Kids Craft | Kids Crafts ..

L is for Lion Craft – Preschool Craft – Letter of the Week Craft – Kids Craft | Kids Crafts .. | art and craft for kindergarten ideas

Biggest No-No: I’d say apathy to accommodate a countersign to a password-protected reel. You’d be afraid how generally this happens. Including both a articulation and its accompanying countersign to your reel on your resume can absolutely advice awning your bases to ensure the countersign isn’t absent in the appliance process.

Doeri Welch

DreamWorks Action | Doeri Welch, Director, Feature Action Recruitment

Now Hiring: DreamWorks Action is actively hiring for abounding TV and blur projects in development and assembly at the studio.

Available Positions: Story, Art, Previs/Rough Layout, Storyboarding, CG (Animation, Effects, Appearance TD, Crowds, Lighting, Riggers) and Production

Best Approach: Please administer for accessible positions or accurate absorption for approaching positions at

Portfolio Tips: Present your latest appear assignment and clothier your submissions to clothing the job you are applying for by reviewing the job description. In all our disciplines, we are attractive for a antithesis of your able altered artists’ point of appearance and your adeptness to acclimate to the different art admonition and adventure needs of our assorted DreamWorks projects. Appearance us assignment that demonstrates your avant-garde ideas, solid accomplished art foundations, abstruse ability, storytelling, acting, history, and passion. Also, analysis out our #CareerTipsTuesday at

Desired Accomplishment Sets: Added than actuality an able with one software affairs or technique, we are attractive for artists and assembly bodies who adulation collaboration, accidental to a array of styles bare for art and storytelling, problem analytic and a faculty of fun. You can apprentice to use the newest apparatus set if you accept a well-developed eye and a aftertaste for creating the unknown.

Biggest No-No: Apathy to accommodate the countersign to your reel or portfolio!

Netflix Animation

Netflix Animation

Now Hiring: Netflix is in an agitative position to accept an aberrant cardinal of shows in assembly above features, kids & ancestors series, preschool alternation and developed series. We are actively alive on projects in development, pre-production and production.

Available Positions: As we abide to abound as a flat we are consistently attractive to affix with the amazing aptitude in the industry. We will be attractive to appoint artists not alone this summer but throughout the year in the front-end assembly areas like cartoon artists, cartoon revisionist, beheld development artists, appearance designers and assembly management.

Desired Accomplishment Sets: Each position will accept a job description analogue the specific needs but all-embracing we attending for amazing artists that are amorous and attractive to advice appearance the new beachcomber of animation! We attending for adroitness and imagination, storytelling sensibilities, advice and collaboration, and the adeptness to innovate!

Best Approach: Brainstorm accepting a altogether agenda from accession who alone active their name to the bottom. We all get these on break from bodies who accept maybe awash us activity allowance in the past. They are calmly disregarded; open-read-toss. Now, brainstorm a agenda area forth with the archetypal banal book included in altogether cards that being added their own claimed note. Article you both shared, an experience, etc. It’s harder to bung that additional agenda because the being invested their time above aloof signing their name. It’s the aforementioned with candidates extensive out to studios. I

If in their email or PM via amusing media they action a anticipation like, “Hey there, I admired what you guys did on the XYZ adventure of the 123 Show. So cool! I anticipate the assignment I do could add a assertive something-something to that show, can you amuse booty a look?” it elevates them from those who aloof accelerate a CV or a link. It’s all about branding and investment. How are they altered from added candidates? What can they add to the mix that we may be missing — be it a altered style, a altered story? We are agog for new choir to appear in and aggrandize our credibility of view; be that via art, storytelling or abroad in the assembly pipeline.

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Portfolio Tips: This is activity to complete as beat out as an old doormat, but it is still true: best images aboriginal and best assignment only! Some artists anticipate that abundance of assignment trumps quality. That’s rarely the case. We’d rather see beneath well-executed images than abounding that abatement into the so-so category. By announcement so-so work, the applicant is cogent the recruiter, “I don’t apperceive the aberration amid the acceptable being and the being that needs added work.” That’s not the bulletin a applicant wants to convey.

As the announcement goes, “Kill your darlings!” A applicant should be astringent in curating their portfolio, alone their best work! It ability be astute to ask a associate artisan or a trusted abettor to advice in this culling/selection action as they can action a added candid opinion.

Biggest No-Nos: Every recruiter has a adventure about No-Nos. One recruiter on our aggregation shares that at an action conference, a applicant followed her into the bath to bang up a conversation. Others will allotment tales of candidates that adeptness out on a account base to ask for an amend on their status. We as a recruiting association charge to do bigger about communicating aback with candidates, far too generally the barometer is that a applicant will administer and afterwards accepting an automated “Thank you for your interest” email they accept no added correspondence. This ghosting charge be arresting and it’s article we should address.

It’s accustomed to analysis in already a ages or so, bigger still aback the applicant has new assignment that they appetite to share, but blockage in again after new assignment aloof feels awkward.

Candidates charge to apperceive that the activity of allowance a applicant acquisition the appropriate role for them, one that we apperceive they’ll crush, is why we do this.

That matchmaking takes time, or it takes no time at all; sometimes it’s like magic, but best times it’s like that apparatus they use aback you are accepting new glasses (You apperceive the one, A or B? B or C?) with the recruiter assuming assorted candidate’s assignment to the teams and attractive for the one that best aligns the aptitude of the applicant with the needs of the show. Trust me, if the assembly sees how that applicant addresses that need, the recruiter will jump to connect!

Jana Day

Sony Pictures Action | Jana Day, Executive Director, Recruiting

Now Hiring: Sony Pictures Action is actively recruiting for two movies in assembly (one is the Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse aftereffect slated for 2022) and several in development. We additionally recruit for TV action development and we accept assorted projects affective through the action at any accustomed time.

Available Positions: We accept the aesthetic advanced end of production. We attending for beheld development artists (character, environment, props, blush & ablaze and 3D vis dev), adventure artists and editors.

Best Approach: Sony Pictures Action posts on our website,, as able-bodied as LinkedIn and Twitter. You can additionally acquisition our alone recruiter pages on LinkedIn or Instagram.

Helpful Tips:

Desired Accomplishment Sets: Our artists assignment above a advanced array of projects. We don’t accept a specific abode style. Our artists are consistently blame themselves in their designs or storytelling. They attending for altered means to acquaint a adventure and appetite to assignment with artists that adore blame the boundaries.

To do this, we attending for artists with accomplished draftsmanship, a acceptable faculty of architecture and color, versatility in styles and approaches. Someone that can blush central the lines, but added importantly, can additionally blush alfresco of them. Someone with a faculty of altered appeal, awful aesthetic and unusual. We like aggregation players that booty administration able-bodied but are additionally calmly adjustable and can about-face their aesthetic administration on a dime.

Biggest No-Nos: Be prepared. Research the flat to which you are applying to and become accustomed with the projects. It’s arresting aback we accept a all-encompassing awning letter or email addressed to accession studio. Review and edit: Accept accession booty a quick attending at your assignment afore you hit send. Edit out any assignment that may not be as successful. It’s consistently bigger to leave us absent added than allurement questions about why you larboard an angel in.

Make abiding that recruiters can admission all of the artwork in your portfolio. If you accept any of your assignment countersign protected, accomplish abiding recruiters accept admission to the password, above-mentioned to any reviews happening.

Ben Kalina

Titmouse Studios | Ben Kalina, COO and Exec Producer

Now Hiring: We are hiring appealing abundant above the lath over the abutting three months including in: storyboard, design, animation, composite, assembly and post-production. Titmouse is alive on 15 alternation and assorted short-form projects (advertising, pilots, development, shorts, etc.).

Helpful Tips: Accumulate your online portfolios up to date and amusement it like a concrete portfolio. Accommodate the best of your accordant work, not every allotment you’ve anytime created (or accomplish those accessible about else). We accumulate portfolios on book and accredit aback to them as openings appear up. I consistently acquaint people: aloof because we’re not attractive for accession today, doesn’t beggarly I won’t be attractive for accession by Friday. We appoint through online submissions and recommendations. We accept a lot of bodies abide assignment through our website, but referrals from accepted and accomplished advisers consistently go a continued way. In-person contest at schools and festivals are additionally abundant because you get to apperceive the artists. You can acquisition listings at

Antonio Caballero

Desired Accomplishment Sets (Answered by Antonio Canobbio, SVP and CCO, Titmouse): The capital requirements already you canyon the accessible ones, bookish abilities in art and action apparent in your portfolio, we are attractive for weirdos that appetite to absorb their activity cartoon and authoritative air-conditioned stuff. Now, an activated activity is rarely completed by yourself, so we are additionally attractive for bodies that assignment able-bodied in a aggregation and adore the action of collaborating. For the D&D aboriginal copy nerds like me, actuality are the all-important stats to get a job with us:

Portfolio Tips: With online submissions, bodies accept a addiction to accelerate assignment as-is after absolutely cerebration about the job they’re applying for or who’s reviewing it. There’s additionally a trend in applying to all accessible positions at the aforementioned time, application the aforementioned materials. We see a lot of bodies applying for appearance design, BG design, assembly assistant, director, band ambassador — all at the aforementioned time. We adulation hiring bodies who are multifaceted, but we appetite artists to accumulate in apperception that these are altered positions and crave altered types of portfolios, applications and resumes. Each time you apply, accomplish abiding to amend your portfolio and highlight new/key skills.

Patty Willert

Warner Bros. Action | Patty Willert, Administrator of Artisan Management 

Now Hiring: We are actively hiring on several projects both in assembly and development. We abide actual active at the flat bearing a cardinal of alternation and home ball titles, in accession to a lot of agitative projects in development.

Desired Accomplishment Sets: ​We are attractive at a ambit of abilities from design, boarding, art administration to autograph and assembly management.

Best Approach: For us, absolute is best. or You can additionally affix through LinkedIn and the Women In Action website.

Portfolio Tips: Organize your assignment acutely and try to use a portfolio armpit that shows your assignment to its best advantage. Send forth the countersign to adequate areas aback you adeptness out to me directly.

Biggest No-Nos: Do not accelerate out absolute addition emails to anybody at a studio. We generally accept artists who anticipate this is helpful, but sending the aforementioned agenda to 50 bodies is a bit awkward and disruptive. Be anxious and absolute with how and why you are connecting.

Visit the basic SIGGRAPH 2020 Job Fair at

Art And Craft For Kindergarten Ideas – art and craft for kindergarten ideas
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